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Hugh Cleland Stephen Ireland

Roadmap Capital's Hugh Cleland and Stephen Ireland: Due Diligence Rules in Biotech Investment

Excellent diligence doesn't always mean you'll be saved from a nasty surprise. The nature of investing in biotech means assuming the risk that a therapeutic development program may fail. Roadmap Capital's Hugh Cleland and Stephen Ireland employ their combined financial expertise and biotech savvy to mitigate that risk. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cleland and Ireland share ideas on how investors might approach potential biotech investments without engaging a team of analysts. They also bring three potential high-return stocks to investors' attention, as well as one private name they anticipate will come to the public market soon. (9/17/14) More >

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Newsletter Briefs

"BLU's confirmatory Phase 3 study has a very good probability of showing positive results." (9/17/14) BELLUS Health Inc. - The Life Sciences Report Interview with Stephen Ireland More >

"If the biotech space gets as heated as we think it will, BLU could very well trade above $10/share." (9/17/14) BELLUS Health Inc. - The Life Sciences Report Interview with Hugh Cleland More >

"IMNP's bertilimumab is a powerful antibody." (9/10/14) Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc. - The Life Sciences Report Interview with Vernon Bernardino More >

"I expect results from NBS' Phase 2 PreSERVE-AMI trial in Q4/14; that will be proof of concept for this approach." (9/10/14) NeoStem Inc. - The Life Sciences Report Interview with Vernon Bernardino More >

"IPD's device allows the physician to detect lymphedema 200 days earlier than with a tape measure." (8/28/14) ImpediMed Ltd. - The Life Sciences Report Interview with Matthijs Smith More >

"There's more to OMER than Omidria; the company has quite a pipeline." (8/21/14) Omeros Corp. - The Life Sciences Report interview with Liana Moussatos More >

"MDXG provides better, faster and cheaper technology compared to current wound-care therapies." (8/19/14) MiMedx Group Inc. - William Plovanic, Canaccord Genuity More >

"CUR has two very credible shots on goal." (8/13/14) Neuralstem Inc. - The Life Sciences Report Interview with Raghuram Selvaraju More >

Expert Analysis

"We are initiating coverage on RNN with a Buy rating." (9/16/14) Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc. - Yale Jen, Laidlaw & Company More >

"We are initiating coverage on THLD." (9/15/14) Threshold Pharmaceuticals Inc. - Jerry Isaacson, LifeSci Advisors More >

"RXII's study data showed statistically significant improvement." (9/11/14) RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. - Reni Benjamin, H.C. Wainwright & Co. More >

"The agreement with Rockefeller University expands NBS' IP portfolio." (9/11/14) NeoStem Inc. - Henry McCusker, Regenerative Medicine Investors More >

"RXII's plan to restructure the 1301 study cohorts is a strong positive." (9/11/14) RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. - Edward White, Laidlaw & Company More >

"DMPI took key steps toward listing on a senior U.S. stock exchange." (9/4/14) DelMar Pharmaceuticals Inc. - SeeThruEquity More >

"NEO is one of the best-positioned and managed high-complexity oncology reference labs." (9/10/14) NeoGenomics Laboratories - Debjit Chattopadhyay, ROTH Capital Partners More >

"IPD's appointment of Dr. Frank Vicini should raise L-Dex's profile." (9/8/14) ImpediMed Ltd. - Matthijs Smith, Canaccord Genuity More >