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Boston Biotech Could Have Blockbuster Sales
Research Report

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Tango Therapeutics may have "blockbuster potential," noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.

Tango Therapeutics (TNGX:NASDAQ) has started a Phase 1/2 clinical trial testing their drug TNG348 for treating certain cancers, noted H.C. Wainwright & Co. analysts Robert Burns and Dr. Raghuram Selvaraju in a January 3 research note. 

TNG348 is an inhibitor that blocks the activity of a protein called USP1. Previous lab studies showed that inhibiting USP1 specifically kills cancer cells that have mutations in genes involved in DNA repair pathways like BRCA1/2. The trial is testing TNG348 by itself and together with olaparib, another drug already approved for BRCA-mutated cancers.

The goal is to see if TNG348 works against cancers with BRCA mutations or other issues causing deficient DNA repair (called homologous recombination deficiency or HRD). There is a rationale for targeting USP1 in these cancers - USP1 levels are elevated, and inhibiting it further disrupts DNA repair. However, TNG348 is not the only drug aimed at this target, so there is competition from other companies. The trial has now started treating patients to evaluate the safety and efficacy of using TNG348 for hard-to-treat mutated cancers either as a standalone or combined with other therapies like PARP inhibitors such as olaparib.

Previous lab studies showed that using TNG348 together with PARP inhibitors like olaparib or chemotherapy drugs killed more cancer cells than either treatment alone. Adding TNG348 also re-sensitized cancer cells to olaparib that had become resistant. This suggests combining TNG348 with other therapies may be more effective.

Risks Mitigated

Investors should note that other pharmaceutical companies are also developing USP1 inhibitor drugs that could compete with TNG348:

  • Roche recently licensed a USP1 inhibitor called KSQ-4279 from KSQ Therapeutics and plans to further develop and commercialize it.
  • Exelixis recently licensed another USP1 inhibitor called ISM3091 from Insilico Medicine. Lab data showed this drug and KSQ-4279 inhibit cancer cell growth at lower concentrations than TNG348, suggesting they may be more potent.

"MRTX1719's and AMG 193's dose-escalation results mitigate TNG908/TNG462 development risk, in our view," Burns wrote.

Comparable To Other Companies

Burns also pointed out that last year, Mirati Therapeutics and Amgen reported early clinical trial results for their respective MTAP-cooperative PRMT5 inhibitor drugs, MRTX1719 and AMG 193. These drugs target cancers with deletions in a gene called MTAP, which occur in about 10% of all cancer types.

As Burns explained, loss of the MTAP gene leads to a build-up of MTA in cells. Prior research showed MTA can bind and inhibit PRMT5, an enzyme involved in cancer growth. So MTAP-deleted cancer cells become especially vulnerable to further blocking PRMT5.

The early data on MRTX1719 and AMG 193 supports this approach. For MRTX1719, 33% of efficacy-evaluable trial patients saw tumor shrinkage without the toxicities caused by early PRMT5 inhibitors. And for AMG 193 given at higher doses, the response rate was 28%.

 Burns stated that these response rates help mitigate risk for Tango's lead MTAP-cooperative PRMT5 drug, TNG908. Lab data indicates TNG908 has a similar cancer-fighting ability as MRTX1719. Additionally, Tango has a backup PRMT5 inhibitor called TNG462 that may work even better.

In conclusion,  Burns stated he expects to see initial clinical data for TNG908 in 2024, which will provide insight into its real-world efficacy in MTAP-deleted cancers versus competitors.

Potential Blockbuster Sales

 As Robert Burns highlighted, Tango's targeted pipeline drugs have potential in both rare and common cancers. Though some indications, like malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors, affect only hundreds of patients, other genetically-defined tumors driven by alterations like MTAP loss and BRCA1 mutations are far more prevalent, affecting hundreds of thousands of patients. So, while the rare cancer focus allows personalized approaches for smaller groups, expanding into broader genetically selected populations opens up larger commercial opportunities for Tango's selective pipeline assets. 

"While the rare cancers represent target populations of a few hundred individuals each, the more prevalent types may constitute populations totaling hundreds of thousands of eligible patients," Burns said. "In our view, this confers strategic flexibility as Tango could elect to self-commercialize its
candidates in the niche indications and select appropriate strategic partners to achieve optimal penetration in the larger markets."

Burns forecasted a total peak sales (for TNG908/TNG462, TNG260, and the company's USP1 inhibitor) of around US$5 billion by 2030 if the initial launch is by 2026. 
"The company could achieve blockbuster annual sales (i.e., >$B) driven by these compounds as early as 2028. In our view, these agents could be priced in the US$14K/month range, in keeping with the pricing observed for an array of other synthetically lethal agents," he wrote.

With this, the report gave Tango a Buy rating, with a US$16 target price. 

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