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Co. Expands Telehealth Contract to New State

Reliq Health Technologies Inc. announced that a large U.S. health group has expanded its contract with the telehealth company to cover facilities in a new state. Read why one analyst thinks the stock is a Buy.

AI Healthcare Stock Has Bullish Setup, Expert Says

Contributed Opinion
Technical Analyst Clive Maund reviews AI's charts and the recent influx of news to explain why he believes it is a Strong Buy.

Healthcare Co. Welcomes Possible AI Funding Effort in Canada

Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning healthcare company AI Inc. is using AI to positively disrupt the healthcare sector. Canada is planning to fund the industry in a big way.

AI Co. Funded To Develop AI Approach to Health Equity

  () AI Inc. announced it has been granted funding from The National Institute of Health (NIH) to create a "culturally sensitive AI approach" when it comes to receiving familial medical histories for patients. Read on to see the medical need for this type of service and why one technical analysts is optimistic about this stock.

AI Medical App Passes Standard Student Test

This software is one of a suite offered by this health care technology firm. Learn about its other products and the growing sector.

Healthcare AI Firm Has 'Bright Future,' Analyst Predicts

Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning healthcare firm AI is breaking into the global healthcare AI market predicted to be worth US$187 billion by the end of the decade.

Telehealth Co. Adding Thousands to Large Contract

Reliq Health Technologies Inc. has signed a contract expansion with a large U.S. health plan, possibly adding as many as 50,000 new patients to its iUGO telehealth platform.

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