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NeoStem Inc. is an international biopharmaceutical company. The company operates in three segments: Cell therapy (United States), regenerative medicine (China) and pharmaceutical manufacturing (China). NeoStem is a provider of adult stem cell collection, processing and storage services in the United States, enabling healthy individuals to donate and store their stem cells for personal, therapeutic use. In addition, the company collects and stores cord blood cells of newborns, which helps to ensure a supply of autologous stem cells for the child should they be needed for future medical treatment. In January 2011, NeoStem completed the merger with Progenitor Cell Therapy LLC. In October 2011, the company acquired Amorcyte Inc.

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Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (1/13/15)
"NeoStem Inc. announced a collaboration with Invetech Pty Ltd to develop a closed processing system for cell therapy manufacturing. We see a good fit between NeoStem's PCT division's expertise in cell therapy manufacturing and Invetech's expertise in instrument development and automation. . .we consider this agreement to be a positive."

Yi Chen, Aegis Capital (1/6/15)
"NeoStem Inc. announced yesterday that it had appointed David J. Mazzo, PhD as the firm's Chief Executive officer and Robert S. Vaters as President and Chief Financial Officer. Both Dr. Mazzo and Mr. Vaters will also serve as directors. . .Robin Smith, Managing Director, was appointed as the Executive Chair of the Board of Directors. We believe the skill set brought in by the new management team may help the firm in its clinical program development and achieve its strategic goals."

"NeoStem Inc. released results from a Phase 2 cardiac trial last month that were promising and indicative of a Phase 3, but Wall Street may have misunderstood and discounted the potential in this case. We think 2015 holds a great deal of promise for the field of regenerative medicine, with companies like NeoStem at the forefront. . .

In NeoStem, you have a company that understands stem cell science, with candidates in both the regenerative medicine and immunotherapy space. In 2015, we anticipate that the FDA will allow a Phase 3 trial in cardiac based on the Phase 2 data that was received incorrectly by Wall Street. We also expect the launch of NeoStem's Phase 3 immunotherapy trial in melanoma, which utilizes a patient's own tumor cells to fight advanced disease. . ." read more >

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (12/2/14)
"We believe NeoStem Inc. will move rapidly now to an end of phase 2 meeting with U.S. FDA regulators and lay out a phase 3 plan. We expect to see two modestly powered trials (N=4–500 patients, all at >20M cells) with mortality and MACE as endpoints. NeoStem has a window to be first cell therapy to the marketplace. . .we conclude that the phase 2 trial is actually a success."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (11/24/14)
"Dr. Arshed Quyyumi, cardiologist, stated at the American Heart Association's annual meeting that NeoStem Inc.'s trial represents a milestone in the stem cell space as it is the largest amount of selected progenitor cells, CD34+, ever given to severe heart attack patients. The data are encouraging and suggest that a pivotal trial designed to mimic the Phase 2 trial but focused on a high dose group should be able to replicate the data and consistently deliver improvement to these patients."

Yi Chen, Aegis Capital (11/24/14)
"NeoStem Inc. released additional information last Friday regarding the revision of primary endpoints for the Phase 2 PreSERVE acute myocardial infarction trial. . . .the company elected to revise its primary safety endpoint to include a comprehensive assessment of safety including all adverse events, serious adverse events and major adverse cardiac events."

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