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NeoStem Inc.


NeoStem Inc. is an international biopharmaceutical company. The company operates in three segments: Cell therapy (United States), regenerative medicine (China) and pharmaceutical manufacturing (China). NeoStem is a provider of adult stem cell collection, processing and storage services in the United States, enabling healthy individuals to donate and store their stem cells for personal, therapeutic use. In addition, the company collects and stores cord blood cells of newborns, which helps to ensure a supply of autologous stem cells for the child should they be needed for future medical treatment. In January 2011, NeoStem completed the merger with Progenitor Cell Therapy LLC. In October 2011, the company acquired Amorcyte Inc.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (12/2/14) "We believe NeoStem Inc. will move rapidly now to an end of phase 2 meeting with U.S. FDA regulators and lay out a phase 3 plan. We expect to see two modestly powered trials (N=4–500 patients, all at >20M cells) with mortality and MACE as endpoints. NeoStem has a window to be first cell therapy to the marketplace. . .we conclude that the phase 2 trial is actually a success."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (11/24/14) "Dr. Arshed Quyyumi, cardiologist, stated at the American Heart Association's annual meeting that NeoStem Inc.'s trial represents a milestone in the stem cell space as it is the largest amount of selected progenitor cells, CD34+, ever given to severe heart attack patients. The data are encouraging and suggest that a pivotal trial designed to mimic the Phase 2 trial but focused on a high dose group should be able to replicate the data and consistently deliver improvement to these patients."

Yi Chen, Aegis Capital (11/24/14) "NeoStem Inc. released additional information last Friday regarding the revision of primary endpoints for the Phase 2 PreSERVE acute myocardial infarction trial. . . .the company elected to revise its primary safety endpoint to include a comprehensive assessment of safety including all adverse events, serious adverse events and major adverse cardiac events."

Steven Giardino, Seeking Alpha (11/20/14) "Recent positive interim data were reported on NeoStem Inc.'s previously blinded Phase 2 study testing NBS10 in patients that had experienced acute myocardial infarction, which the investment public has misinterpreted to be negative. In every endpoint important to regulators, NBS10 showed promising signals of efficacy. . .I'm at a complete loss as to why investors should not enter a position here, so I continue to recommend it as a Strong Buy."

Andrew Fein, H.C. Wainwright & Co. (11/19/14) "We believe that further guidance on the path of NeoStem Inc.'s AMR-001 will serve as an indicator of the asset's (and this study's) perceived value on business development tables (pending partnership or not). Ahead of such a de facto catalyst, following the stock's selloff that may have underestimated the importance of positive outcome data and with the fundamentals of the commercial opportunity unchanged, we like the risk/reward of a long position."

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Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (11/18/14) "NeoStem Inc. reported data last night from the American Heart Association meeting. . .we conclude that the data set is our 'Good' scenario. . .we believe that the trial results suggest that if the company runs a pivotal trial (400–500 patients) with two arms, active and control, at high-dose (20M–80M cells) and has mortality and major adverse cardiac events as endpoints, that the trial has a high probability of success."

Vernon Bernardino, MLV & Co (11/18/14) "NeoStem Inc. presented its analysis of results from PreSERVE-AMI, a Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating NBS10 as a treatment for heart attack. . .the study met an original primary endpoint in major adverse cardiac events, a mortality benefit at one year after treatment with NBS10 vs. placebo (p<0.05). . .we remain positive and believe NBS10 will advance but take longer to gain approval (now estimated 2022 vs. our prior 2020)."

Vernon Bernardino, MLV & Co (11/14/14) "NeoStem Inc. and its collaborators will present long-awaited results next week from PreSERVE-AMI, a Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating NBS10 as an autologous bone marrow cell treatment for damaged heart muscle following a heart attack (ST-segment elevation myocardial ischemia or STEMI). . .we reiterate our Buy recommendation and $17/share price target. . .we anticipate the data on hand will show positive correlation between infusion of NBS10 and improved cardiac perfusion. . .NBS10 could achieve peak penetration of 29% of STEMI patients who receive a coronary stent translating into sales of nearly $1B in revenues in acute myocardial ischemia by 2024."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (11/14/14) "We are assuming coverage of NeoStem Inc. with a Buy rating and a $15/share target price. Data are coming at the American Heart Association's annual meeting on November 17, 2014; the highest probability is good data, where the STEMI trial shows that the delivery of stem cells post-STEMI reduces negative cardiac remodeling, and, in doing so, reduces major adverse cardiac event and mortality. . .the company's pivotal cancer immunology asset is about to enter a Phase 3 trial. . .Entrapuldencel-T (NBS20) represents a true, next-generation version of dendritic vaccine from its targeting approach to its cost of goods."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Steve Brozak (11/13/14) "On Nov. 17, at the American Heart Association's annual meeting, NeoStem Inc. will announce results from its Phase 2b PreSERVE-AMI trial with NBS10 (autologous bone marrow-derived CD34+/CXCR4+ enriched cells) to treat damaged heart muscle following an acute myocardial infarction (AMI). PreSERVE-AMI is a smaller trial, with 160 patients, but it's double-blind and placebo-controlled. This is a different kind of technology that we like very much because NBS10 has potential to be a restorative product. I look forward to seeing the results." More >

Yi Chen, Aegis Capital (11/3/14) "NeoStem Inc. now anticipates the release of data from the PreSERVE trial on Nov. 17, 2014 at the American Heart Association's scientific sessions or sooner if results are available. . .we maintain our view that the NBS10 study has a high likelihood of success."

Henry McCusker, Regenerative Medicine Investors (9/29/14) "NeoStem Inc. has entered into a loan and security agreement with Oxford Finance LLC pursuant to making a term loan in the principal amount of up to $20M. . .this new debt facility is nondilutive capital to support the launch of its Intus Phase 3 clinical trial in metastatic melanoma. . .the company plans to begin the Intus study, its Phase 3 clinical trial to evaluate the lead product candidate in its targeted immunotherapy program for cancer, NBS20, as an autologous treatment for patients with stage IV or recurrent stage III metastatic melanoma, by 2014E."

Henry McCusker, Regenerative Medicine Investors (9/11/14) "This exclusive license agreement with The Rockefeller University for patented technologies expands NeoStem Inc.'s intellectual property portfolio associated with its targeted cancer immunotherapy program. This patent portfolio includes inventions relating to critical aspects of a dendritic cell-based therapy."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Vernon Bernardino (9/10/14) "NeoStem Inc. is approaching a binary event catalyst. It is in a Phase 2 study with NBS10 (also known as AMR-001; autologous bone marrow-derived CD34+/CXCR4+ enriched cells). . .the company is targeting myocardial ischemia or ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction (STEMI), an acute heart attack.

NeoStem's cells, given by intracoronary infusion, target inflammation that causes damage after an ischemic event. . ." More >

Ram Selvaraju, Aegis Capital (8/8/14) "NeoStem Inc. reported financial results for Q2/14. The firm recorded a net loss per share of $0.40; revenues came in at $4.5M. . .the company's Phase 3 melanoma trial for its proprietary cancer immunotherapy candidate melapuldencel-T is scheduled to begin enrollment before the end of the year, and its PreSERVE Phase 2 trial of AMR-001 is slated to report top-line results. . .we reiterate our Buy rating and 12-month price target of $21/share. . .the AMR-001 Phase 2 study has a high likelihood of success and positive data could pave the way for a transformative licensing agreement."

Jerry Isaacson, LifeSci Advisors (7/3/14) "Preliminary data from a Phase 1 trial, presented by University of California San Francisco investigator, Dr. Stephen Gitelman, indicate a safety and tolerability profile for regulatory T cells (Treg) administration that supports NeoStem Inc.'s planned Phase 2 trial with NBS-03 for the treatment of type 1 diabetes. . .data were recently published in Clinical Immunology from another ongoing study in children with new onset type 1 diabetes that indicate a favorable safety and tolerability profile and initial signals of activity; the trial uses Treg therapy."

Henry McCusker, Scimitar Equity (6/23/14) "NeoStem Inc. will join the broad-market Russell Global, Russell 3000 and Russell Microcap Indexes when Russell Investments reconstitutes its comprehensive set of U.S. and global equity indexes on Friday, June 27, 2014. . .the inclusion in the Russell Indexes will 'spur' institutions to buy the company's shares, a serious positive."

Jerry Isaacson, LifeSci Advisors (6/6/14) "In May, NeoStem Inc. announced an exclusive license agreement with the Chinese pharmaceutical company, Cellular Biomedicine Group (CBMG), to begin a Phase 2 clinical trial with DC-TC in China. . .as part of the deal, CBMG will take responsibility for the trial costs, as well as all clinical, marketing and, should a product be developed, commercialization activities in China."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Jason Kolbert (6/4/14) "I think the next event [in the cell therapy field] will involve an acute intervention with an autologous (cells or tissue donated by the same patient) cell therapy. It's going to be NeoStem Inc. with its AMR-001 (autologous bone marrow-derived CD34+ /CXCR4+ enriched cells) in ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction (STEMI). I believe that NeoStem's Phase 2b PreSERVE AMI trial is well designed and well run. The company has hired some of the top talent in the industry to develop its technology. . .the trial design is smart. There is more chance for success with STEMI, because you're not dealing with congestive heart failure, a more difficult disease indication that's built up over a period of a decade." More >

Ram Selvaraju, Aegis Capital (6/2/14) "NeoStem Inc. showcased 5-year survival data with California Stem Cell Inc.'s lead drug candidate, melapuldencel-T, in a poster presentation at the American Society for Clinical Oncology meeting. . .the 2-year survival rate on melapuldencel-T was 72% in an open-label, single-arm study while the 5-year survival rate was 50%. . .we reiterate our Buy rating and 12-month price target of $21/share."

Henry McCusker, Scimitar Equity (5/29/14) "NeoStem Inc. is presenting a poster on melapuldencel-T at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting. The company is initiating a Phase 3 study later this year under special protocol assessment agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; treatment has been fast track designated."

Henry McCusker, Scimitar Equity (5/13/14) "NeoStem Inc. has signed an exclusive license agreement with China-based Cellular Biomedicine Group (CBMG) to begin a Phase 2 clinical trial in patients with late-stage liver cancer. . .the cost of the Phase 2 trial will be borne by CBMG, and CBMG will also be responsible for all clinical, marketing and, should a product be approved, commercialization activities in China."

Jerry Isaacson, LifeSci Advisors (4/25/14) "On April 14, NeoStem Inc. announced that it entered into a definitive agreement to purchase privately held California Stem Cell Inc., a biotechnology company developing melapuldencel-T, an immune-based cellular therapy for the treatment of metastatic melanoma. NeoStem plans to launch a pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial for this program, which will be conducted under a special protocol assessment agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Raghuram Selvaraju (4/22/14) "NeoStem has an important upcoming milestone. In six or seven months, the company will unveil data from its Phase 2b PRESERVE trial, with its stem cell solution, AMR-001 (autologous bone marrow-derived CD34+/CXCR4+-enriched cells) aimed at treatment of ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI).

STEMI is one of the most serious forms of heart attack, and is very difficult to treat with existing interventional means. NeoStem is effectively administering AMR-001 into the cardiac tissue, where the cells are expected to play a role in tissue remodeling and prevention of the long-term damage that typically results from the ischemia associated with STEMI. . .the company anticipates results within about eight months of the close of enrollment—in the October timeframe. If AMR-001 demonstrates statistically significant impact in STEMI, I anticipate it could capitalize NeoStem to be valued at more than $1B. The company currently has a market cap of just under $200M. . ." More >

Henry McCusker, Scimitar Equity (4/14/14) "NeoStem Inc. has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire California Stem Cell Inc., an Irvine, California, based stem-cell biotechnology company. . .NeoStem obtains Melapuldencel-T, California Stem Cell's autologous melanoma initiating cell immune based therapy. . .the acquisition of California Stem Cell expands NeoStem's development pipeline of cell therapy products to include therapies for cancer. . .Melapuldencel-T will become Neostem's most advanced product candidate, derived from a platform technology that may address a wide array of cancer indications. . .expect some big appreciation for one of the very few acquisitions—especially with an advanced P3 asset—in this market and RegMed sector."

Shawn Arshad, Seeking Alpha (3/25/14) "Utilizing internal manufacturing and numerous mergers and acquisitions, NeoStem Inc. has not only increased its operating margin but also lowered its manufacturing production cost. . .technical indicators demonstrate that now might be a good time to enter a competitive stock at a bearish price."

Jerry Isaacson, LifeSci Advisors (3/24/14) "On March 13, NeoStem Inc. announced full year financial results for 2013, reporting a 14% increase in clinical service revenues from progenitor cell therapy due to adding 50% more active clients. Enrollment in the phase 2 Preserve trial for acute myocardial infarction is complete; the trial received a fourth positive Data Safety and Monitoring Board review, and data are expected in H2/14."

Henry McCusker, Scimitar Equity (3/17/14) "The Data Safety Monitoring Board recommended continuing NeoStem Inc.'s Preserve acute myocardial infarction phase 2 clinical trial following a fourth interim data and safety review. . .it's yet another win for the company."

Henry McCusker, Scimitar Equity (3/6/14) "NeoStem Inc. has entered into sponsored research collaboration with Massachusetts Eye and Ear/Schepens Eye Research Institute, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. . .the objective of the research is to investigate the role of very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs), as well as CD34+ cells, in a study that will compare the efficacy of these two cell types for retinal repair. . .the collaboration advances research to determine the potential of VSELs to treat ocular diseases such as macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, and other retinal degenerative diseases."

Brian Nichols, Seeking Alpha (2/24/14) "With NeoStem Inc. having a market cap of $190M, there is an enormous amount of upside if the company can prove its pipeline successful. . .NeoStem has managed to create and develop a line of innovating products to treat diseases with three completely different approaches that could be game-changing to medicine if proven successful, along with a safety net in the revenue-generating progenitor cell therapy business."

Brian Nichols, Seeking Alpha (2/10/14) "Neostem Inc. has a segment called Athelos, which uses regulatory T cells (Tregs) to treat autoimmune diseases. . .if Tregs can control the T cells in the pancreas in type 1 diabetes, then they could reverse the immune response. . .Tregs are deep within the pipeline at NeoStem, and we should get some data on the Treg program later this year. If positive, it could serve as a huge catalyst for the company."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Steve Brozak (2/6/14) "NeoStem Inc. has two business models. It does its own manufacturing and outsources work through its Progenitor Cell Therapy (PCT) subsidiary, which it acquired in January 2011. PCT has collaborated with more than 100 companies or clients, one of which was Dendreon Corp. PCT was the original collaborative outsource manufacturer of Dendreon's autologous cellular immunotherapy, Provenge (sipuleucel-T), the first cell therapy approved as a cancer therapeutic. PCT has a very cost-effective process, and we might have seen a different outcome in terms of COGS for Dendreon if it had stayed with PCT. NeoStem is replete with potential partners and technology. NeoStem's other business model is the development and marketing of its own product. Through its Amorcyte subsidiary, NeoStem is positioned to take advantage of a global need for regenerative medicine by preserving heart function after heart attacks. In mid-December 2013, the company announced completion of enrollment in its phase 2 PreSERVE AMI trial with AMR-001, to preserve heart function following a severe myocardial infarction. The initial data has been positive beyond expectations. I would say that, statistically, the good results should continue. We are looking forward to hearing data at the end of the summer." More >

Brian Nichols, Seeking Alpha (1/27/14) "In many ways, NeoStem Inc.'s Progenitor Cell Therapy (PCT) cell manufacturing business is a young and underdeveloped space but as we've seen in the last two years, its future is brightening very quickly. Hence, PCT stands out as a real gem and is perhaps the most undervalued and underappreciated asset of any biotechnology company in the market; thus, expect large gains driven from this segment in the years ahead."

Glen Woods, Seeking Alpha (1/21/14) "NeoStem Inc.'s two other subsidiaries, Amorcyte and Athelos, are what I see as driving the company's stock to new highs in 2014. . .Amorcyte has been developing AMR-001, a stem cell therapy comprised of autologous bone marrow-derived CD34+/CXCR4+ cells that can potentially reverse the restriction of the blood supply after a heart attack, including the more severe ST segment elevation myocardial infarction, and rescue tissue from dying. . .Athelos is developing enhanced regulatory T-cell therapies to treat, and possibly cure, autoimmune conditions."

SciFi Advisor, Seeking Alpha (1/21/14) "The phase 2 PreSERVE trial is a double-blind, placebo-controlled study that completed enrollment of 160 patients in December 2013. . .an important but mistaken point made about the trial is that enrollment was unacceptably slow. . .the real story is that the company simply overestimated the number of patients available for enrollment. . .data from the PreSERVE trial are expected in the third quarter of 2014. . .I believe that, in this case, the weight of evidence points to a reasonable likelihood that this trial will succeed."

James Ratz, Wall St. Cheat Sheet (1/13/14) "Late last year, NeoStem Inc. announced that it had completed patient enrollment in its phase 2 AMR-001 trial, and the company expects to announce final data during Q3/14. . .NeoStem has estimated that the target group for receiving AMR-001 would number approximately 160K/year. If that holds true, the potential annual market size for it could be approximately $1.2B (roughly six times the company's current market capitalization),

Henry McCusker, Scimitar Equity (1/9/14) "NeoStem Inc.'s Progenitor Cell Therapy (PCT) executed a services agreement with Kite Pharma Inc., under which PCT will provide cell therapy process development and manufacturing services for Kite's lead engineered autologous T-cell therapy (eACT) clinical development program. The bottom line: A diversified platform raises the bar for revenue in addition to NeoStem's therapeutic development platform."

Brian Nichols, Seeking Alpha (1/8/14) "NeoStem Inc. investors are clearly very focused on AMR-001 after completion of enrollment for the phase 2 [trial]. . .positive data will significantly increase the chance of approval for the therapy itself (from 50% to 75% in our view), and it would serve as a validation of the company's technology. . .even with a more conservative estimate on the probability of success for AMR-001, we can easily see NeoStem at $16/share (about double the current price) in Q3/14 or Q4/14. . .the company's progenitor cell therapy business provides an immediate stream of revenue that will sustain a certain valuation."

Brian Nichols, Seeking Alpha (1/6/14) "NeoStem Inc. has a lot of catalysts in 2014, with the biggest being data on AMR-001. . .while the largest upside rests in whether or not AMR-001 is successful, investors should also like the stock's potential to see a pre-data run higher. Either way, this scenario and the year ahead make shares of the company very exciting for 2014, both before and following data."

Ram Selvaraju, Aegis Capital (1/2/14) "We are reiterating our Buy rating on NeoStem Inc. and raising our original 15-month price target. . .our price target revision is based fundamentally upon the progress made recently with the Athelos technology in the domain of diabetes therapy, which we believe should enable the company to generate positive proof-of-concept human efficacy data in this indication early in 2015. . .NeoStem recently closed enrollment in the ongoing PreSERVE phase 2 trial of AMR-001; we remain confident that the [study] has a high likelihood of success. Positive data could pave the way for a transformative licensing agreement or partnership."

Stock Whisper, Seeking Alpha (12/31/13) "NeoStem Inc.'s AMR-001 has yielded encouraging results in a phase 1 trial and is also expected to report positive phase 2 results. . .AMR-001's phase 1 results for 31 patients showed statistically significant improvement in the amount of blood in the heart. . .the major upcoming catalyst for the company is the data readout of the phase 2 trial, expected in Q3/14. This data, if positive, will not only skyrocket the shares, but also solidify the company's position among cell therapy companies."

Stock Investor, Seeking Alpha (12/23/13) "NeoStem Inc., with its advanced pipeline, appears to be undervalued at $128M, with $56M in cash. The partnership this past week for OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. will likely prompt more deals in the stem cell sector, and NeoStem is a stem cell stock that should reap huge rewards from this renewed interest."

Brian Wilson, Seeking Alpha (12/19/13) "NeoStem Inc. recently announced the completion of the enrollment phase for its phase 2 trial. . .the recent announcement did not have a noticeable impact on the stock's performance, although it does signify that the company is on track to have the all-important, topline data release for AMR-001 in 2014."

Brian Nichols, Seeking Alpha (12/17/13) "NeoStem Inc. has a market cap of $165M, but if AMR-001 is successful, it could earn peak sales in excess of $1.2B annually for this one indication, preservation of heart function after a severe heart attack. Therefore, the company's price to AMR-001's peak sales potential is very low, thus implying very low downside risk; however, because of its valuation, a successful study also implies large upside."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Jason Kolbert (12/17/13) "NeoStem Inc. will have phase 2 results from its ST-elevated myocardial infarction U.S. trial with AMR-001 (autologous bone marrow-derived CD34+/CXCR4+ enriched cells). I very much believe the results of that trial will be positive." More >

Henry McCusker, Scimitar Equity (12/16/13) "NeoStem Inc.'s completion of the enrollment of the Preserve acute myocardial infarction phase 2 clinical trial in 60 medical centers across the U.S. to treat an acute heart attack (ST elevation myocardial infarction) further validates the company's ability to progress clinical trials. . .so share price appreciation kudos to NeoStem."

Tom Meyer, Wall St. Cheat Sheet (12/9/13) "NeoStem Inc. is quickly becoming one of the leaders in the stem cell industry. . .the opportunities appear to be endless for the company. In addition to the programs it is currently working on, it's likely that NeoStem could apply its technology to other indications down the road, which would generate even more revenue and likely result in NeoStem becoming a billion-dollar company."

Glen Woods, Seeking Alpha (11/25/13) "NeoStem Inc. has become a company that will be a major player in the future of not just stem cell therapies, but the stem cell industry as a whole. It has smart acquisitions and novel stem cell products. . .the company is sitting on $50M, giving it enough cash reserves to advance its multiple pipeline projects and Progenitor Cell Therapy LLC, and position it for strategic and business development partnerships."

Andrew McDonald, LifeSci Advisors (11/12/13) "We are initiating coverage on NeoStem Inc., a leader in cell therapy and is developing potentially transformative treatments for patients in several indications. . .the company has near-term catalysts and a deep pipeline. . .Amorcyte LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary with an autologous stem-cell product, AMR-001, currently in a phase 2 trial in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Completion of enrollment is expected in 2013 and topline data should be released in Q3/14, providing two major catalysts for NeoStem within six months of each other."

Ram Selvaraju, Aegis Capital (11/11/13) "We reiterate our Buy rating for NeoStem Inc. . .the company should have sufficient capital to fund operations into 2015. . .we expect the firm to continue to broaden its intellectual property portfolio, ink additional contracts through its Progenitor Cell Therapy LLC subsidiary and file an investigational new drug application for a candidate derived from one of its other technology platforms in early 2014. While Neostem currently trades at an enterprise value of ~$160M, we believe that by late 2014, the firm could trade at parity with a comparable universe with an average enterprise value exceeding $700M."

Henry McCusker, Regenerative Medicine Investors (11/4/13) "NeoStem Inc.'s PCT has entered into collaboration with ATMI, a single-use bioprocess solutions company on a non-exclusive basis enabling PCT and PCT's affiliates to offer to their respective clients access to the Integrity® Xpansion™ technology platform from ATMI, which provides bioreactor expansion capability. . .the Xpansion system has the potential to reduce labor and capital costs and decrease chances of errors and contamination. . .expect momentum with pricing sensitivity but solid as the end of year progresses."

The Swiss Trader, Seeking Alpha (10/30/13) "NeoStem Inc. now has enough cash to fund its business for the next two years. . .considering the amount of positive momentum in the stock, the company's impressive clinical data and large pipeline, and its large revenue upside and client expansion in its Progenitor Cell Therapy LLC division, NeoStem's updated presentation is one that all investors should've read."

John Hodge, Seeking Alpha (10/21/13) "NeoStem Inc. has such great potential that it may well one day rise from its $143M market cap to a billion-dollar-plus company. . .the company is undervalued based on what it is developing. As the drug platforms continue through the trial phase, the stock will gain momentum."

Andrea Lafleche, Seeking Alpha (10/18/13) "It is likely that given some time, NeoStem Inc. stock will once again be the stellar performer it has always been, especially if AMR-001 hits the market. . .this is an industry in its infancy with significant growth potential. We see this as the key to the company's potential to be something more than the run-of-the-mill biotech startup and a solid investment opportunity with huge potential for blockbuster revenues as phase 3 trials commence."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Vernon Bernardino (10/3/13) "NeoStem Inc. remains a long-term play, but should positive results come in from a top-line readout with its lead product, AMR-001, there could be substantial upside to our current target price. . .AMR-001 is the company's flagship product candidate. It is a cell-based product derived from bone marrow stem cells, enriched with a genetic marker called CD34+/CXCR4+ that is relevant to ischemic cardiovascular disease conditions, such as heart attack. It is very difficult for anyone to obtain intellectual property (IP) rights on bone marrow stem cells because they have been studied so extensively in many patients. But NeoStem was able to obtain IP status with a bone marrow stem cell-based strategy to repair damaged heart muscle that uses the CD34+/CXCR4+ marker. That means other firms cannot copy NeoStem's specific stem cell therapy, making it more commercially viable. . .it is expected that NeoStem's phase 2 study will confirm the company's phase 1 study for AMR-001, which demonstrated a heart muscle repair signal. The study is called PreSERVE AMI: It is due to complete enrollment by year-end, and due for a top-line readout of cardiac function and other measures in H1/14." More >

Brian Nichols, Seeking Alpha (9/30/13) "NeoStem Inc. has several moving parts that work together to accelerate development and reduce costs, creating shareholder value. . .during the company's most recent quarter, Progenitor Cell Therapy's revenues continued to increase; this is a fast-growing segment of NeoStem's business. . .the potential for very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) is enormous. . .simply put, the company's diversification creates safety. It is a rare biotechnology company that is not placing all of its eggs in one basket, and is thinking long term to become a leader in cell therapy."

Brian Nichols, Seeking Alpha (9/16/13) "With all its programs in mind, the future for NeoStem Inc. is looking bright. The company is hiring top talent, advancing clinical trials and there is large sales potential in several of the key clinical programs. . .since the company reversed its stock, investors have enjoyed mostly green days. And with phase 2 data within the next year and more VSEL developments to come, I see no reason that NeoStem's value won't continue to soar."

Andrew Fein, H.C. Wainwright & Co. (9/13/13) "NeoStem Inc.'s lead program AMR-001 is in phase 2. . .we look for data from this study by Q3/14. . .we believe revenue derived from the company's Progenitor Cell Therapy business will create a valuation backstop for NeoStem's shares, allowing its proprietary clinical programs to represent both valuation optionality and pure upside if successful. . .we are reiterating our Buy rating and $20 price target."

Stock Investor, Seeking Alpha (9/8/13) "NeoStem Inc.'s focus is cardiovascular, autoimmune disorders, and regenerative medicine; there is also a new focus for NeoStem, intellectual property. Patents have become the buzzword in investments over the last several months so it is very good to see NeoStem is pursuing this possible revenue source. . .in August NeoStem hired an investment banker to be its new CFO. . .NeoStem is presenting at many conferences in the month of September, which should bring more investor and institutional interest to the stock. . .the amorcyte trial is on track to complete patient enrollment for this trial in 2013."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Andrew Fein (8/29/13) "NeoStem Inc. [is a] stock that investors need to get reacquainted with. [NeoStem has] been around for a while, as has the management team. NeoStem is slated to have data readout next year, which ought to validate its stem cell-based treatment for heart disease. The company's lead therapy, AMR-001, is an autologous bone marrow enrichment of two cell types, and is in a phase 2 study called PreSERVE for ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction (STEMI). Enrollment in the study is on track to complete by year-end 2013, and we should get phase 2 data by the second quarter of next year. We believe the study is well powered to show a meaningful benefit in therapy." More >

Stone Fox Securities, Seeking Alpha (8/27/13) "NeoStem Inc. has made several executive additions and changes in order to position the company for the next growth phase. . .the new additions to the executive leadership enhance the companies' capabilities with vast experiences in finance, biotechnology and cell therapy and regenerative medicines. . .Neostem continues to offer a compelling valuation proposition. . .the potential could be huge for this stock, especially if the funding can be solidified."

The Swiss Trader, Seeking Alpha (8/18/13) "It has been a busy month for NeoStem Inc.; the company has moved to the NASDAQ, made four new hires in leadership roles and completed a successful reverse stock split; these events combined have led to NeoStem's 40% gain over the last month. However, many believe that these gains are just the beginning, including Aegis Capital, who initiated a Buy rating and a pre-reverse price target of $2.50 (now $25). . .NeoStem is more than just a developmental company; the biotech is also a leader in cell manufacturing."

Seeking Alpha (8/13/13) "Huge potential exists in NeoStem Inc.'s almost forgotten Athelos division. . .much additional share price upside is possible due to the highly underexposed and untouted Athelos division pipeline. It is my opinion that phase 2 initiation in either of the Treg targeted indications could provide for tremendous interest with enrollment announcement, interim data, enrollment completion and topline data all significant share price catalysts."

Craig Keolanui, Seeking Alpha (8/5/13) "NeoStem Inc. has plenty of value to offer investors with progenitor cell therapy, VSEL technology, AMR-001 and the Athelos T cell program. Stem cell therapy is still a risky play, but the company appears to be set up for the future as stem cell therapy evolves. . .NeoStem has some strong drivers for future growth and has done the right things to warrant some consideration from investors."

Ram Selvaraju, Aegis Capital (7/25/13) "We are reiterating our Buy rating on NeoStem Inc. and raising our 12 month price target from $2.50 to $30/share. Our price target revision is based on the company's recent implementation of a 10 for 1 reverse stock split. . .NeoStem recently was notified by the NASDAQ Capital Market that its stock has met all listing requirements to be included on this exchange."

Brian Nichols, Seeking Alpha (7/25/13) "NeoStem Inc. has three different opportunities to succeed, with three segments that could produce great annual revenue. . .the company has a lot in its favor, and I view it as one of the most promising in biotechnology in terms of upside potential. . .NeoStem is about as diversified as you can find in the small cap biotech space."

Andrew Fein, H.C. Wainwright & Co. (7/22/13) "NeoStem Inc. announced a collaboration with Jeffrey Bluestone, Ph.D. and Qizhi Tang, Ph.D. of University of California, San Francisco for the development of regulatory T cells (Tregs) for the treatment of type 1 diabetes. The collaboration will advance the company's Athelos Corp.'s Tregs program into phase 2 clinical development (at a significant cost savings to NeoStem versus having to conduct prephase 2 work itself) to evaluate the efficacy of autologous Tregs in type 1 diabetes. . .we are reiterating our Buy rating."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Ram Selvaraju (7/18/13) "We recently initiated coverage on NeoStem Inc. with a Buy rating and a $2.50 price target. Considering the impact of the recently announced 1-for-10 reverse stock split, our new implied price target would be closer to $25 per share. In our view, the reverse split is well timed, since the company had roughly 280M fully diluted shares outstanding before the split. The split could pave the way for easier institutional ownership of the stock. The most significant catalyst coming up for NeoStem is phase 2 data for its most advanced clinical candidate, AMR-001, an autologous bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy aimed at treatment of ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), a form of heart attack. The phase 2 STEMI trial of AMR-001 is slated to report topline results early next year. Positive data could potentially result in a transformative partnership for NeoStem." More >

Brian Nichols, Seeking Alpha (7/12/13) "NeoStem Inc. made the decision to split its stock, 1 for 10, and in my opinion, this is the first step in seeing a great deal of value added to the company. . .the reverse stock split of NeoStem opens it to a whole new group of investors, those who would've never given the stock a glance in the past. . .this reverse split will present new opportunities and will create greater shareholder value over the next year."

Andrew Fein, H.C. Wainwright & Co. (6/27/13) "We are initiating coverage on NeoStem Inc. with a Buy rating and $20 price target. . .with two clinical programs that could revolutionize the treatment of heart disease and several earlier stage programs in immune modulation and regenerative medicine providing longer term upside, we believe the company is poised for success and believe that shares represent an attractive buying opportunity at current levels."

Ram Selvaraju, Aegis Capital (6/24/13) "We are initiating coverage of NeoStem Inc., an emerging biotechnology firm focusing on the development of several novel stem cell based technology platforms, with a Buy rating and a 15 month price target of $2.50/share. In our view, the company represents a substantially differentiated participant in the stem cell sector, given the fact that the firm has four different technology platforms and a lead product candidate, AMR-001, that has demonstrated the only dose dependent clinical response data for a stem cell based therapeutic in cardiovascular disease to date."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Steve Brozak (4/11/13) "NeoStem Inc. sent out a shareholder letter on March 19 saying that it had crossed the 50% enrollment mark on its PreSERVE-AMI phase 2 clinical trial with AMR-001 (autologous, bone marrow-derived, CD34+ enriched cells) in ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction (STEMI; heart attack). There are more than 90 patients in the trial now, and that is more than satisfactory. The cells are drawn from the patient's bone marrow, and then enriched for CD34+ cells, which are known for vascularizing potency. The cells have a three-day shelf life from completion of processing. They are then reinjected into the affected areas of the myocardium via the coronary artery associated with the ischemia (loss of blood flow). This takes place a week or more after a stent placement procedure. Safety looks good, and enrollment should be completed this year, with a six- to eight-month time lag for readout after the final patient is treated. You have a much better outcome for patients who are treated with CD34+ cells, which allow restoration of blood supply to the affected areas." More >

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