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Stellar Biotechnologies is the world leader in sustainable manufacture of keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH). The company serves the growing demand for this essential molecule and is focused on applying its expertise to targeted therapeutics and immunodiagnostics. The company was founded to address the urgent need for sustained commercial-scale supplies of high-quality keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) and has developed leading practices, facilities and proprietary capabilities to address this need. Stellar Biotechnologies has generated important intellectual property that relates to aquaculture technologies, spawning, selection and maintenance of the limited natural source of Megathura crenulata, an important pharmaceutical material, as well as processing, purification and engineering of specific stabilized formulations of this valuable protein. Stellar has generated revenue since 2001 and its customers and partners include multinational pharmaceutical companies, world-renowned laboratories and research centers, as well as biotechnology companies and vaccine developers.

Expert Comments:

"One of my favorites, which we have been working with for quite a long time, is Stellar Biotechnologies Inc. . .the company has publicly disclosed the importance of the positive news regarding the agreement with Neovacs, which I believe will reinforce the demand for Stellar's keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) as a carrier molecule in immunotherapy treatment, such as IFNα-Kinoid in lupus. The trademarked KLH is a key ingredient in clinical-stage immunotherapies targeting metastatic breast cancer (in Phase 3), ovarian cancer (in Phase 2), Alzheimer's disease (in Phase 2), lupus (in Phase 2), and Crohn's disease (in Phase 1). . .in terms of potential market, the pharmaceutical market is definitely the most attractive. If the drug is recognized and the right patent comes at the right time, then it's going to be a gold mine. But the diagnostic market could be accessed more quickly, and it's very well developed already. I think the two directions are very interesting. . .Stellar has stated the listing on the NASDAQ is a significant milestone for the company and an important step in its continued corporate growth and maturity as a public company. Management believes the NASDAQ listing will raise visibility within the investment community and with institutional investors, and will offer its shareholders an opportunity for increased liquidity." read more >

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Jason McCarthy, Analyst – Maxim Group

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