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Neuralstem Inc. is focused on developing and commercializing treatments for central nervous system diseases based on transplanting human neural stem cells and small molecule drugs. The company has developed and maintains a portfolio of patents and patent applications that form the base of its research and development efforts in neural stem cell research, small molecule research and related technologies. Neuralstem has also developed and patented a series of small molecule compounds (low molecular weight organic compounds) that can efficiently cross the blood/brain barrier.

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Sirius Capital, Seeking Alpha (2/18/15)
"Neuralstem Inc. will present top line Phase 2 data of stem-cell therapy in ALS, during late February/early March. . .NSI-566 Phase 1 data, along with management hints and patient blogs would seem to suggest that the Phase II study will meet its endpoints successfully. . .with its low market cap, high cash position and low burn rate, the company looks like an attractive investment at this point."

Larry Smith, SmithOnStocks (2/10/15)
"Results from the Phase 2 trial of Neuralstem Inc.'s NSI-566 neural stem cells in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis will be announced in late February or early March. . .the ischemic stroke trial in China will complete the Phase 1 portion of the trial in Q1/15 and roll seamlessly into the Phase 2/3 component. . .the Phase 1 trial of NSI-566 in chronic spinal cord injury patients has completed enrollment of the fourth and final patient."

"Neuralstem Inc. has a major depressive disorder product in clinical trials codenamed NSI-189. It is an oral compound designed to stimulate neurogenesis of the hippocampus, which could potentially reverse the atrophy seen in depression and schizophrenia. So far, we have only seen earlier preclinical and Phase 1 data, but those results have shown meaningful reductions in both cognitive and depressive symptoms in patients who are on active therapy. And the treatment has been well tolerated. . .

There are many treatments on the market for treating depression, of course. Most of these products, however, are small molecules. They work by inhibiting the reuptake of a combination of norepinephrine, serotonin and/or dopamine. Neuralstem's treatment uses the patient's own neural stem cells to protect against damage to the nervous system itself, and to repair existing damage, too. . .if all goes well, Neuralstem's NSI-189 product will move into Phase 2 development in Q2/15, so that is a good advancement opportunity. We should see topline results in the early part of this year for the firm's other stem cell products, including NSI-566. That treatment is currently being studied in a Phase 2 trial for Lou Gehrig's disease." read more >

Larry Smith, SmithOnStocks (1/13/15)
"Neuralstem Inc. is roughly on schedule with its clinical trials that are currently ongoing in four different disease states; the NSI-566 neural stem cells are being tested in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), ischemic stroke and chronic spinal cord injury (SCI) and will soon start a trial in acute SCI. The small molecule drug NSI-189 is being studied in major depressive disorder. . .the lockdown of data on the Phase 2 trial of NSI-566 neural stem cells in ALS will occur in late January."

Larry Smith, SmithOnStocks (1/7/15)
"The Phase 2a data from the trial of Neuralstem Inc.'s NSI-566 neural stem cells in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is the key event by far in 2015. I believe the results will be positive, and this could cause a significant increase in the stock price."

Jason Napodano, Zacks Investment Research (1/5/15)
"Neuralstem Inc. has all the 'Cs' we tell investors to look for when picking biotech stocks: cash, catalysts and charisma. . .we think when the company reports topline results from the ongoing Phase 2 study during Q1/15, the results will be positive. . .think these results have the potential to double Neuralstem's stock given that it is the market leader in this indication." -Zacks Equity Research

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