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MusclePharm Corp.


MusclePharm Corp. is a healthy lifestyle company that develops and manufactures nutritional supplements that address active lifestyles, including muscle building, weight loss and the maintenance of general fitness through a daily nutritional supplement regimen that was founded by former NFL player Brad Pyatt. The products are formulated through a six-stage research process using the expertise of leading nutritional scientists. MusclePharm's products are sold to consumers in more than 110 countries and available in over 10,500 U.S. retail outlets and globally through more than 100 online channels.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

Mark Phillips, Seeking Alpha (12/16/14) "MusclePharm Corp. is still showing over 100% YOY growth in the international channel. . .the Biozone acquisition has started contributing to revenue growth. . .Q4/14 will be the first quarter two of MusclePharm's products (Arnold Iron Whey and Arnold Iron Pump) will be available in approximately 3,500 Walmart locations. . .with cheap financing available, a low enterprise value and global M&A deals at the highest level in seven years, I believe many healthcare consumer-focused companies may be interested in acquiring MusclePharm. . .the stock is deeply oversold at current levels. . .the Q3/14 market overreaction has created a tremendous buying opportunity for investors with a long-term mindset."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Dick Huebner (11/20/14) "MusclePharm Corp.'s stock price has moved up substantially since we did an offering in February 2013 at $4/share. The stock is now trading at just under $11/share. The company's public announcements have been good, and the revenues have continued to grow, with about $105M on the top line last year. The company has made progress toward profitability. . .

MusclePharm has definitely proven itself a very capable marketing machine. It is very good at anticipating what products the market will be looking for, and it has been able to grow its sales. I know the company has done a substantial amount of work on corporate governance, and processes and procedures. I'm hopeful that MusclePharm will be able to attain sustained profitability in the near future. . ." More >

Keay Nakae, Ascendiant Capital Markets (11/17/14) "MusclePharm Corp.'s Q3/14 net revenue was $47.8M (+74% pro forma), which was $1.1M higher than consensus. . .the revenue growth in Q3/14 was driven by a number of factors, which we expect will continue to drive the topline in 2014. . .there is upside to the company relative to the current price."

Mark Phillips, Seeking Alpha (10/22/14) "New product launches in large and growing markets in late 2014 and 2015 provide an additional catalyst to MusclePharm Corp. shares. If the company is not acquired in the near term, investors could be looking at a multibagger over the next three to five years."

Paulo Santos, Seeking Alpha (10/6/14) "Today, MusclePharm Corp. announced it bought back 250K shares of its own stock for $10/share. . .it highlights the new nature of the company: MusclePharm is now a regular company that tries to avoid dilution as much as possible versus its former self that even paid suppliers with stock. . .this move also portrays confidence in near-term financial developments."

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Paulo Santos, Seeking Alpha (9/22/14) "The launching of new products is integral to MusclePharm Corp.'s thesis, and even though the company has seen strong growth with its past products and has raised its revenue guidance recurrently, these new products make it easier to meet the future growth needs. All in all, up until now the developments continue to reinforce the original thesis."

Paulo Santos, Seeking Alpha (8/8/14) "Things that would usually be red flags regarding MusclePharm Corp. actually imply a significant transition in the company, from something of a penny stock scam to a company that's about to rely on earnings to give its executives and shareholders their returns. . .MusclePharm is a massive Buy here, and the stock will explode as soon as the market realizes the transition I described above took place and what MusclePharm already is, today, is a fast-growing global brand with rapidly improving revenues and margins."

Keay Nakae, Ascendiant Capital Markets (8/5/14) "MusclePharm Corp.'s net revenue was $46.7M (+71% pro forma), which was $6.7M higher than our estimate. . .based on current trends, we believe that MusclePharm is moving toward sustained profitability. Hence, in our opinion, there is upside to it relative to the current price."

Paulo Santos, Seeking Alpha (7/8/14) "MusclePharm Corp. seems to have successfully built valuable brands in the markets it serves; this transformation is not yet in the price of the stock. From an acquisition or growth perspective, upside already seems to be at least 50100% and possibly much more if the company keeps up its growth trajectory."

Chris Katje, Seeking Alpha (6/27/14) "MusclePharm Corp. operates in the growing sports supplement business, which has seen annual growth of 6 to 10%. With expected market growth of 6 to 9% and several key catalysts, the stock looks to be a long term buy. . .international sales continue to be a focus for the company and a reason for further bullishness."

Keay Nakae, Ascendiant Capital Markets (5/7/14) "MusclePharm Corp.'s Q1/14 net revenue was $50.2M (+123%), which was $15.8M higher than our estimate; gross margin was 35.6%, a sequential increase of 9.7%. . .based on current trends, we believe that the company is moving towards sustained profitability. Hence, in our opinion, there is upside to MusclePharm relative to the current price."

Boris Marjanovic, Seeking Alpha (5/7/14) "Even with MusclePharm Corp. shares up more than 20% since the company's Q1/14 earnings announcement, the stock is still substantially undervalued. . .MusclePharm is a strong acquisition target as a result of continued industry consolidation. . .the company's Q1/14 results blew away all expectations and caused management to raise its full-year 2014 revenue guidance by nearly 17% to $175M. . .the company intends to uplist its stock onto NASDAQ. . .I expect the stock to surge once the uplisting is announced later this year. . .MusclePharm's robust growth and ramping margins make the stock a bargain."

ACP Investor, Seeking Alpha (3/12/14) "MusclePharm Corp.'s strong Q4/13 growth in net sales shows new product launches and distribution deals are gaining traction. . .net sales of $36.6M imply a quarter-on-quarter growth rate of 35%. . .net sales growth of more than 64% in FY/13 is impressive given the number of new initiatives that were launched late last the year and is evidence of a steep ramp in new product sales. Q4/13 net sales gave a preview of the growth potential of the underlying business and the strength of the brand. . .Wynnefield Capital, a New York-based hedge fund. . .has acquired 11.3% or 1M shares at an average cost of $8.29 per share."

Keay Nakae, Ascendiant Capital Markets (1/2/14) "MusclePharm has achieved rapid revenue growth in the past four years. . .the next step is for management to translate its strong revenue growth into profitability. Investors will gain more clarity on how this will occur in January when management provides guidance for 2014. . .this will be the first of a number of catalysts that could drive the stock higher in 2014. . .given its current stock price and market capitalization, management intends to uplist the stock to NASDAQ. . .in our opinion, there is upside to MSLP relative to the current price."

ACP Investor, Seeking Alpha (12/18/13) "MusclePharm Corp. is a fast-growing sports nutrition company with expected sales of more than $100M for FY/13. . .there is significant upside potential for the shares over the next three months as the company releases FY/14 guidance. . .the current share price does not reflect the fundamental improvements in the underlying business, which has transformed the company during FY/13. . .the shares appear to be significantly undervalued. . .strategic activity over the past year will support further top-line growth going into 2014 and beyond, largely driven by Costco, the Arnold Series and FitMiss."

Devon Shire, Seeking Alpha (11/19/13) "MusclePharm Corp. has been growing at a breakneck speed. . .it has a young and aggressive management team. I guess it goes without saying that when a company takes revenue from virtually nothing to $100M in a couple of years that it is aggressive. . .having Dr. Phillip Frost on the advisory board and with an ownership stake (cash Frost invested) in MusclePharm is a coup for this growing business. . .Frost's involvement provides. . .experience, strong financial backing and a wide net of industry and financial market connections."

The Behavioral Economist, Seeking Alpha (11/19/13) "Considering the marketable strength MusclePharm Corp. possesses as a brand, in correlation with the advanced liposome technology procured from BioZone, and the relentless ambition MusclePharm has displayed since its beginnings, the company is positioning itself to be more than capable of meeting America's ever evolving consumer standards. . .MusclePharm is a young, award winning, ever expanding company, competing in an extremely profitable market. Its guardian angel, Dr. Phillip Frost, is a businessman and industrialist of the highest order. . .its ambitions, technology and products are constantly evolving and being met with considerable acclaim. . .prospective investors would be wise to consider adding MusclePharm to their portfolios."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Brian Wilson (10/10/13) "MusclePharm Corp. has been looking to streamline manufacturing for its product line, which makes a quality CMO like BioZone a great fit. The QuSome technology may also be of interest to the company, since liposomes have been used to deliver nutrients as well as pharmaceuticals to the body. . .MusclePharm has a prominent brand, and operates in a niche market that has been built largely on brand association. . .MusclePharm has the branding, and is therefore trusted by customers that would be interested in high-end nutritional supplements. It has developed a very strong association with professional athletics, making the company comparable to major sports brands." More >

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Keay Nakae (9/19/13) "We follow MusclePharm Corp., which is in the nutritional supplement business. One of the reasons we like this name is that while MusclePharm is in a competitive space, it has done an amazing job of establishing a brand name that people have gravitated to. We've seen really rapid revenue growth, and we would expect that to continue for a number of reasons. The company is introducing some new product lines, one of which is focused specifically on female athletes. Then there is the more recent collaboration with Arnold Schwarzenegger, to launch a branded line of Arnold Series products. Underneath that, in terms of distribution, MusclePharm continues to make good strides in moving from what had been a larger reliance on specialty stores that sell nutritional products to selling in more big-box retailers. Most recently, it has entered into a deal with Costco Wholesale, and we would expect it will enter into other agreements with larger drugstore chains and retailers." More >

Keay Nakae, Ascendiant Capital Markets (8/15/13) "MusclePharm Corp. reported Q2/13 results yesterday. Net revenue was $25.5M (+65%), compared to consensus of $20.5M. . .we believe that the company is making good progress on its strategic growth objectives. . .going forward, we expect sales to be boosted by both the launch of MusclePharm's FitMiss product line and its Arnold Schwarzenegger product line. . .we view the Schwarzenegger agreement as a significant event. . .we reiterate our Strong Buy rating on the stock."

Kelvin M., Seeking Alpha (8/15/13) "MusclePharm Corp. released Q2/13 earnings and hosted a conference call, which showed that the company is continuing to increase sales at a blistering pace. . .it is my opinion that the upcoming catalysts and opportunities the company is tapping into mean that this stock has a favorable risk/reward outlook at current prices. The possibilities from the new partnerships, new product lines and potential uplisting could send the stock significantly higher for patient investors who are willing to wait and see if the company will be successful in reducing costs enough to produce profits."

MTF Investing, Seeking Alpha (7/3/13) "MusclePharm Corp. is still in an aggressive growth phase. . .and has gained popularity in the gym and on the trading floor. It has a solid management team that understands the industry and the customer. . .I believe that once the company is listed on a major stock exchange, the increase in visibility and volume will drive the price even higher."

Nathaniel Matherson, Seeking Alpha (6/28/13) "It appears MusclePharm Corp. has reached the point where it can start improving its margins, thus improving earnings. Higher brand recognition in combination with innovative product offerings has allowed the company to drastically grow its search interest and demand over the last few years. . .the long term growth potential is lucrative."

Buffett Junior, Seeking Alpha (6/18/13) "I believe that MusclePharm Corp. is currently significantly undervalued considering its growth potential, and once the stock begins trading on a major exchange, it will see significant upside. . . this is a popular and fast-growing brand that has the potential to be a Wall Street favorite. . .considering that nutritional supplements are one of the world's fastest growing industries, MusclePharm's potential is enormous."

Keay Nakae, Ascendiant Capital Markets (5/20/13) "We are initiating coverage on MusclePharm Corp. with a Strong Buy. . .the company is well positioned to achieve faster revenue growth than its competitors and thus represents one of the more attractive investments in this segment. . .it has achieved rapid revenue growth in the past three years. . .there is upside to MusclePharm relative to the current price."

Buffett Junior, Seeking Alpha (4/25/13) "MusclePharm Corp. is among the most popular supplement brands in the industry. . .if the company is able to capture just 1% of the domestic nutritional supplements market, that would equal $300M in sales. . .I believe that MusclePharm should have no problem exceeding $100M in revenue this year. . .even when using conservative estimates, the upside potential is huge. . .once the stock begins trading on a major stock exchange later this year, I believe the shares will pop due to institutional buying. There is another benefit to the uplisting; it increases the likelihood of the company getting acquired."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Richard Huebner (4/25/13) "Most recently, in the life sciences space, we did a deal for nutritional supplement company, MusclePharm Corp. We recently closed a $12M raise for it, which is at the high end of the range that we can raise for a life sciences deal. . .MusclePharm was growing very fast, and it had significant events in 2012 that impacted its valuation and made that capital raise possible. There was a lot of interest in the company, and the deal was significantly oversubscribed. MusclePharm's management team is particularly good at building a brand, and had been doing a great job of marketing. . .[the company's] focus is on driving profitability and continuing to grow sales in 2013; we thought it was a very good opportunity for investors.

"I do think it's important to talk about the company's unique business model. MusclePharm never puts its hands on the product. It is a marketing and product development company. Its management has structured the company so that production, the financing of the raw materials and the filling of customer orders are all done by the manufacturer. . .the business model has allowed management to focus on product development and marketing the brand. . .CEO Gary Davis put pricing and expense controls in place that created better margins for the business. I believe those controls will better enable the company to produce a profit." More >

Dutch Trader, Seeking Alpha (3/28/13) "MusclePharm Corp. is an American success story. . .it has completed another successful financing. . .and its explosive growth story will continue. The company has grown rapidly over the past few years, producing expected 2012 revenue of $78M, up from $17M in 2011 and $4M in 2010. . .compared to competitors, the stock price has performed quite well. I think announcements about new product lines, distribution agreements and the upcoming NASDAQ listing will drive the stock price even further."

John Ford, Seeking Alpha (3/27/13) "MusclePharm Corp. is doing a phenomenal job at growing revenue and building brand recognition. . .I expect this company to become a leader in the $25B sports nutrition industry. . .we should see more positive catalysts this year as the company launches new products and receives endorsements from major league athletes. In my opinion, MusclePharm will continue to hit home runs."

Randall Radic, Minyanville (2/20/13) "In 2011, MusclePharm Corp.'s revenue flow increased 437% and grew over 500% in 2012. . .and appears to be fit and trim, ready to do business in a streamlined and efficient manner. . .if management keeps its eye on the ball and sticks with the business plan, the company looks to be a surefire winner."

Dutch Trader, Seeking Alpha (2/6/13) "MusclePharm Corp. is a new star on the horizon. . .the company operates within the large and growing U.S. nutritional supplements industry. According to Nutrition Business Journal's 2012 Supplement Business Report, the industry generated over $30B in sales in 2011, $28.1B in 2010, and is projected to grow at an average annual rate of approximately 6% through 2020. . .an official listing for MusclePharm on a major stock exchange is not far away."

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