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Interim Readout for Pharma Trial 'Delivers Home Run' (07/31/2018)

An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report discussed the implications of data indicating "overwhelming evidence of efficacy" for this company's nonantibiotic anti-infective for treatment of catheter-related bloodstream infections.


Health Technology Stock 'Set to Break Higher' (07/24/2018)

Technical analyst Clive Maund charts a health technology stock whose platform allows hospitals and healthcare organizations to buy, sell and trade surplus medical equipment and supplies.


Biopharma Releases New Antibiotic in the US for Complicated UTIs (07/24/2018)

A LifeSci Capital report reviewed why uptake of a drug that targets complicated urinary tract infections could be significant and swift.


Australian Regenerative Medicine Firm 'Lands a Great Partner in China' (07/22/2018)

A Maxim Group report reviewed the deal between the two companies.


Healthcare Tech Company Receives US Patent (07/19/2018)

The U.S Patent and Trademark Office has granted the allowance to a technology company whose platform allows healthcare organizations to buy, sell and trade equipment and supplies.


Cannabis Firm Targets Sexual Health and Wellness (07/17/2018)

California, with nearly 40 million residents, offers a cannabis market as large as the whole of Canada, says Ron Struthers, editor of Struthers Resource Stock Report. He believes that companies that have a road into California will gain early traction, and he profiles one such firm.


Cell Therapy Company and Chinese Firm Sign Marketing Deal (07/15/2018)

This biotech, in Phase 1 development of regenerative technologies addressing skin and orthopedic indications, has finalized a commercialization deal with YOFOTO.


Preclinical Data for Alzheimer's Therapy to Be Presented at AAIC (07/11/2018)

A poster outlining data from this company's lead candidate, which targets toxic oligomers identified as a potential cause of Alzheimer's disease, will be presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC).


Three Companies Poised to Benefit from Proposed Medicare Home Health Monitoring Change (07/10/2018)

A proposed rule change would allow Medicare to reimburse home health agencies for remote patient monitoring, providing an opportunity for health technology companies.


Study Shows Biopharma's Lead Drug Mediates T Cell Tumor Infiltration (07/10/2018)

An Echelon Wealth Partners report discussed this firm's stock performance and how a recent clinical trial update impacted it.


Coverage Initiated on 'True Original' Using RNAi to Enhance Cancer Immunotherapy (07/10/2018)

An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report outlined the thesis for investing in this emerging biotech.


EpiPen Rival Lands Major Partner (07/03/2018)

An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report explains the deal, which concerns a new single-dose epinephrine injection for severe allergic reactions.


Target Price Increased on Biotech After Q2/18 Revenue Record, Beat (07/03/2018)

A Maxim Group report explained the likely reasons behind revenue growth for the firm, which produces media used in development of cell therapies.


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