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Phase 2 Data from Potential Multibagger Biopharma 'Checks All the Boxes' (09/30/2019)

The latest clinical trial results are dissected in a ROTH Capital Partners report.


U.S. Biotech Rolls Out New Brachytherapy Delivery Tool Used for Prostate Cancer (09/30/2019)

The system, target markets and the marketing campaign for it are discussed in a Dawson James Securities report.


Dova Pharma Shares Rise 38% on Swedish Firm Takeover Offer (09/30/2019)

Shares of Dova Pharmaceuticals opened 38% higher today on news that the firm will be acquired by Swedish Orphan Biovitrum. The deal is reportedly valued at $915 million or $29/share.


Aravive Shares Rise on Positive Patient Data from Phase 1b Ovarian Cancer Study (09/27/2019)

Shares of Aravive Inc. are trading higher after the firm posted positive data from the initial 12 patients enrolled in the Phase 1b portion of its study of AVB-500 used in the treatment of ovarian cancer.


Marinus Pharma Shares Open Up 41% on Phase 2 Epilepsy Trial Results (09/26/2019)

Marinus Pharmaceuticals reported positive top-line results for ganaxolone in its Phase 2 refractory status epilepticus trial with all patients achieving the primary endpoint.


Shares Rise as The Medicines Company Reports Positive Topline Results from Two Phase 3 Cholesterol Trials (09/25/2019)

The Medicines Company's shares are trading 8.5% higher today after the firm reported positive results from two phase 3 studies for inclisiran, one for familial hypercholesterolemia, which leads to high levels of LDL-C, and one for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.


PhaseBio Shares Are on a Tear After Reporting Phase 2a Trial Results (09/25/2019)

The clinical-stage biopharmaceutical stock surged more than 30% Wednesday following a report that PB2452 caused immediate and sustained reversal of ticagrelor in older and elderly subjects.


Analyst: Acquisition by Colorado-Based Specialty Pharma 'Could Bolster Revenue 400%' (09/24/2019)

The benefits and terms of the agreement are outlined in a Ladenburg Thalmann report.


Ovid Therapeutics Posts Positive Data from Phase 2 Seizure Reduction Trial (09/24/2019)

Ovid Therapeutics' shares are trading 25% higher today after the company reported positive initial data from its ENDYMION soticlestat phase 2 trial for patients with developmental and epileptic encephalopathies.


Avadel Pharma Shares Up 30% Upon Acceleration of Phase 3 REST-ON Study (09/23/2019)

Avadel Pharmaceuticals' shares are trading 30% higher today on news that the FDA agreed to reduce the sample size required for its Phase 3 REST-ON study, accelerating its completion by year-end 2019.


Cannabis Company Expands Operations with New Plant (09/20/2019)

The firm will use this second manufacturing facility only for making reagents.


Mobile Health, Telemedicine Solutions Firm Lands Five New Clients (09/20/2019)

With these new contracts, the Vancouver-based company continues to build its momentum in Texas.


Regeneron Reports Positive Phase 3 Dupixent Data; Gains EU Approval Recommendation (09/20/2019)

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals published positive results from two U.S. Phase 3 trials evaluating the safety and efficacy of Dupixent (dupilumab) in adults with recurring severe chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps. The European Medicines Agency's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use also adopted a positive opinion for Dupixent in a third indication.


Biopharma Reports Positive Data from Alcoholic Hepatitis Study (09/18/2019)

These results are from the recently completed clinical trial of the firm's lead drug candidate.


NCI Chooses Veterinary Biopharma as Select Manufacturing Contractor (09/18/2019)

The contract's meaning, terms and benefits and the California firm's near-term catalysts are discussed in an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


Alder BioPharmaceuticals Shares Surge 80% on Acquisition News (09/16/2019)

Shares of migraine treatment research firm Alder BioPharmaceuticals opened 84% higher today after the company announced that it has agreed to be acquired by H. Lundbeck for $1.95 billion.


Healthcare Company Rolls Out Patient App Access to Electronic Medical Records System (09/13/2019)

This is one way the Canadian firm is providing convenient, patient-centric service.


Fibrocell Science Shares Rise 60% on Acquisition News (09/13/2019)

Fibrocell Science's shares are trading up 60% today after the company announced that it agreed to be acquired by Castle Creek Holdings for $63.3 million, or $3.00 per share.


Moderna Shares Rise on the Release of Positive Results from Two mRNA Phase 1 Programs (09/12/2019)

Shares of Moderna Inc. traded up double-digits as the firm announced results from its Phase 1 CMV Vaccine Study as well as its Phase 1 data for mRNA-1944 encoding for antibody against the chikungunya virus.


Company Develops Cannabinoid-Measuring Process for Liquids (09/11/2019)

This proprietary method ensures the firm meets the requirements for its cannabis-containing beverages and oils.


Sanofi Pays Lexicon Pharma $260 Million to Settle Diabetes Drug Dispute (09/11/2019)

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals shares traded higher by more than 30% today after the company announced termination of its alliance with Sanofi SA and a $260 million settlement over its diabetes drug Zynquista.


Biopharma Makes Licensing Deal for Therapeutic Rights in Japan (09/11/2019)

The company's reasons for the transaction and expected short-term, stock-moving events are provided in a ROTH Capital Partners report.


T2 Biosystems Receives BARDA Contract to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance, Shares Up More than 88% (09/11/2019)

This healthcare diagnostics stock rose more than 88% on Wednesday following the award of a BARDA contract that could be worth up to $69 million.


Mallinckrodt Shares Up 60% as It Announces Sale of Unit (09/10/2019)

Shares of Mallinckrodt Plc are trading more than 60% higher today on news that the company is selling its CDMO subsidiary BioVectra Inc. to H.I.G. Capital for $250 million.


ACADIA Pharma's Shares Open 75% Higher on Positive Anti-Psychosis Drug Phase 3 Results (09/09/2019)

Shares of ACADIA Pharmaceuticals opened up 75% higher today after the company announced that its Phase 3 Study of pimavanserin for the treatment of dementia-related psychosis met its primary endpoint.


Technology License Triggers $10 Million Milestone Payment for Biopharma (09/09/2019)

This is the first of many such potential payments under the related agreement.


Neon Therapeutics Shares Are Flashing Brightly after Reporting Predictive Cancer Breakthrough (09/06/2019)

After announcing publication in the scientific journal Immunity that it had created a 61-fold improvement process for predicting cancer-specific antigens, Neon Therapeutics' stock has traded wildly today, up more than 46% at times on nearly 100-times average daily volume, but has since pulled back greatly.


FDA Accepts NDA for Global Blood Therapeutics' Sickle Cell Drug; Shares Up 14% (09/05/2019)

Shares of Global Blood Therapeutics are trading more than 14% higher after the FDA accepted its New Drug Application filing for Voxelotor, a drug used in the treatment of sickle cell disease.


Coverage Initiated on 'Biotech Machine' (09/04/2019)

The compelling reasons behind those descriptors are explored in a Dawson James Securities report.


Topline Results from Lipid-Lowering Trial 'Just What the Doctor Ordered' (09/04/2019)

The study data and their implications are provided in a BTIG report.


Fiscal Year 'Reads Well' for Regenerative Medicine Company (09/04/2019)

The firm's final quarter and full-year results are reviewed in a Ladenburg Thalmann report.


Ardelyx's Shares Soar 65% as Tenapanor Phase 3 Study Hits the Mark (09/03/2019)

Clinical-stage specialized biopharmaceutical company Ardelyx announced positive results today for its phase 3 AMPLIFY study for tenapanor aimed at improving treatment for cardiorenal diseases.


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