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Three Biotechs that Could Radically Change the Practice of Medicine Forever: Wasatch Analyst Jill Wahleithner
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (3/25/15)
Buyside analysts don't publish ratings and target prices for the public: Nearly all their notes, analyses and projections are top secret. However, in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Wasatch Advisors' Jill Wahleithner breaks that tacit rule. Wahleithner, a former big pharma scientist, identifies three unusual biotechs with advanced therapeutic technology platforms that could turn the tide against conditions that have plagued humankind for eons, and the potential returns on investment matches the potential to completely and radically change the practice of medicine forever. More >

Edward Lanphier

How ARM's Edward Lanphier Is Fighting for Cell Therapy Cures that Save Patients and Portfolios
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (3/19/15)
Stem cell, gene therapy and genetically modified cell therapy companies have begun to attract serious capital from investors who understand biotechnology and have the wherewithal to move products into the clinic and into the market. But battles still loom on the political and reimbursement front. Edward Lanphier, founder and CEO of Sangamo BioSciences Inc. and current chairman of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, sees near-term milestones on the horizon, as well as additional inflows of validating capital from prominent investors. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lanphier describes upcoming milestones and share-moving catalysts, some of which will be revealed at ARM's Regen Med Investor Day. More >

Keith Markey

Five Stocks Griffin Securities' Keith Markey Thinks Could Double or Triple
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (3/11/15)
For Keith Markey of Griffin Securities, the science is paramount. Without understanding the underlying basis for activity, safety and efficacy, there's just no betting on a biotech stock. Over the last 25 years Markey has seen nearly every type of biotech success and failure, and it has made him take a hard, discerning look at every new name that comes his way. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Markey brings investors five technologically advanced biotech stocks, each with the potential to double, triple or do even better. More >

Alan Leong

How Alan Leong of BioWatch News Keeps Successful Biotech Investing Simple
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (3/4/15)
Biotechnology can be daunting to comprehend, but understanding is critical to successful investment. BioWatch News Founder Alan Leong has a nose for growth names, and his goal is to make their technology platforms clear to investors who might not be able to make sense of peer-reviewed scientific literature but want the big upside that science promises. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Leong brings seven micro-cap names with massive potential to investors' attention. More >

Pnina Fishman

One Target with Multiple Shots on Goal: Can-Fite BioPharma CEO Pnina Fishman
The target is a single receptor found only on abnormal cells—cancer cells and cells responsible for inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis. The weapon is a platform technology developed by Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd. under the guidance of Scientific Founder and CEO Pnina Fishman and her team. The company is developing an arsenal of therapies approaching the final stages of clinical trials, and in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Fishman describes the catalysts and candidates that make Can-Fite a strong bet for investors. More >

Michael Higgins

How to Beat the Herd Mentality: Highline's Michael Higgins
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (2/25/15)
Michael Higgins of Highline Research Advisors believes it is absolutely vital for a sellside biotech analyst to understand what's going on outside the sector, because no stock lives on an island. The most fabulous fundamentals in the world won't propel a stock against powerful global or industry-wide headwinds. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Higgins, an industry veteran, discusses his methods of finding winning plays in the biotech space, and selects three names that could spike the punch in your portfolio. More >

Geert Kersten

CEL-SCI Corp.'s Novel Immunotherapies Set Sights on Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders and Infectious Diseases
Source: Dan Levy of The Life Sciences Report  (2/19/15)
Control and manipulation of the immune system is the underlying basis behind vaccinations in the fight against dangerous infectious diseases, but using immunotherapies to treat cancers and autoimmune disorders has been limited. That paradigm is changing, and CEL-SCI Corp. is among the companies poised to bring immunotherapy into these disease spaces. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Geert Kersten, CEL-SCI's CEO, describes how his company's Multikine and L.E.A.P.S. platforms can be deployed, and how investors can turn an immunotherapeutic win into profit. More >

Stephen Dunn

Immuno-Oncology Promises Continued Wealth and Health: LifeTech Capital's Stephen Dunn
Source: Staff of The Life Sciences Report  (2/19/15)
Immuno-oncology—disabling cancer's defenses so that a patient's own immune system can seek it out and destroy it—took center stage in the drug development world in 2014. Stephen Dunn of LifeTech Capital believes that preeminence will continue in 2015, bolstered by new drug approvals, new targets and new combination immunotherapies that increase potency. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dunn outlines how companies large and small are leveraging these therapies, and where investors should look for opportunity in the sector. More >

David  Martin

Bloom Burton's David Martin Zeroes In on Under-the-Radar Biotech
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (2/12/15)
Biotechnology indices have been on a rapid ascent for three years, and 2015 appears to be off to the races as well. Bloom Burton & Co.'s David Martin has taken his seat in the grandstands, betting on specialty pharma and biotech companies based in Canada, where resource stocks have absorbed so much investment capital that many healthcare names have remained hidden and undervalued. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Martin highlights a group of companies with superior growth prospects and room to run. More >

Andrew McDonald

Capture Growth with Baskets of Biotechs: LifeSci Advisors' Andrew McDonald
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (2/5/15)
Andrew McDonald believes investors fundamentally underestimate the risk of investing in companies with drugs in development. To address the inherent hazards, McDonald cofounded LifeSci Advisors, which created the BioShares Biotechnology Clinical Trials and BioShares Biotechnology Products exchange-traded funds to limit risk. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, McDonald describes how funds can be designed to grow on product sales and data generated via milestones in clinical development, and also names four companies he's included in the two portfolios. More >

The Diabetes Economy: Miraculins Scouts for Worldwide Markets
Source: Taylor Thoen, BTV/The Life Sciences Report   (2/4/15)
While other diseases catch headlines and media attention, diabetes has crept quietly into a full-blown, worldwide pandemic. With the Scout DS®, Winnipeg-based Miraculins Inc. is on the leading edge of medical innovation with the world's first noninvasive retail screening test for diabetes. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Miraculins President and CEO Christopher Moreau explains how the company is poised to expand into multiple markets to meet a desperate need for diabetes screening in North America and around the world. More >

Watchlist Analysts Forecast Continued Blue Sky for Biotech Industry
Source: Tracy Salcedo-Chourré of The Life Sciences Report  (1/29/15)
For the last two years the biotech sector has experienced market-beating gains, even taking into account the industry-wide hiccup in early 2014. Can this trend continue? The five analysts who selected names for The Life Sciences Report's 2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist spend their days considering this question; it comes into play with every recommendation they make. The topic came up in various contexts during the Watchlist panel at the 2015 Biotech Showcase: Here are four factors investors should consider as they move into 2015. More >

The Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist 2015 Unwrapped: Who Are These Guys? And Why Are They Here?
Source: Tracy Salcedo-Chourré of The Life Sciences Report  (1/27/15)
At the Biotech Showcase 2015 in San Francisco, five biotech analysts examined the burgeoning small-cap life sciences marketplace and found every reason to believe its good health would continue into 2015 and beyond. The experts also sent investors who attended the panel discussion of The Life Sciences Report's 2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist home with a bundle of robust investment opportunities, including a few new names. Read on to see which companies made the list, and why. More >

Edward Stopke

Convert Catalysts into Profits: Sagient Research's Edward Stopke
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (1/22/15)
The biotech sector is teeming with companies racing to bring the hot new drug or therapy to the marketplace. But realistically assessing the therapeutic potential of pipeline products is the healthy approach for selecting a winner. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Edward Stopke of Sagient Research unveils his list of companies with catalytic moments in the making. More >

Harry Fleming

The Outpatient Surgery Business Rains Cash: Nobilis Health's Harry Fleming
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (1/22/15)
Nobilis Health Corp. has invented a genuine recipe for success: Provide outpatient surgical services with high profit margins and saturate a local consumer health market with advertising. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Nobilis' president Harry Fleming explains exactly how his booming firm's business model works—and why investors should take note of the new kid on the block. More >

Rohit Vanjani

Oppenheimer Analyst Rohit Vanjani's 2015 Pipeline: Pot, Pain, and Babies
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (1/15/15)
Building on another blockbuster year in specialty pharmacy and generics, Rohit Vanjani, a senior analyst at Oppenheimer & Co., has reason to be excited for 2015. Vanjani specializes in nurturing firms developing novel ways to treat some of humanity's most persistent medical problems, and in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, he describes some of the most promising therapies, and companies, in the life sciences sector. More >

Morrie Ruffin Michael Werner

Where Do Cures Reside? Morrie Ruffin and Michael Werner of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Think the Answer Is in Regenerative Medicine
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (1/8/15)
The practice of medicine is being transformed. The journey has been arduous, but revolutionary stem cell, gene and immunocellular therapies are rapidly moving toward pivotal milestones—and investors in the space should strap in for a rewarding joy ride. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine cofounders Morrie Ruffin and Michael Werner consider how new federal guidance might enable new standards of care in cardiovascular, neurologic and oncologic medicine, and offer a preview of next week's Biotech Showcase in San Francisco. More >

Daniel Pearlstein

Medical Marijuana Goes to Market: Daniel Pearlstein of M Partners
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (1/7/15)
Life sciences analyst Daniel Pearlstein of Toronto-based M Partners brings knowledge of the biotech sector and hands-on experience in the startup realm to understanding value and growth in small- and micro-cap life sciences companies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Pearlstein offers his perspectives on six Canadian biotech and specialty pharma names with different value propositions and the capacity to grow multiples of invested capital, including one company in the budding medical marijuana field.
More >

Steve Brozak John McCamant

Will Biotech Fire on All Cylinders in 2015?
Source: Tracy Salcedo-Chourré of The Life Sciences Report  (12/30/14)
Making predictions for the New Year may feel as productive as peering into a crystal ball. But in the life sciences, hard science and long experience back prognostication. The biotech market enjoyed a stellar 2013 and withstood a solid check in early 2014 before rebounding, essentially following the upward trend that most experts forecast. What is in store for 2015? The Life Sciences Report turned to newsletter writer John McCamant and WBB Securities' Steve Brozak for insight. More >

Jason Kolbert Christopher James

Cell Therapy 2015: With Maturity Comes Promise
Source: Tracy Salcedo-Chourré of The Life Sciences Report  (12/23/14)
A number of new and innovative medical paradigms are being explored by companies in the life sciences sector, with one of the front-runners being cell therapy—a disruptive technology that has, in the past few years, progressed out of preclinical studies and into clinical development. To learn more about the transformative promise of regenerative medicine, and what investors might expect from companies working in the sector in 2015, The Life Sciences Report asked analysts Jason Kolbert of Maxim Group and Dr. Christopher James of Brinson Patrick to discuss the advances that could generate robust returns on investment in coming years. More >

2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist Announced
Source: Staff of The Life Sciences Report  (12/18/14)
In its third year, The Life Sciences Report's 2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist currently includes 12 drug development companies selected by leading analysts in the sector. With catalysts on the horizon and pipelines that encompass a variety of indications and innovative platforms, these biotechs are primed to return multiples on investment. More >

Douglas Loe

Doug Loe: Canada Has Earned Its Spot in the Biotech All-Star Team Photo
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (12/18/14)
Biotech investors in the United States who overlook investment opportunities across the borders are missing out on huge opportunities, says Douglas Loe, healthcare equity analyst with Euro Pacific Canada. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Loe gives the Canadian life sciences industry an upbeat prognosis, and offers ideas on companies that could realize generous returns in the sector in 2015. More >

David Nierengarten

Wedbush Securities' David Nierengarten on Genetic Cures for Disease: Impossible Dream Come True?
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (12/11/14)
Clinicians like to speak in terms of "managing" disease. That term of art is an admission that, in most cases, they can't cure the serious problems confronting patients. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, David Nierengarten of Wedbush Securities explores gene therapies that actually correct an inborn mutation in human DNA, creating permanent change, actual cures and better lives for patients. It sounds beyond the reach of medicine. . .and therein lies the opportunity: Investors in gene therapy companies may capture serious returns on risk capital when the cure is attained. More >

Christopher James

Brinson Patrick's Christopher S. James: All Catalysts Are Not Created Equal
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (12/4/14)
Why do some good-news milestones cause stocks to languish, or even fall? Neurosurgeon Christopher James, managing director and senior biotechnology analyst at Brinson Patrick Securities, performs due diligence on stocks, in part, by connecting his clinical experience to the readiness of physicians and patients to adopt new therapies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, James gives real-life examples of catalysts and their effects, and highlights three strong biotech plays that could return multiples of invested capital. More >

Chen Lin

Rolling with Biotech's Regulatory Punches: Chen Lin
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (11/25/14)
Being temporarily burned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration can be a mixed blessing for a biotech with a good product in the pipeline. In an interview with The Life Sciences Report, Chen Lin, publisher of the investor newsletter What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling?, explains how to make money on biotech trades in sync with both the good regulatory news and the bad. More >

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