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Pharma Co. Secures $650M Strategic Financing
Source: Edward Nash  (5/16/24)
According to a Canaccord Genuity research note, Verona Pharma Plc. received a US$650 million strategic financing, which management believes will extend the cash runway beyond 2026 and fund the upcoming commercial activities related to the potential FDA approval of ensifentrine. More >

New COPD Drug Slated for Approval Decision This June
Source: Streetwise Reports  (5/15/24)
Ahead of the upcoming PDUFA date, several analysts recommend the biopharma behind this treatment as a Buy. Read on to learn why. More >

Pharma Stock Focuses on Successful Ensifentrine Launch
Source: Dr. Thomas Shrader   (5/15/24)
Verona Pharma Plc. is well positioned to launch its ensifentrine into the substantial market of nearly 9 million COPD patients, according to a BTIG Research note. More >

Pharma Stock Nears FDA Approval
Source: Andrew Tsai  (5/14/24)
According to a Jefferies & Co. research note, Verona Pharma Plc. is at the final stretch for its FDA approval. More >

Investor Conference Highlights New Strategic Directions for Addressing Opioid Crisis
Source: Streetwise Reports  (5/13/24)
Safe Supply Streaming has provided an update on Safety Strips, its recent acquisition. Read on for more about how this impacts the company's battle against the opioid crisis. More >

Tech Firm Eyes Market Expansion With Innovative Plug Tech
Source: Streetwise Reports  (5/9/24)
SKYX Platforms Corp. teams up with Ruee Appliances, blending innovative smart technology with robust manufacturing and financial support to tap into U.S., Chinese, and European markets. Read on to see why one technical analyst called the company's market "gigantic." More >

Breakthrough COPD Treatment Awaits FDA Approval, Promising Major Market Impact
Source: Streetwise Reports  (5/8/24)
Verona Pharma is poised for a pivotal breakthrough with its drug candidate, ensifentrine, potentially transforming COPD treatment pending an upcoming FDA decision. Read on for more.

More >

 McAlinden Research Partners

Critical Reforms Stuck in Congressional Gridlock
Source: McAlinden Research  (5/7/24)
McAlinden Research shares its thoughts on the current state of the cannabis market in light of recent legislative moves and two ETFs that may be impacted. More >

Medical School Renews Contract with Tech Co.
Source: Streetwise Reports  (5/6/24)
This move further validates the firm's Medical Education Suite. Discover why one analyst rates this healthcare-disrupting company as a Strong Buy. More >

Biotech Co. Positioned for Ensifentrine Approval, Analyst Says
Source: Andrew Tsai  (5/6/24)
According to a Jefferies & Co. research note, Verona Pharma Plc. has a 90-95% probability of success for PDUFA approval. More >

Pharma's Promising Path in COPD Treatment
Source: Streetwise Reports  (4/26/24)
As Verona Pharma releases more news surrounding its COPD treatments, analysts are taking notice. Read to see what Verona is doing in the pharmaceutical space and what three analysts have to say about this company's stock. More >

AI Healthcare Stock Has Bullish Setup, Expert Says
Source: Clive Maund  (4/22/24)
Technical Analyst Clive Maund reviews AI's charts and the recent influx of news to explain why he believes it is a Strong Buy. More >

PDUFA Date Coming Up for U.K. Biopharma
Source: Edward Nash  (4/22/24)
The company has a commercialization plan in place and is preparing further for approval, noted a Canaccord Genuity report. More >

Biopharma's New Drug for COPD Likely to be Approved
Source: Ram Selvaraju  (4/22/24)
Characteristics of the Buy-rated company's lead candidate make it "an intriguing commercial prospect," noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report. More >

New AI Solutions Set To Transform Medical Education and Clinical Practice
Source: Streetwise Reports  (4/19/24) AI Inc., a leader in artificial intelligence for healthcare education, has introduced two new tools for its Medical Education Suite (MES). More >

Analyst Says Pharma Co. Has No True Competitor
Source: Andrew Tsai  (4/19/24)
Verona Pharma Plc. recently is gearing up for a potential FDA approval of its twice-daily ensifentrine, according to a Jefferies & Co. research note. More >

LA Biotech's Lower Revenue Will Be Short Lived
Source: Dr. Jonathan Aschoff  (4/17/24)
While Ontrak Inc. may have had a loss in revenue in 2023, this will be short-lived, according to a Roth MKM research note. More >

Healthcare Co. Welcomes Possible AI Funding Effort in Canada
Source: Streetwise Reports  (4/9/24)
Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning healthcare company AI Inc. is using AI to positively disrupt the healthcare sector. Canada is planning to fund the industry in a big way. More >

Chen in Q2 2024: It's Silver, Again, as Precious Metal Breaks Out
Source: Streetwise Reports  (4/8/24)
After being bullish on silver for at least the last year, asset manager Chen Lin feels a little vindicated by the precious metal's recent two-year high. More >

Co. Adding 500 Patients to Its Mental Health Care Platform
Source: Streetwise Reports  (4/3/24)
This Canada-based health care technology firm is profitable and growing. Learn more about it here. More >

Analyst Encouraged by ON Gov's Decision To Sustain Fees
Source: Dr. Douglas Loe  (4/2/24)
CareRx Corp. will continue to receive funding for professional fees at the same levels as before for at least one more year, according to a Leede Jones Gable research note. More >

Biotech's Lawsuit With Eli Lilly Might Catalyze Stock
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/27/24)
Nektar Therapeutics has commenced a Phase 2b clinical trial evaluating its lead product candidate rezpegaldesleukin in patients with severe to very severe alopecia areata. In other news, Nektar has a lawsuit pending against Eli Lilly & Co. Read on to see what two experts have to say about this biotech stock. More >

AI Co. Funded To Develop AI Approach to Health Equity
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/27/24) AI Inc. announced it has been granted funding from The National Institute of Health (NIH) to create a "culturally sensitive AI approach" when it comes to receiving familial medical histories for patients. Read on to see the medical need for this type of service and why one technical analysts is optimistic about this stock. More >

AI Medical App Passes Standard Student Test
Source: Streetwise Reports  (3/26/24)
This software is one of a suite offered by this health care technology firm. Learn about its other products and the growing sector. More >

Healthcare Stock Has Reasonable Value Before Seasonal Profit, Analyst Says
Source: Dr. Douglas Loe  (3/26/24)
K-Bro Linen Inc.'s FQ23 financial data supported its Buy rating, according to a Leede Jones Gable research note. More >

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