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Anita Dushyanth

Three Biotech Investment Ideas that Disrupt and Diversify: Anita Dushyanth
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (9/25/14)
Good management. Promising therapies in the pipeline. Marketed products that bolster the bottom line. Investors crave these bread-and-butter qualities in small-cap biotech and medtech companies. Anita Dushyanth of Zacks Investment Research relies on the staples, but also looks for something special, something that disrupts. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dushyanth describes several small companies that have spiced up their offerings. More >

Hugh Cleland Stephen Ireland

Roadmap Capital's Hugh Cleland and Stephen Ireland: Due Diligence Rules in Biotech Investment
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (9/17/14)
Excellent diligence doesn't always mean you'll be saved from a nasty surprise. The nature of investing in biotech means assuming the risk that a therapeutic development program may fail. Roadmap Capital's Hugh Cleland and Stephen Ireland employ their combined financial expertise and biotech savvy to mitigate that risk. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cleland and Ireland share ideas on how investors might approach potential biotech investments without engaging a team of analysts. They also bring three potential high-return stocks to investors' attention, as well as one private name they anticipate will come to the public market soon. More >

Vernon Bernardino

Biotechs with Upside Possibilities Target Ebola and Liver Disease: MLV & Co.'s Vernon Bernardino
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (9/10/14)
Everybody knows that biotech ideas can become huge gainers for investors, but understanding the technology platforms, the unmet needs and the valuations can be daunting, especially in spaces where a number of players are developing products. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Vernon Bernardino of MLV & Co. brings some clarity and perspective to investors who could reap windfalls from small-cap names in which shareholder value has yet to be created and realized.
More >

Matthijs Smith

Six Innovative Australian Opportunities from Canaccord's Matthijs Smith
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (8/28/14)
Canaccord Genuity's man on the beat in Australia delivers the insider scoop on how biotechs Down Under are faring in the markets. Matthijs Smith reveals a world of great firms, new products and competitive buys in this interview with the The Life Sciences Report. His enthusiasm for his work—spotting opportunities that help people cope with illness and injury—is contagious, and could bring renewed vigor to investors' portfolios. More >

Yale Jen

Laidlaw's Yale Jen: Biotech 101 for Buyers and Sellers
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (8/28/14)
Former biotech consultant Yale Jen picked up a few tricks advising companies on their pipelines before he came to Wall Street as a sellside analyst. These days Jen, managing director and senior biotechnology analyst at Laidlaw & Co., advises institutional investors to own stocks with stories that are not yet well understood by the market. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Jen offers investors a handful of names for consideration, each of which has an exceptional value proposition and exciting growth prospects. More >

Jim Collins

Jim Collins: Five Names to Love from the LD Micro Conference
Source: Streetwise Reports' Special Situations Staff  (8/20/14)
The conference circuit can be a brutal one, with scores of companies vying for investor attention, but some vendor halls hold more opportunities than others. In this interview with Streetwise Reports' Special Situations, Jim Collins, author of The Portfolio Guru, shares his finds from the productive LD Micro Conference, an event he describes as a "micro-cap love-in." He details a quintet of investing opportunities, from areas as varied as deep-sea exploration support services, Wi-Fi energy delivery and drinks for kids. More >

William Plovanic

Medtech Shifts from High Gear into Overdrive: Canaccord’s William Plovanic
Source: Dan Levy of The Life Sciences Report  (8/19/14)
Rapid growth in the medical device industry and changes in the regulatory environment have propelled valuations in the medtech sector to the high end of the range. But new technologies create new investment opportunities. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, William Plovanic of Canaccord Genuity highlights investment opportunities in medtech companies with innovative products targeting high-impact areas such as obesity, diabetes and wound care. More >

Wedbush Securities' Liana Moussatos on the Art and Science of Picking Biotechs with Upside
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (8/18/14)
pillsben82Liana Moussatos of Wedbush Securities doesn't wait for the catalyst to strike. She, like other successful investors, picks her targets and takes profits earlier, while less sophisticated investors wait for the press releases. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Moussatos describes a group of biotech stocks rich with upcoming catalysts, and invites investors to sample what she expects will be exceptional profits. More >

Ram Selvaraju

Bring On the Orphans: Aegis Capital's Raghuram Selvaraju Lays Out a Winning Biotech Strategy
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (8/14/14)
For former drug researcher Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju, picking biotech stocks is both science and art. It's about understanding the competitive landscape and the mechanisms of drug action, and then making sure all the pieces fit together for a plausible investment case. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, the managing director and head of healthcare equity research at Aegis Capital lays out his growth hypothesis for companies—several targeting orphan diseases—that he believes will nurture portfolios. More >

Taking Stock of the New Normal: Mark Landy on New Growth Ideas for Biotech Investors
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (8/7/14)
Medical technology is intimately linked to regenerative medicine. You could say these industries have a thunder-and-lightning relationship—you can't have one without the other. Mark Landy, director of research for medical technology and regenerative medicine at Summer Street Research Partners, has staked out the intertwined sectors as his universe of coverage. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Landy discusses three companies with very distinct capabilities that could bring extraordinary rewards to investors who understand the value propositions. More >

Christopher James

Christopher James Turns a Clinical Eye on Biotechs with High Reward Potential
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (7/31/14)
A biotech analyst could play it safe, and stick with mid-, late- and commercial-stage companies that offer higher odds and decent returns on good news. Christopher James, on the other hand, recommends that investors willing to diversify their holdings and take on informed risk hold a short list of companies with huge potential. James, a senior analyst and managing director at Brinson Patrick Securities, is a neurosurgeon by training, and examines new platforms and proposed therapies with a clinician's eye. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, James turns that eye on three names with dramatic, paradigm-changing technology platforms that could energize portfolios. More >

ROTH Capital's Debjit Chattopadhyay: Marriage of Diagnostics to New Therapies Breeds Biotech Winners
Source: Dan Levy of The Life Sciences Report  (7/24/14)
pillsblack82Aging baby boomers face increased cancer risk, and growing numbers of obese and overweight Americans face metabolic disorders that could lead to cardiovascular disease. Debjit Chattopadhyay of ROTH Capital Partners recommends that biotech investors consider these trends when looking at portfolio options in the healthcare sector. A medical researcher turned biotech analyst, Chattopadhyay highlights several companies with unique diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. More >

Alan Leong

Tempering Insane Optimism with Due Diligence: Alan Leong on Niche Biotech Prospects
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (7/17/14)
Alan Leong has chosen to look for investments positioned in less obvious alcoves of the market. Interestingly, this concept could be a competitive advantage for retail investors. His niche markets include orphan, metabolic and animal companion medicine, as well as some less obvious indications for regenerative medicine. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, the CEO of biotech analysis company BioWatch News cites four unconventional biotech and specialty pharma names positioned to generate significant returns for investors. More >

Erez Raphael

Dial In on Diabetes Solutions with LabStyle Innovations Corp.'s Dario
Source: Tracy Salcedo-Chourré of The Life Sciences Report  (7/17/14)
Having a chronic disease like diabetes engenders a sense of isolation that hasn't been adequately addressed by technology until now. With Dario, LabStyle Innovations Corp. has created a device that not only provides vital medical information to a diabetic patient in real time, but also connects that patient to a community of care providers, family and online resources. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, LabStyle President and CEO Erez Raphael describes how the Dario software platform could provide sufferers of other chronic diseases with the benefits of real-time data and community as well. More >

Reni Benjamin

Turnaround Stories Lead Reni Benjamin's Biotech Front-Runners
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (7/10/14)
The biotech bull market is not over. That's the judgment of Reni Benjamin of H.C. Wainwright & Co., who predicts high quality data from a broad range of small- and mid-cap biotechs will move shares higher during the summer and especially in the fall. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Benjamin showcases names with powerful platforms and market winds to their backs, which he believes could vigorously multiply investor capital over the next 12–18 months. More >

Charles Duncan

Piper Jaffray's Charles Duncan Addresses Pot Shots
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (6/26/14)
Early-stage biotech is a risky investment, but some bets are safer than others. Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. is doing high-stakes experimental work in both preventive and therapeutic medicine, addressing HIV, cancers and pre-cancers. The company's lead clinical program is in Phase 2 and a data readout is imminent, which has made the stock both volatile and an easy target for critics. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Senior Biotechnology Analyst and Managing Director Charles Duncan of Piper Jaffray & Co. addresses some of the criticisms that overhang the stock. More >

John McCamant

Fire Up the Immuno-Oncology Powerhouses: John McCamant
Source: Editors, The Life Sciences Report  (6/19/14)
Forecasting when we'll have a cure for cancer remains beyond the predictive powers of researchers and investors. But forecasting the focus of the latest American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting was in the cards: Immuno-oncology took center stage. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Medical Technology Stock Newsletter editor John McCamant describes the excitement surrounding this rapidly evolving sector, and names big pharma and small biotech players conjuring potential game-changers. More >

Brian  Bloom

Stunning Potential for Upside in Canadian Biotech: Brian Bloom
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (6/12/14)
You may not have thought to look northward for biotech innovators, but Bloom Burton & Co. cofounder and President Brian Bloom can show you some truly hot Canadian companies with compelling skill sets and pipelines. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Bloom talks about his firm's upcoming conference and presents a detailed picture of four very interesting companies that could return doubles, triples or more. More >

Joseph  Pantginis

Shortage of R&D at Big Pharma Creates Demand for Small Biotech: Joseph Pantginis
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (6/5/14)
The recent pullback in biotech shares has not changed the time-tested theory of investing in small-cap drug development companies. Good or bad data will continue to move shares. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, ROTH Capital Partners' Senior Research Analyst Joseph Pantginis presents five biotech names with varying timeframes for market-moving data that could provide huge upside for investors willing to do some homework and understand the growth proposition. More >

Jason Kolbert

Focus on Catalysts to Cash In on Biotech: Jason Kolbert
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (6/4/14)
When progress is made in drug development, value is created. Investors recognize that progress by purchasing shares in companies when milestones—which act as catalysts—are met. The Maxim Group's Senior Managing Director and Head of Healthcare Jason Kolbert lives by catalysts, and urges his investor clientele to understand there is no other reason to buy a stock except in anticipation of new information that creates value. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Kolbert discusses six names that have immense regenerative power for portfolios. More >

Stephen Dunn

ASCO Abuzz About Immunotherapies: A Preview of the Latest in Cancer Therapy from Stephen Dunn
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (5/28/14)
Working in what is arguably the hottest sector in the drug development industry, biotech researchers continue to ferret out cancer's secrets. The premier event for those in the field is the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting, taking place in Chicago from May 30 to June 1. Participants have submitted abstracts for promising therapies in advance of the conference, profiling new compounds that could lead to better outcomes for patients and bolster the health of investment portfolios. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, LifeTech Capital's Stephen Dunn walks us through some of the highlights. More >

James West

Turn Solid Gold into Biotech Gold with James West
Source: Peter Byrne of The Life Sciences Report  (5/28/14)
The globe-trotting editor and publisher of The Midas Letter has decided to give his metal investments a breather, looking for new prospects in the life sciences space. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, James West points to low-hanging biofruit ripe for the picking. More >

Robert  Hariri

Harnessing the Power of Nature's Perfect Cells: Robert J. Hariri
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (5/22/14)
Neurosurgeon and serial entrepreneur Robert J. Hariri, founder, chairman and chief science officer at Celgene Cellular Therapeutics, describes how his businesses address some of the great unmet needs in medicine in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. Hariri also discusses the special nature and advantages of placenta-derived stem cells, and an elegant solution to the scourge of muscle wasting in late-stage disease and advancing age that could apply to treatment of cardiovascular disease in the future. More >

Rohit Vanjani

The Naysayers Are Wrong: Rohit Vanjani on How You Can Make Money with Generics and Diagnostics
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (5/22/14)
The concept that generic and specialty pharmaceutical drugs cannot command pricing power and growth is a misunderstanding, according to Director and Senior Analyst Rohit Vanjani of Oppenheimer and Co. Diagnostics also offer upside to investors: In fact, some recent returns disprove misconceptions in a spectacular fashion. The secret to making excellent margins in generics is to find markets where a vacuum has been created and product safety can be assured. The trick with diagnostics is to offer new tests that save steps, increase accuracy and reduce the burden on payers. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Vanjani discusses three names that fit the bill for investors seeking powerful growth in not-so-obvious sectors. More >

Christopher James

Think Like a Brain Surgeon: Dr. Christopher James Offers Fresh Perspectives on Six Exciting Biotechs
Source: George S. Mack of The Life Sciences Report  (5/15/14)
New perspectives on well-followed biotech stocks are greatly appreciated. That's what we get here from Managing Director and Senior Biotechnology Analyst Christopher S. James M.D. of Brinson Patrick Securities. Something else that's treasured is discovering a brand-new biotech stock that no other analyst is covering. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, James ushers readers to the head of the line to look at a new and exciting name with an extraordinary technology and phenomenal prospects for growth. More >

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