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Ronald Day

As Nitric Oxide Comes Off Patent, Lower-Cost Options for Life Saving Drug Becoming Possible
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/22/18)
Dr. Ronald Day, a pediatric cardiologist at the University of Utah, has been using nitric oxide to treat children with pulmonary hypertension. Now, with a court ruling invalidating much of a drug patent for nitric oxide, lower-cost options might become available. More >

Coverage Initiated on Developer of Brachytherapy Products for Cancer Treatment
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/22/18)
H.C. Wainwright & Co. analyst Jason Kolbert provided the rationale for investment in this company. More >

Biotech Marks Progress on Programs for Cancer, Infectious Diseases
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/15/18)
This firm, focused on immuno-oncology and infectious diseases including Ebola and Zika, is moving forward on a variety of fronts, according to a Maxim Group analyst. More >

Biopharma Signs Multimillion-Dollar Deal for Key Products in China
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/8/18)
An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report reviewed the arrangement. More >

U.S. Medical Device Firm Pursues ISO 13485 Certification
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/1/18)
With this move, this company aims for fast-tracked regulatory approval for its nitric oxide delivery system. More >

Cash Stream from Licensing Deal to Help Biopharma Advance Lead Drug
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/1/18)
A Laidlaw & Co. report discussed this firm's revenue and near-term, clinical catalysts. More >

Biotech Releases White Paper on Alzheimer's Disease Candidate
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/1/18)
A company focused on treatment of neurodegenerative diseases has issued a white paper discussing its lead candidate. More >

Interim Readout for Pharma Trial 'Delivers Home Run'
Source: Streetwise Reports  (7/31/18)
An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report discussed the implications of data indicating "overwhelming evidence of efficacy" for this company's nonantibiotic anti-infective for treatment of catheter-related bloodstream infections. More >

Biopharma Releases New Antibiotic in the US for Complicated UTIs
Source: Streetwise Reports  (7/24/18)
A LifeSci Capital report reviewed why uptake of a drug that targets complicated urinary tract infections could be significant and swift. More >

Australian Regenerative Medicine Firm 'Lands a Great Partner in China'
Source: Streetwise Reports  (7/22/18)
A Maxim Group report reviewed the deal between the two companies. More >

Ron Struthers

Cannabis Firm Targets Sexual Health and Wellness
Source: Ron Struthers for Streetwise Reports  (7/17/18)
California, with nearly 40 million residents, offers a cannabis market as large as the whole of Canada, says Ron Struthers, editor of Struthers Resource Stock Report. He believes that companies that have a road into California will gain early traction, and he profiles one such firm. More >

Cell Therapy Company and Chinese Firm Sign Marketing Deal
Source: Streetwise Reports  (7/15/18)
This biotech, in Phase 1 development of regenerative technologies addressing skin and orthopedic indications, has finalized a commercialization deal with YOFOTO. More >

Preclinical Data for Alzheimer's Therapy to Be Presented at AAIC
Source: Streetwise Reports  (7/11/18)
A poster outlining data from this company's lead candidate, which targets toxic oligomers identified as a potential cause of Alzheimer's disease, will be presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC). More >

Study Shows Biopharma's Lead Drug Mediates T Cell Tumor Infiltration
Source: Streetwise Reports  (7/10/18)
An Echelon Wealth Partners report discussed this firm's stock performance and how a recent clinical trial update impacted it. More >

Coverage Initiated on 'True Original' Using RNAi to Enhance Cancer Immunotherapy
Source: Streetwise Reports  (7/10/18)
An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report outlined the thesis for investing in this emerging biotech. More >

EpiPen Rival Lands Major Partner
Source: Streetwise Reports  (7/3/18)
An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report explains the deal, which concerns a new single-dose epinephrine injection for severe allergic reactions. More >

Target Price Increased on Biotech After Q2/18 Revenue Record, Beat
Source: Streetwise Reports  (7/3/18)
A Maxim Group report explained the likely reasons behind revenue growth for the firm, which produces media used in development of cell therapies. More >

Coverage Initiated on Biopharma with 'Opioid Sparing Solution for Post-Op Pain'
Source: Streetwise Reports  (6/27/18)
An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report highlighted the advantages, status and potential of this lead asset. More >

Immunotherapy Firm's Triple Combination Trial for Glioblastoma Sees First Patient Dosed
Source: Streetwise Reports  (6/27/18)
A Maxim Group note discussed the latest clinical endeavor involving a three-pronged approach targeting glioblastoma. More >

Candidates Targeting Parkinson's Disease and ALS Advance in Discovery Phase
Source: Streetwise Reports  (6/26/18)
This precision medicine company, focused on neurodegenerative diseases, has selected antibody candidates to advance into the final phase of discovery. More >

Coverage Initiated on Immunotherapy Developer with Phase 3 Lead Asset
Source: Streetwise Reports  (6/20/18)
A B. Riley FBR report provided an overview of this life sciences firm. More >

Transfusion Medicine Biotech Hits Target on Road to Commercialization
Source: Streetwise Reports  (6/20/18)
A BTIG report reviewed the news announced by this supplier of blood grouping reagents and control products. More >

Biotech Targeting Alzheimer's Disease Advances Toward Phase 1
Source: Streetwise Reports  (6/13/18)
Having secured a manufacturing partner for its proprietary antibody candidate, this precision medicine company charts progress toward a Phase 1 trial in Alzheimer's disease. More >

Biotech Releases 'Unequivocally Positive' Topline NASH Study Results
Source: Streetwise Reports  (6/13/18)
An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report relayed the highlights of the new trial data from this Israel-based firm. More >

Biotech Consolidates Shares in Preparation for NASDAQ Listing
Source: Streetwise Reports  (6/5/18)
A Canaccord Genuity analyst provided an update on this late-stage Canadian life sciences firm targeting metastatic breast cancer. More >

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