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Michael Hay has been with Sagient for more than seven years and has more than 11 years of experience in financial markets. He manages the BioMedTracker analyst team and serves as vice president at Sagient. He is also responsible for product development, corporate planning, and sales and marketing. Hay has consulted for numerous top-tier pharmaceutical companies on strategic decisions, as well as worked closely with top healthcare investment firms providing insight on investment and trading decisions. Hay's career in financial markets began at Thomson Financial in 2000. He reached the position of manager, capital markets intelligence, and was directly responsible for corporate client relationships within the technology sector. At Thomson he consulted for senior management regarding shareholder composition, financial markets and competitive positioning. Hay received a bachelor's degree in finance from University of Colorado, Boulder.

Recent Interviews

Eight Catalyst-Driven Biotechs Ready to Advance: Michael Hay and Jocelyn August (11/26/13) Investors are attracted to small- and micro-cap biotech stocks because their life cycles are filled with share-moving milestones. Michael Hay and Jocelyn August of Sagient Research handicap those milestones and calculate the probabilities that drugs in development will be approved and successful in the marketplace. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Hay and August set a table investors can be thankful for, naming companies with upcoming catalysts and real potential for upside.

The Life Sciences Report Watchlist 2013 (1/31/13) Which biotech companies will take off in 2013? To zero in on possible winners, The Life Sciences Report teamed up with Sagient Research to crunch the numbers for companies with potential catalysts on the calendar. The results were sent to experts who, based on their experience in the space, could determine which companies have the best chances for upward stock price movement. The result is the groundbreaking Life Sciences Report Watchlist 2013. In this exclusive article, you can follow the thought process that went into generating the short list, and learn more about the potential winners and what they are poised to accomplish in the next 12 months.

Special Report Reveals Biotech Stock Drivers: Michael Hay (7/26/12) Certain predictable dates and events bring profound effects to bear on biotech stocks. Michael Hay, vice president of Sagient Research Systems, successfully applies the art and science of important catalysts to predict when biotech stocks will move up or down. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Hay discusses his strategy and names companies that will produce meaningful gains for investors.

Recent Quotes

"ATHX's MultiStem phase 2 data are going to be very important for investors if the trial is positive for patients." (11/26/13) Athersys Inc. - The Life Sciences Report Interview with Michael Hay More >

"BDSI is quite an interesting company; we expect Bunavail to be approved." (11/26/13) BioDelivery Sciences International Inc. - The Life Sciences Report Interview with Michael Hay More >

"CPRX has a few programs in indications that are less crowded and do not have many successful treatment options." (11/26/13) Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Inc. - The Life Sciences Report Interview with Michael Hay More >

"CYTX's ADRC product has been approved for breast reconstruction in Europe." (11/26/13) Cytori Therapeutics Inc. - The Life Sciences Report Interview with Michael Hay More >

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