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Dr. George Zavoico, senior equity analyst at JonesTrading Institutional Services LLC, has more than 10 years of experience as a life sciences equity analyst writing research on publicly traded equities. His principal focus is on biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, specialty pharmaceutical, and molecular diagnostics companies. Previously, Zavoico was a senior equity research analyst in the healthcare sector at MLV & Co., and an equity analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald and Westport Capital Markets. Prior to becoming an equity analyst, Zavoico established his own consulting company serving the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, providing competitive intelligence and marketing research, due diligence services and guidance in regulatory affairs. Zavoico began his career as a senior research scientist at Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., moving on to management positions at Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. and T Cell Sciences Inc. (now Celldex Therapeutics Inc.). Zavoico has a bachelor's degree in biology from St. Lawrence University and a Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Virginia. He held post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School/Brigham & Women's Hospital. He has published more than 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has coauthored four book chapters. He received The Financial Times/Starmine Award two years in a row for being among the top-ranked earnings estimators in the biotechnology sector.

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Companies Commented On

  • Abeona Therapeutics Inc.
  • ADMA Biologics Inc.
  • Agenus Inc.
  • Akebia Therapeutics Inc.
  • Applied Genetic Technologies Corp.
  • Array BioPharma Inc.
  • Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc.
  • DURECT Corp.
  • Evoke Pharma Inc.
  • Fate Therapeutics Inc.
  • FlexPharma Inc.
  • Galena Biopharma Inc.
  • Ignyta Inc.
  • Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Pain Therapeutics Inc.
  • Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Resverlogix Corp.
  • Sunesis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Threshold Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Verastem Inc.

Recent Interviews

Drug Pricing, Presidential Politics, and Three Biotechs with Promise (4/13/16)
drugmoney1000 (2) - 630.jpg

While the vagaries of the 2016 political season create uncertainty in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, companies are moving ahead with innovative cell therapies, gene therapies and new, safer ways to deliver addictive drugs, and investors find themselves in a position to play the development ideas with varying degrees of risk. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, George Zavoico of Jones Trading Institutional Services explores how the presidential race could affect the biotech industry, and explains the growth prospects of three biotech names that could strike gold.

How Three Companies Have Been Resurrected from Failed Clinical Trials: George Zavoico of JonesTrading (4/6/16)

Data can create or destroy the value of a biotech investment in an instant, but hitting or missing an endpoint doesn't always tell the story. For instance, Genentech's Herceptin (trastuzumab) is a blockbuster, bringing in $7.4B in revenue during 2015, but at one point investigators thought it was a complete failure. It took patience, time, additional capital and careful analysis of subpopulations of breast cancer patients to figure out that Herceptin would ultimately save many lives. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, George Zavoico of JonesTrading Institutional Services discusses the growth prospects of three biotech names that have been wrecked and left for dead, but could ultimately resurrect themselves from a misleading pile of rubble.

Panelists Select 19 Companies for the 2016 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist (12/15/15)

In advance of the Biotech Showcase 2016, The Life Sciences Report has once again solicited top analysts to provide the names of innovative biotech companies that investors should keep an eye on in the upcoming year.

Recent Quotes

"DRRX's new formulation of oxycodone, Remoxy, has made it very difficult for abusers to extract the active ingredient to get a concentrated hit of the pill's payload."

The Life Sciences Report with George Zavoico (4/13/16)
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"SNSS is going after registration for vosaroxin in the European Union."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with George Zavoico (4/6/16)
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"After seeing the complete data set from ASSURE and other studies of RVX-208, a lot of key opinion leaders are behind RVX's drug candidate."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with George Zavoico (4/6/16)
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"We expect to see reports on safety and efficacy from the first cohort of AST's cervical spinal cord injury trial starting sometime in Q2/16."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with George Zavoico (1/27/16)
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"Durable survival was reported in AST's small Phase 2 trial in acute myeloid leukemia."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with George Zavoico (12/16/15)
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"We are maintaining our Buy rating for AST."

— George Zavoico, JonesTrading (11/10/15)
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"We are initiating coverage of AST."

— George Zavoico, JonesTrading (10/8/15)
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"INO has a broad platform that includes an IL-12 DNA vaccine and other DNA vaccines for both cancer and infectious diseases."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with George Zavoico (6/24/15)
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"We are raising our price target for OMER."

— George Zavoico, MLV & Co (2/18/15)
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"THLD's Phase 3 soft tissue sarcoma trial is likely to play out with topline results by Q3/15 or Q4/15."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with George Zavoico (1/27/15)
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"Our view [is] that THLD's TH-302 is a platform in a single drug."

— George Zavoico, MLV & Co (12/19/14)
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