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Richard Huebner is senior managing partner at Denver-based GVC Capital and a member of the firm's Commitment Committee, which makes the final decisions on all the banking deals. Huebner joined GVC Capital in October of 2001 in a management capacity to plan and facilitate its growth. He has been in the securities industry for nearly 30 years. His experience includes serving as general counsel for Hanifen, Imhoff Inc. from January 1984 through September 1995. While at the firm, he served in numerous positions, including executive vice president, director and member of the executive committee of Hanifen, Imhoff Holdings Inc. In 1995, Huebner became an executive vice president, director and member of the executive committee of Hanifen, Imhoff Clearing Corp., which was sold to Fiserv Inc. in December 1997. He continued in those capacities for Fiserv Correspondent Services. Huebner received a bachelor's degree in economics and business administration from Hastings College, and a juris doctorate from the University of Nebraska.

Recent Interviews

Biotech Micro Caps Offer Promise of Mighty Returns: Dick Huebner (4/25/13) Dick Huebner knows what he wants. He's looking for biotech companies that can make it very big from a near zero-base valuation. We're talking low-end micro caps that bring a lot of risk to the table, along with the opportunity for major gains. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, GVC Capital's senior managing partner profiles three publicly traded life sciences stories that could produce generous windfalls for investors, and a private firm about to go public that promises to do the same.

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"MSLP was growing very fast, and it had significant events that made it possible for us to raise $12M for it." (4/25/13) MusclePharm Corp. - The Life Sciences Report Interview with Richard Huebner More >

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