Stellar Biotechnologies Inc.

Stellar Biotechnologies is the world leader in sustainable manufacture of keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH). The company serves the growing demand for this essential molecule and is focused on applying its expertise to targeted therapeutics and immunodiagnostics. The company was founded to address the urgent need for sustained commercial-scale supplies of high-quality keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) and has developed leading practices, facilities and proprietary capabilities to address this need. Stellar Biotechnologies has generated important intellectual property that relates to aquaculture technologies, spawning, selection and maintenance of the limited natural source of Megathura crenulata, an important pharmaceutical material, as well as processing, purification and engineering of specific stabilized formulations of this valuable protein. Stellar has generated revenue since 2001 and its customers and partners include multinational pharmaceutical companies, world-renowned laboratories and research centers, as well as biotechnology companies and vaccine developers.

Expert Comments:

"I follow Stellar Biotechnologies Inc., which produces keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH). This carrier protein is being evaluated immune modulating agent in a number of vaccine trials. . .what is unique from a Stellar perspective is that the company has on-land aquaculture. It is producing a very consistent KLH product from the keyhole limpet animals, whereas others rely on harvesting those animals from the ocean. There are only a few spots in the world off the coast of California where you could do that. And there's a lot of variability in the KLH product by harvesting off the ocean floor whereas Stellar does it in a very consistent, very reproducible process. Part of the challenge with KLH is that it's such a big protein that you can't make a recombinant KLH, which is why you need the sophisticated aquaculture facility that only Stellar has to generate sufficient quantities to make a reproducible ingredient that could be used for vaccines. . .what drives Stellar ultimately is its partners. As its partners grow, so should Stellar by being the KLH supplier to the companies. As far as I know, no one else can supply KLH at the quality and the quantity that Stellar can, but it is tied to the success of its partners. We're looking for data from those groups. " read more >

Jason McCarthy, Maxim Group (12/16/16)
"Stellar Biotechnologies Inc. reported fiscal year end results with KLH revenue of $1.24M and operating expenses of $6.2M for a net loss of $5M. The company ended the year with $11.5M in cash, sufficient runway into 2018. . .Stellar's partners like OBI Pharma, Neovacs and Araclon are expected to advance their KLH-based therapies to later stage trials in 2017. . .continue to follow the partners; as they advance clinically, Stellar stands to be the beneficiary as the KLH supplier. As a vaccine backbone, we continue to believe that KLH is an ideal choice particularly when the desired immune response is humoral (antibodies)."

Jason McCarthy, Maxim Group (12/2/16)
"Stellar Biotechnologies Inc. is supplying KLH to multiple companies for the development of therapeutic vaccines (active immune therapy) for indications including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, lupus, and Alzheimer's disease (despite recent adverse events in the space). Thus, any one company's success flows through to Stellar."

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