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Reliq Health is a digital health company that provides innovative SaaS solutions to the $100 billion Virtual Care market. Reliq's proprietary iUGO Care platform supports Remote Patient Monitoring, Telemedicine, Chronic Care Management, Transitional Care Management and Behavioral Health Integration. The company has over 50 clients in the US, Australia and Canada. Reliq expects to achieve cash flow positive in Q1 2021 and profitability in Q2 2021, with gross margins over 75% and EBITDA margins over 45%.

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Co. Expands Telehealth Contract to New State

Reliq Health Technologies Inc. announced that a large U.S. health group has expanded its contract with the telehealth company to cover facilities in a new state. Read why one analyst thinks the stock is a Buy.

Co. Adding 500 Patients to Its Mental Health Care Platform

This Canada-based health care technology firm is profitable and growing. Learn more about it here.

Telehealth Co. Adding Thousands to Large Contract

Reliq Health Technologies Inc. has signed a contract expansion with a large U.S. health plan, possibly adding as many as 50,000 new patients to its iUGO telehealth platform.

Contracts Add Thousands of Patients to Telehealth Platform

Reliq Health Technologies Inc. says it has signed new contracts with 10 physician practices in three states to add thousands more patients to its iUGO telehealth platform.
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New Contract Adding Thousands of Patients to Telehealth Platform

This telehealth company has signed a contract with a physician network to add as many as 100,000 patients to its platform. Find out why the CEO says it is in a period of rapid growth.

Telehealth Co. Signs Contract With Client in Eight States

This telehealth company has signed a new contract for its remote patient monitoring platform to be used by a leading healthcare company with dozens of locations in eight states.

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Expert Comments:

SADIF Investment Analytics

"Reliq Health Technologies Inc. has a bright prospect. . .the company has fair financials and good earnings quality. . .the current market sentiment in relation to Reliq is positive with favorable technical indicators. . .we expect it to be a good long-term investment that is likely to deliver long-term returns."

SADIF Investment Analytics

"Reliq Health Technologies Inc.'s stock has been upgraded to Above Average from Average. . .the company has fair financials and good earnings quality. . .when compared to its closest competitor, Reliq shows greater undervaluation and is more likely to outperform the market."

Jefferson Research

"For Q1 FY23, valuation at Reliq Health Technologies Inc. suggests a lower amount of price risk. . .the company's balance sheet rating improved during the quarter on strengthening liquidity."

Jefferson Research

"The valuation for Reliq Health Technologies Inc. suggests a lower amount of price risk. . .a favorable valuation implies lower potential downward price risk that is evidenced by a company price multiple that is lower than the corresponding sector average. . .the balance sheet rating improved during Q1 FY23 on strengthening liquidity."

Clive Maund,

"Reliq Health Technologies Inc. still looks good here and in fact is at another Buy spot as it is starting to break out of a completing bull flag that has formed over the past couple of weeks. . .a breakout from the flag should lead to a rally of similar magnitude to the one preceding the flag. . .this is a good point to add to positions or make fresh purchases."

headshot of Dr. Douglas Loe

Dr. Douglas Loe, Leede Jones Gable

"Ontario-based Reliq Health Technologies Inc. is sustainably adding new clients for its iUGO Care platform in recent months, and just this morning added 50 new nursing home clients in Florida to its network, adding 5,000 patients per month (and so 60,000 patients per year) to its client base. . .the company will provide transitional care management to newly discharged patients at a rate of $60/month and remote health monitoring at a slightly higher rate of $65/month thereafter, at 75% gross margin."

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5/17/2024 – Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. Announces Expansion of Contract with a Large US Healthcare Group to add over 30,000 New Patients to iUGO Care

9/7/2022 – Reliq Health Technologies Inc. Announces New Contract in Florida to Onboard over 50,000 Patients

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