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Biopharma Hits Milestone in Starting Enrollment for NASH Clinical Trial (03/30/2019)

The company will discuss the trial when it hosts a conference call about this specific disease indication in April.


Firm Signs Paid Pilot Agreements to Test Telemedicine Platform in 5 States (03/30/2019)

With this development, the Canadian company further expands its U.S. footprint.


Biopharma's Early Data Show Immunotherapy's Efficacy in Ovarian Cancer (03/30/2019)

The "encouraging" data for this drug candidate as a monotherapy is the focus of an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


California Gold Entering High-CBD Content Hemp Seed Market in the U.S. (03/28/2019)

Peter Epstein of Epstein Research profiles a gold company that plans to grow hemp seed on its land.


Premier Health Group Adding Medical Cannabis Support Tool (03/27/2019)

This clinical decision support software integration is the first of its kind, according to the company.


San Diego Biopharma Features 'Strong and Balanced Pipeline' (03/26/2019)

An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report discussed what sets this company's asset apart from similar products.


Dosing Begins for California Biopharma's Proof-of-Concept Trial in Plaque Psoriasis (03/25/2019)

This U.S. study follows encouraging results from a Phase 1b trial in the same indication in Australia.


Biotech Stresses Need to Target Only Toxic Oligomer in Alzheimer's Therapies (03/25/2019)

The company cites the recent discontinuation of other firms' clinical programs as proof.


Now Cashed Up, Biopharma to Advance Cholesterol-Lowering Therapy (03/23/2019)

A ROTH Capital Partners report reviewed this New Jersey firm's plans for its lead asset.


Several Data Catalysts Expected in 2019 for 'Underappreciated Story' (03/22/2019)

An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report discussed what those are and why they could impact the biotech's valuation.


Rare Diseases Biotech Provides Opportunity (03/21/2019)

A ROTH Capital Partners report discussed why the stock price is at its current level and noted upcoming catalysts for the company.


Tech Firm to Offer Solution to Inefficient, Expensive Health Clinic Business Model (03/20/2019)

The company will roll out virtual, remote medical services to change how primary care practices are run.


Biopharma Expected to Bring 'Two First-in-Class Antibiotics to Market in 2019' (03/19/2019)

The likely timelines for approval and commercialization of each drug are discussed in an H.C. Wainwright report.


Cannabis Firm Announces Brand for Recreational Aficionados (03/19/2019)

This Canadian company intends to next launch a marketing campaign for the new product suite.


5 Small-Caps on Fund Manager Steve Palmer's Radar Screen (03/19/2019)

Steve Palmer, Founding Partner, President and Chief Investment Officer for AlphaNorth Asset Management, talks about a handful of companies in diverse industries that have his attention.


Antibody Therapeutics Developer to Present at March Alzheimer's/Parkinson's Conference (03/19/2019)

The biotech was selected to discuss its antibodies that selectively target toxic forms of alpha-synuclein.


Health Tech Firm Completes Enrollment for Female Sexual Function Trial (03/15/2019)

A Ladenburg Thalmann report reviewed the study design and purpose.


Disruptive Delivery Company Signs Deal for Cannabis Distribution (03/15/2019)

Technical analyst Clive Maund discusses both the fundamentals and technicals for this company that just signed a cannabis distribution agreement with a Vancouver-based retailer.


Logistics Firm Moves Further Toward Becoming 'Uber of Cannabis for Canada' (03/14/2019)

This company forges partnerships with cannabis companies to deliver, within an hour, their products to customers.


Tech Firm Launches Augmented Reality Showcase for Legal Cannabis Products (03/14/2019)

The new platform promises to provide a unique e-commerce experience in the legal cannabis industry, combining customer education and support for online transactions.


Marijuana: Up in Smoke (03/13/2019)

Sector expert Ron Struthers takes a look at a spectrum of cannabis companies, including one company that's gone from a high to a downer, a sector leader, and a firm that promotes CBDs as good for sex.


Analyst: Biotech to Have 'Eventful Year' with Data Readouts in Three Indications (03/12/2019)

This California company expects results from clinical trials in liver disease and psoriasis in 2019.


Large US Market Now Open to Livestock Feed Antibiotic Replacement (03/11/2019)

Proprietary OxC-beta livestock feed supplement can supplant the need for maintenance antibiotics.


Coverage Initiated on Cancer Vaccine Firm (03/09/2019)

An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report explained the reasons for its "bullish view" on this California-based life sciences company.


Coverage Initiated on Producer of Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol Products (03/09/2019)

A ROTH Capital Partners report presented the reasons for investing in this company.


Augmented Reality and Healthcare Tech Firms to Collaborate (03/08/2019)

The companies aim to combine their expertise to co-create immersive and compelling instructive medical tools.


U.S. Biotech Makes 'The Acquisition We Were Waiting For' (03/06/2019)

By tucking in this retinal gene therapy firm, the Massachusetts-based company gains assets and synergy.


Firm Launches App to Help Physicians Provide Virtual Counseling (03/05/2019)

This new initiative combines emerging technologies and human skill-based expertise.


After Financing Close, Biotech's Subsidiary to Operate Independently (03/05/2019)

An H.C. Wainwright & Co. report explained the purpose of the funding and how any resulting developments would positively impact the former parent company.


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