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Drug Candidate Repairs Motor/Sensory Function in Stroke (07/29/2022)

Shares of NervGen Pharma Corp. traded 28% higher yesterday after the company reported that, in a landmark pre-clinical animal study, its NVG-291-R demonstrated significant functional repair to damage from ischemic stroke seven days following the event.


Additional Study Review Reveals Patients Coughed Much Less (07/28/2022)

A scientist at a junior biotech company recently conducted an additional review of the top line data from a Phase 2a study that used NP-120 to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and chronic cough — only to learn that it treated chronic cough far better than first thought.


Biotech Co. Granted New Patent for Breast Cancer Vaccine (07/27/2022)

Last Thursday, Anixa Biosciences Inc. announced that the USPTO granted an extension for the firm's patented breast cancer vaccine technology. H.C. Wainwright & Co. LLC advised that this action strengthens the company's IP portfolio and therefore it is reiterating its Buy rating on Anixa.


Biopharma Co. Signs Exclusive License Deal for Ricin Antigen (07/27/2022)

Shares of Soligenix Inc. traded 8% higher after the company reported it formed a strategic global partnership to supply SERB Pharmaceuticals with its novel ricin antigen for use in developing a therapeutic treatment against ricin poisoning.


Biomedical Firms Merger Makes Programming Cells Easier (07/26/2022)

Shares of Zymergen Inc. traded 16% higher after the company reported it agreed to be acquired by Ginkgo Bioworks Inc. in an all-stock transaction valued at $300 million.


Cancer Co.'s Price Target Adjusted After Reverse Stock Split (07/25/2022)

Late clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company Cellectar Biosciences Inc. very recently underwent a one for 10 reverse stock split. ROTH Capital Partners LLC advised that it has adjusted its forward projections for the firm and adjusted its 12-month price target to $40/share.


Radiotherapy Co. On-Track With Two Clinical Trials (07/24/2022)

Plus Therapeutics Inc. is developing novel radiotherapy treatments for several rare cancer targets including glioblastoma and leptomeningeal metastases. H.C. Wainwright & Co. advised in a research note that it is reiterating its Buy rating on the company as it expects that upcoming data from two key trials for the firm's RNL-based treatments could provide a major catalyst for the stock in H2/22.


Pro Athlete Benefits From Co.'s Wound Treatment Device (07/22/2022)

Shares of SANUWAVE Health Inc. traded 12% higher after the company reported it successfully treated legendary football player Jim McMahon Jr. with its ENERGY FIRST system.


Medical Device Firm Maintains Growth Momentum in Q2/22 (07/21/2022)

electroCore Inc.'s Q2/22 and H1/22 revenues are up quarter over quarter and year over year, respectively, and the upward trend is expected to continue through year-end 2022, noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


Amazon Makes $3.9B Bid for Virtual Primary Care Co. (07/21/2022)

Shares of One Medical traded nearly 70% higher after the company reported it agreed to be acquired by Amazon Inc. for $18.00 per share in an all-cash deal valued at $3.9 billion.


Biotech Co.'s Phase 3 Trial First to Get Grant (07/20/2022)

A revenue-generating junior biotech company based in the U.K. has become the first public company to be approved for a government grant to fund most of a Phase 3 study exploring the use of psychedelics to treat alcohol use disorder. It could be a catalyst for the share price.


Drug Repurposing Co. Provides Opportunity for High Rewards (07/20/2022)

Vancouver-based pharmaceutical development firm Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. recently reported topline data from a Phase 2a trial of ifenprodil in IPF patients with chronic cough that met its endpoint and demonstrated promising initial efficacy. Research Capital Corp. advised that it is maintaining its CA$25.00/share price target and "Speculative Buy" rating on the company.


Trial Results Show New Drug Improves Dry Eye Symptoms (07/19/2022)

These study data from Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc. solidified the therapeutic's path to filing a new drug application, potentially in Q3/22, noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


Biopharma Co. Looks to Expand New Drug Label Down the Road (07/18/2022)

ScPharmaceuticals Inc. just released topline results from a Phase 2 pilot study supporting the drug developer that is pursuing the expansion of its new drug label, noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


Healthcare Co.’s Psychedelic-Assisted Treatments Have ‘Blockbuster Drug Potential’ (07/15/2022)

Psychedelic-assisted therapy has shown in a clinical trial that it can help patients with alcohol use disorder (AUD) or alcoholism. One company hopes to bring its treatments to clinics throughout Europe and become the go-to standard of care for AUD.


Pharma Co. Reduces Mortality Rates by 70% in ALS Trial (07/15/2022)

Shares of Clene Inc. traded 38% higher yesterday after the company reported that its CNM-Au8 was shown to significantly decrease mortality in its RESCUE-ALS long-term extension trial.


Healthcare Co. Wants Share of $17.5B Addiction Treatment Industry (07/14/2022)

One healthcare co. is currently rated a Buy and is making a push for a share of the $17.5-billion addiction treatment industry after a recent study showed its psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy treatment showed a significant decrease in alcohol use, noted a Maxim Group equity research report.


Biopharma Co. Posts 17% BMI Reduction in Ph. 2 Trial (07/14/2022)

Shares of Rhythm Pharmaceuticals Inc. rose by over 30% after the company posted positive interim results from its Phase 2 clinical study of setmelanotide in hypothalamic obesity. The data shows that after 16 weeks of treatment with setmelanotide, patients experienced a 17.2% mean reduction in BMI and a mean weight loss of 15.8%.


Analyst Sees 'Attractive Long-Term Economics' for Healthcare Co. (07/13/2022)

One healthcare company with upcoming catalysts wants to take a share of the CA$6-billion alcoholism treatment market with its proprietary psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy treatments.


Three Analysts Like Healthcare Co.'s Upside (07/11/2022)

It is difficult to get three people to agree on anything, let alone three investment analysts. But that is precisely the case with one junior biotech company that has shown in a clinical trial that its ketamine-assisted therapy for alcohol use disorder (AUD) is three times more effective than the current standard of care.


Pharma Looks To Improve Potential Psychedelic Stroke Drug (07/11/2022)

Can a psychedelic compound help you heal after a stroke? This biopharmaceutical company hopes it can and plans to start Phase 1 trials this September.


New Drug Is Shown to Help Stopped or Reduced Bile Flow (07/10/2022)

Albireo Pharma Inc.'s positive Phase 3 trial results indicate the medication would afford patients clinical and quality of life benefits, noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


New DMD Drug Yields 'Compelling' Data (07/09/2022)

A statistical reanalysis of trial results from Sarepta Therapeutics Inc. shows improved patient function, noted an Oppenheimer report.


Amended Agreement to Benefit Two Biotech Firms (07/08/2022)

In the new arrangement between Beam Therapeutics Inc. and Verve Therapeutics Inc. each of the companies grants the other an exclusive license, one to a base editing target, the other to a gene delivery technology, noted a Wedbush report.


Co. Makes Financing Deals Around Two of Its Approved Drugs (07/07/2022)

The agreements include milestone payments based on future revenue from sales of the biopharma Blueprint Medicines Corp.'s therapies, noted a Wedbush report.


Strong Data Suggest FDA Will Approve New Lymphoma Drug (07/06/2022)

A green light is expected for the treatment after its developers submit a biologics license application for it, planned for H2/22, noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report.


The FDA Is Expected to Approve New Narcolepsy Drug (07/05/2022)

Avadel Pharmaceuticals Plc., the biopharma company behind this treatment, is currently undervalued and rated Outperform, noted an Oppenheimer report.


Laser Device Co. Gains FDA Approval for Next-Gen Catheter (07/05/2022)

Ra Medical Systems Inc. shares traded 36% higher after the firm reported it received U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for its DABRA 2.0 Catheter. The DABRA 2.0 is incorporated into the company's DABRA Excimer Laser System which is used by vascular surgeons in procedures to treat lower extremity and peripheral vascular disease.


Trial of New Alzheimer's Drug Slated for Early 2023 (07/01/2022)

The biotech behind this product candidate differentiates itself from competitors with its approach to developing selective antibody therapies, noted an Argus Research Co. report.


MedTech Co.'s Shares Maneuver Higher on Q1 Revenue Growth (07/01/2022)

Shares of personalized, member-focused healthcare solutions company Accolade Inc. traded 29% higher after the company reported financial results for Q1/23 highlighting a 44% YoY increase in revenue and significant improvements in adjusted gross margin.


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