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New Contract Adding Thousands of Patients to Telehealth Platform
Source: Streetwise Reports  (9/27/23)
This telehealth company has signed a contract with a physician network to add as many as 100,000 patients to its platform. Find out why the CEO says it is in a period of rapid growth. More >

Biopharma Co. Adds CTO to Team
Source: Francois Brisebois  (9/21/23)
This newest member brings with him extensive experience in protein development and manufacturing, noted an Oppenheimer report. More >

Trial Results Validate New Drug-Delivering Nasal Implant
Source: Matthew Caufield  (9/20/23)
This product candidate presents a compelling approach to treating post-surgery chronic rhinosinusitis patients, noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report. More >

Biotech Co. Makes Strides on Three Fronts
Source: Andrew Partheniou  (9/19/23)
This Canadian firm sold assets, launched an equity raise and filed a clinical trial application for its lead psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy program, noted a Stifel report. More >

Telehealth Co. Signs Contract With Client in Eight States
Source: Streetwise Reports  (9/13/23)
This telehealth company has signed a new contract for its remote patient monitoring platform to be used by a leading healthcare company with dozens of locations in eight states. More >

Telehealth Co. Expands Platform To Cover Pediatric Patients
Source: Streetwise Reports  (9/8/23)
This telehealth company is expanding its platform to cover remote monitoring for pediatric patients with diabetes and other eligible conditions. Find out why one analyst says this company's stock is gathering momentum. More >

Co. Reaches Major Milestone With Novel Drug
Source: Dr. Joseph Pantginis  (9/7/23)
The biopharma initiated enrollment of a targeted 420 patients for one of its Phase 3 clinical trials evaluating its new cardiac myosin inhibitor, noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report. More >

Cryoablation System Gets Approved in Brazil
Source: Dr. Yi Chen  (9/7/23)
The product developer expects to generate US$6.6 million in sales of this medical device in Brazil over the next five years, noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report. More >

After Seeing 86% Success Rate in Phase 2, Biotech Co. Moves to Phase 3 for AUD Treatment
Source: Streetwise Reports  (9/6/23)
Awakn Life Sciences has applied for Phase 3 of clinical trials after the success of Phase 2. Read on to see what this company plans for its flagship new drug. More >

 McAlinden Research Partners

FTC Settles Suit, Potentially Averting Further Hurdles
Source: McAlinden Research  (9/6/23)
McAlinden Research shares a deep dive into a market driver with alpha-generating potential. More >

Contract Adding Thousands of Patients to Co.'s Telehealth Platform
Source: Streetwise Reports  (9/5/23)
This telehealth company has signed a new contract with a Texas respiratory clinic that is expected to add 10,000 new patients to its iUGO platform by mid-2024. Read to see why one analyst believes this stock is a Buy. More >

New Vaccine for Chikungunya Shown To Be Safe in Youths
Source: Edward White  (9/1/23)
The company behind the vaccine plans to use the safety data to support approvals in the U.S., European Union and Brazil, noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report. More >

Approved Drug for Skin Condition Shown Safe at Higher Dose
Source: Dr. Jonathan Aschoff  (9/1/23)
Based on these positive Phase 1 trial results in actinic keratosis, the biopharma developer will seek label expansion in the U.S., noted a ROTH Capital Partners report. More >

Canadian Veterinary Co. Revenue Increased to CA$12.7 Million in First Half of 2023
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/31/23)
Grey Wolf Animal Health Corp. has announced the financial results of the last quarter. Read on to see why one newsletter writer believes this stock is worth looking into. More >

Catalyst Rich 12 Months Ahead for U.S. Biopharma Co.
Source: Scott Henry  (8/29/23)
Investors can expect to see new drug application filings, a PDUFA meeting outcome, clinical trial results and revenue stream additions, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report. More >

DNA Tech Co. Launches MRNA Platform and Files Two Patents
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/29/23)
This company has announced the general availability of its Linea IVT platform evaluation kits and the first kit shipment to an existing Linea IVT Template customer. It has also filed two provisional patent applications for its technologies to reduce the impurities and decrease manufacturing costs for mRNA therapies like some COVID-19 vaccines. Read to see what experts are saying about the stock. More >

FDA Approves New Oncology Drug for Clinical Trials
Source: Dr. Robert Driscoll  (8/28/23)
The first in-human trial of this investigative small molecule is expected to start in Q4/23, noted a Wedbush report. More >

Telehealth Co. Launches Monitoring Program for Acute Patients
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/18/23)
Reliq Health Technologies Inc. has launched a new post-discharge program for acute care hospitals on its iUGO platform and signed contracts in California, Florida, and Puerto Rico. More >

Co. Still Undervalued Post Solid Q2/23
Source: Scott Fortune  (8/16/23)
The multistate operator is on a growth trend and just raised its free cash flow guidance for the year, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report. More >

Med Tech Firm's Q2/23 Revenue Beats Target
Source: Scott Henry  (8/10/23)
The company is expected to gain greater market share in one segment of its business, warranting a price target increase, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report. More >

Telehealth Co. Inks Contracts With Rural Clinics in 5 States, Territories
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/9/23)
Telehealth company Reliq Health Technologies signs contracts with 20 new rural health clinics (RHCs) in California, Nevada, Puerto Rico, Texas, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. More >

Ron Struthers

The Bond Market Has the Blues, Oil Breaks to the Upside and Moderna to the Downside
Source: Ron Struthers  (8/7/23)
The long end of the bond market is starting to price in sticky inflation, and Ron Struthers of Struthers' Stock Reports expects interest rates to rise further. Higher energy prices will start adding to inflation again, adding to the problem. Moderna has broken down on the chart and will be reporting red ink in the next few years. Time to go short. More >

Biotech Co. An Attractive Investment
Source: Clive Maund  (8/4/23)
Technical Analyst Clive Maund reviews Awakn Life Sciences Corp.'s 26-month and year-to-date charts to tell you why he believes it is an attractive investment. More >

Telehealth Co. Continues To See Soaring Revenues
Source: Streetwise Reports  (8/2/23)
This telemedicine company just had its first profitable quarter, and now it could see revenues double twice over two fiscal years. More >

Co. Works to Strengthen Itself After Merger Ended
Source: Scott Fortune  (8/2/23)
Its efforts include restructuring debt and divesting assets, noted a ROTH Capital Partners report. More >

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