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'Safe Supply' Co. Secures Legal Flow of Coca Products
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/20/24)
This is a milestone for the venture capital firm investing in efforts that address the toxic drug crisis in Canada and the U.S. Learn more about the company and the latest wave of drug reform. More >

Alt-Pharma VC adds 7% Stake in Testing Strip Firm
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/15/24)
Alt pharma is hot these days, and few companies are coming in hotter than Safe Supply Streaming Co. Ltd., which just secured a 7% stake in a leading medical test company to expand its functional portfolio. More >

Ron Struthers

Cash Rich Biotech Could Win a Lawsuit With Lilly, Expert Says
Source: Ron Struthers  (2/12/24)
Ron Struthers explains how the cash value of this biotech is about $1.68/share and the stock is selling at around -58% discount to cash value. He also discusses a recent lawsuit with Eli Lilly. More >

Wellness Co. Preparing for US Legislation
Source: Bill Kirk  (2/12/24)
Wellness company Canopy Growth Corp. is taking steps forward while it waits for the U.S. to make legislative changes, according to a Roth MKM research note. More >

Drug Reformer Subsidiary Inspected for Dealer License
Source: Streetwise Reports  (2/2/24)
In a "transformative moment" for the company, a Safe Supply Streaming Co. Ltd. subsidiary has undergone an official inspection by Health Canada to acquire a dealer license to produce, distribute, and export controlled substances. More >

Leadership Cuts Won't Slow This Biotech
Source: Robert Burns  (1/26/24)
While three executive officers have been cut from Kronos Bio Inc., it is still a Buy, according to an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report. More >

Pharma Co. Primed for Future Business
Source: Dr. Andre Uddin  (1/25/24)
Analysts at Research Capital believe that Knight Therapeutics Inc. is primed to conduct future business development. More >

Healthcare Co. Exceeds Expectations in Performance
Source: Dr. Yi Chen  (1/24/24)
Sensus Healthcare Inc. released fourth-quarter financials that surpassed expectations, according to an H.C. Wainwright & Co. research note. More >

Innovator in Drug Policy Now Listed on the OTCQBA Venture Market
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/18/24)
Safe Supply Streaming Co. Ltd. Announced that it is expanding availability for potential investors. Read on to see why this stock might represent an opportunity as drug policy changes. More >

Pharma Co. Invests in Clinical Psychedelics
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/17/24)
ATAI Life Sciences N.V. has announced that it is investing in psychedelic treatments for Major Depressive Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder. Read on to see why one analyst likes this company's stock. More >

Money Manager: The Year of Small Caps?
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/16/24)
The president and chief executive officer of Toronto-based AlphaNorth Asset Management says his positive outlook on 2024 has not changed. In fact, it could be a great year for small caps. More >

Big Pharma's Looming Patents May Benefit One Biotech
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/10/24)
Pharma stocks took big hits in recent years as many of its largest companies saw a looming "patent cliff" that could dry out profits from their big cash-cow drugs. This may be good for smaller pharma companies like one stock, which was one of Chen Lin's top picks for 2024. More >

Biotech Co.'s Sales Could Grow To US$310 Million in 2028
Source: Edward White  (1/10/24)
Biotech Valneva SE announced that it had dosed the first participant in a Phase 2 pediatric trial evaluating its chikungunya vaccine candidate, according to an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report. More >

Telehealth Co. Adding Thousands to Large Contract
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/10/24)
Reliq Health Technologies Inc. has signed a contract expansion with a large U.S. health plan, possibly adding as many as 50,000 new patients to its iUGO telehealth platform. More >

2024: Chen Leads With Biotech After Picking 2023's Top Stock
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/5/24)
Asset manager Chen Lin was very happy with his picks from 2023, including one that ended up soaring 1,900%. See what the asset manager has lined up for the new year. More >

Ron Struthers

Market Correction and One Cash Rich Biotech
Source: Ron Struthers  (1/3/24)
In late December, Ron Struthers pointed out that the S&P 500 made a double top and showed numerous over-bought conditions, so a correction is expected. He also shared one biotech that has been whacked down way below its cash value. More >

Boston Biotech Could Have Blockbuster Sales
Source: Robert Burns  (1/3/24)
Tango Therapeutics may have "blockbuster potential," noted an H.C. Wainwright & Co. report. More >

Pharma Co. Gets First US Patent for Repurposed Drug
Source: Streetwise Reports  (1/2/24)
Clinical-stage pharmaceuticals firm Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc. has been issued a U.S. patent for the treatment of three related diseases with its investigational drug repirinast. More >

California-Based Pharma Co.'s Progress Offers Upside
Source: Dr. Swayampakula Ramakanth  (1/2/24)
While H.C. Wainwright & Co. lowered their price target, they still see upside for this pharmaceutical company. More >

Contracts Add Thousands of Patients to Telehealth Platform
Reliq Health Technologies Inc. says it has signed new contracts with 10 physician practices in three states to add thousands more patients to its iUGO telehealth platform. More >

Co.'s Breast Cancer Therapy Shows Encouraging Activity
Source: Emily Bodnar  (12/28/23)
BriaCell Therapeutics Corp.'s lead targeted cell therapy, when combined with the PD-1 inhibitor retifanlimab, achieved an exceptional 71% intracranial objective response rate treating brain metastases in advanced breast cancer patients, according to an H.C. Wainwright report. More >

Biotech Secures Additional Funding, Extending Cash Runway
Source: Ed Arce  (12/27/23)
Recently, Vera Therapeutics Inc. announced it had further strengthened its balance sheet by drawing down US$25 million in debt, bringing total cash reserves to US$159.9 million, noted H.C. Wainwright & Co. More >

Biotech Bolsters ADC Pipeline Through Atreca Asset Buy
Source: Dr. David Nierengarten  (12/26/23)
Biotech Immunome Inc. recently announced a purchase agreement with Altreca, noted Wedbush. More >

US Biotech's Anti-Fungal Wins European Approvals
Source: Ed Arce  (12/22/23)
Recently, Cidara Therapeutics Inc. secured European Commission (EC) approval for its lead anti-fungal candidate Rezafungin to treat invasive candidiasis infections in adults, noted H.C. Wainwright & Co. More >

Biotech Co. Reports Encouraging ALS Data but FDA Wants More
Source: Dr. Jonathan Aschoff  (12/21/23)
Salt Lake City-based Clene Inc. reported both encouraging clinical data and a regulatory setback for its ALS drug candidate CNM-Au8, reported Roth MKM. More >

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