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Sector Expert: Tory Williams

Image: Tory Williams

Tory Williams is a passionate stem cell advocate, author and cofounder of the Alabama Institute of Medicine (AIM), a nonprofit dedicated to funding regenerative research in the state of Alabama. She is also vice president and managing director of Sacred Cells Research Partners, a private company formed in 2013 to develop innovative treatments for chronic disease and injury through breakthrough cellular technologies and medical devices. Her nonfiction book Inevitable Collision puts a spotlight on the growing conversation surrounding stem cell research and regenerative medicine, and its implications for finding cures to debilitating conditions such as paralysis, diabetes, cancer, ALS and Parkinson's disease.

Recent Interviews

Alabama Institute of Medicine's Tory Williams Unites Patient Advocacy with Stem Cell Funding in the Deep South (4/29/15)

Stem cell research is controversial, little understood by both the public and the legislators who set the framework governing it. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Tory Williams of the Alabama Institute of Medicine describes how her patient advocacy group is working with research institutes to advance stem cell science and provide the early-stage funding and contacts that researchers and young companies need to grow and prosper.

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