Sector Expert: Geoff MacKay

Organogenesis Holdings Inc.

Image: Geoff MacKay

Geoff MacKay has served in his current leadership role at Organogenesis Inc. since December 2003. MacKay served in various leadership positions at Novartis AG, including vice president and business unit head of transplantation and immunology at Novartis Canada, vice president of tissue engineering in Novartis USA, head of global sales in immunology and transplantation based in Basel, Switzerland, and sales and marketing manager of Novartis Biotech Europe. MacKay has been involved in the emerging field of regenerative medicine for the last decade. He currently serves as chairman of the board of directors for the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, and as chair of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine.

Recent Interviews

What Will It Take for Stem Cell Companies to Close the Valuation Gap?: ARM's Chairman Geoff MacKay (4/16/13)

Naysayers may harp on the low market valuations of stem cell companies, but Geoff MacKay has an insider's perspective. The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine chairman and Organogenesis Inc. president and CEO asserts that though the regenerative medicine and cell technology industry is still largely in phase 1/2, phase 3 and commercial success are imminent. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, MacKay explains the promise of cell therapies for both patient health and investors' portfolios.

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