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Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. is revolutionizing vaccines to prevent and treat today's cancers and challenging infectious diseases. Its SynCon vaccines, delivered using the company's proprietary electroporation technology, are generating best-in-class immune responses, with therapeutic T cells exceeding other technologies. Inovio's lead vaccine, a therapeutic against HPV-caused precancers and cancers, is in phase 2. Other phase 1 and preclinical programs target prostate, breast and lung cancers as well as HIV, influenza, malaria and hepatitis. Roche and Inovio have an exclusive worldwide partnership to develop and commercialize Inovio's DNA immunotherapies for prostate cancer and hepatitis B.

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"Invoio Pharmaceuticals Inc. has a broad platform that includes an IL-12 DNA vaccine, but also several other DNA vaccines for both cancer and infectious diseases. These include DNA vaccines designed to produce specific tumor antigens or immune activators, such as IL-12, as well as functional monoclonal antibodies targeting certain viral antigens. Last year, the company reported positive results from a Phase 2 trial of its vaccine, called VGX-3100, targeting certain human papillomavirus (HPV) antigens in patients with high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (cervical dysplasia) caused by HPV types 16 or 18. The study showed that VGX-3100 induced a robust T-cell response, just what it was designed to do." read more >

Bret Jensen, Seeking Alpha (5/29/15)
"Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a promising vaccine maker with a market capitalization of approximately $600M at current levels. The company has several things to recommend it for aggressive growth investors, including a deep pipeline, solid balance sheet and partnerships with larger players. . .it is a good time to take a look at Inovio, as it just announced it will team up with GeneOne Life Science Inc. to develop a DNA vaccine for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome."

"I understand Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. is using active DNA vaccines. Inovio and OncoSec Medical are both seemingly following a similar theme, and the growing acceptance and excitement around immunotherapies in general may help them both. Inovio has had a number of successes clinically and marquee collaborations that have led to its market cap being what it is today. Thus, it has a market cap of about $590M today, versus OncoSec's $57M." read more >

Yi Chen, H.C. Wainwright & Co. (5/13/15)
"Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced yesterday that the company had initiated a Phase 1 trial to evaluate its DNA immunotherapy (INO-4212) for Ebola, which protected 100% of immunized animals from death and sickness in prior preclinical testing. . .Inovio recorded Q1/15 diluted EPS at $0.17/share, in line with our original projection."

Charles Duncan, Piper Jaffray & Co. (5/11/15)
"Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s strengthened cash and clinical trials bode well for a broadening pipeline. . .recent grants from DARPA and NIAID, potentially totaling $73M, further enhance our confidence in the company's broadly applicable DNA-based immunotherapy platform. In advance of increasing visibility of clinical programs in virally mediated cancer and infectious disease, and strengthening financial position, we reiterate our Overweight rating and our price target increases."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (5/11/15)
"Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. reported Q1/15 revenues of $5.2M. . .the company finished Q1/15 with $81M in cash. It also completed an $87.4M ($82.1M net proceeds) public offering on May 5, 2015. . .with $163M in cash, Inovio can fund multiple programs, including the VGX-3100 Phase 3 study, through 2018."

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Christopher James, Managing Director, Senior Equity Research Analyst – Brinson Patrick Securities Corporation
Jason Kolbert, Senior Analyst – Maxim Group
Jason Russ, Author Seeking Alpha
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