Mesoblast Ltd.

Mesoblast Ltd. is a clinical development company leveraging its proprietary core adult stem cell technologies, which include the Mesenchymal Precursor Cell (MPC) and culture-expanded Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) platform technologies, Dental Pulp Stem Cells and expanded Hematopoietic Stem Cells. The company's cardiovascular and neurologic product pipeline is being developed in partnership with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Mesoblast Ltd's subsidiaries include Mesoblast Inc., Mesoblast International SA, Mesoblast Australia Pty Ltd and Mesoblast UK Ltd.

Expert Comments:

"Mesoblast is conducting a 1,700-patient study in congestive heart failure (CHF) with Revascor (mesenchymal precursor cells) that is not ready to read out yet—it's still a few years away. If Celyad can show some progress, or even just a signal that autologous cardiac cells can work for CHF, that could do a lot for other companies in this space, like Mesoblast. . .Mesoblast has shown, so far, that its allogeneic cells are safe. . .if Celyad shows that, yes, autologous cells do work in CHF, and then Mesoblast comes along and says, "Well, now we can do it allogeneic," the progression of regenerative medicine can move forward from there." read more >

Henry McCusker, Regenerative Medicine Investors (9/18/15)
"Mesoblast Ltd. licensee, JCR Pharmaceuticals, got full product approval in Japan for TEMCELL HS Inj. (JR-031), an allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell product. . .TEMCELL is a treatment for children and adults with acute graft-versus-host disease. . .under its agreement with JCR, Mesoblast is entitled to receive a milestone payment on this product regulatory approval, as well as royalties and other payments at predefined thresholds of cumulative net sales."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (9/18/15)
"Mesoblast Ltd. and JCR Pharmaceuticals announced approval of TEMCELL in Japan for acute graft-versus-host disease. . .Mesoblast will now receive the first milestone payment associated with regulatory approval, as well as royalties and other payments at predefined thresholds of cumulative net sales. . .with the approval of TEMCELL (JR-031, Prochymal) we are excited as regenerative medicine becomes a commercial reality."

Kevin DeGeeter, Ladenburg Thalmann (9/8/15)
"On Sept. 4, 2015, Mesoblast Ltd. announced Japanese partner JCR Pharmaceuticals received a positive recommendation by Japanese regulators for approval of JR-031 in the treatment of acute graft versus host disease. Assuming launch late in 2015, the company should begin to receive its first significant commercial revenues beginning in 2016, which, in our view, marks an important step in its transition from a research-oriented business to a commercial franchise."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (9/4/15)
"We believe that Mesoblast Ltd.'s MSC-100IV (Prochymal) in the U.S. (now following Japan's lead) will not only be approved in children, but also ultimately adults, and that it will save lives. This is orphan and fast track status, and the drug could be on the market in the next two years as a commercial product in the U.S., in our opinion."

Henry McCusker, Regenerative Medicine Investors (9/4/15)
"Mesoblast Ltd.'s allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell-based regenerative medicine product JR-031, developed by the company's Japanese partner JCR Pharmaceuticals, was recommended for approval. . .under its agreement with JCR, Mesoblast is entitled to receive milestone payments on JR-031 product regulatory approvals, as well as royalties and other payments at predefined thresholds of cumulative net sales."

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