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Mesoblast Ltd. is a clinical development company leveraging its proprietary core adult stem cell technologies, which include the Mesenchymal Precursor Cell (MPC) and culture-expanded Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) platform technologies, Dental Pulp Stem Cells and expanded Hematopoietic Stem Cells. The company's cardiovascular and neurologic product pipeline is being developed in partnership with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Mesoblast Ltd's subsidiaries include Mesoblast Inc., Mesoblast International SA, Mesoblast Australia Pty Ltd and Mesoblast UK Ltd.

Expert Comments:

Henry McCusker, RegMed Investors (5/12/15)
"Mesoblast Ltd.'s publication of results in the May issue of the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One showed that its proprietary allogeneic mesenchymal precursor cells (MPCs) can reduce inflammation and reverse abnormal function of blood vessels, including the coronary arteries, in a previously published sheep model of rheumatoid arthritis. . .the authors concluded that MPCs show significant promise in modulating not only local disease activity in chronic inflammation such as a poly or mono-arthritis, but also the systemic sequelae of the condition."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (4/13/15)
"Mesoblast Ltd. has announced that Celgene Corp. has invested in the company, taking a ~$45M equity stake in Mesoblast. . .this news should remind investors of the value that big pharma sees in the cell therapy space and in the industry leader, Mesoblast. . .the company's Protocol 275 study continues to show a clear and meaningful survival benefit among responding pediatric bone marrow transplant recipients."

Kevin DeGeeter, Ladenburg Thalmann (4/13/15)
"Mesoblast Ltd. announced a six-month option agreement with Celgene Corp. that, in our view, promises to solidify Mesoblast's leadership position in regenerative medicine and accelerate development of the company's inflammatory products pipeline. Importantly, the agreement includes an AU$58.5M nonrefundable and noncreditable equity investment that removes a potential balance sheet overhang and funds operations into H2/16. Consummating a license agreement could further strengthen the balance sheet."

"As Mesoblast Ltd. demonstrates success in congestive heart failure (CHF) with Revascor (mesenchymal precursor cells; MPCs), I believe it is going to dramatically lower the cost burden associated of CHF. . .something very interesting about Mesoblast: Early on, it was partnered with Cephalon with its MPCs, but then Cephalon was acquired by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. . .Teva then had to make a go or no-go decision on whether it would fund development of the MPCs. Over the last two years, Teva has been continuing to divest itself of R&D projects, yet one of the most prominent products that survived divestiture has been Mesoblast's Revascor. . .I believe that Teva and its new CEO, Erez Vigodman, and Michael Hayden, the head of R&D, now see the value that Revascor can deliver in CHF. I'm in the camp that believes it's going to work, but Mesoblast still has to prove efficacy in its current Phase 3, pivotal, global, double-blind trial with more than 1,700 patients. If the cells work, we're talking about a multibillion-dollar, druglike, blockbuster treatment." read more >

Katherine Genis, Edison Investment Research (3/30/15)
"Mesoblast Ltd.'s late-stage product pipeline is burgeoning; we expect a regulatory decision for its first product, MSC-100-IV, in acute graft versus host disease in Japan in mid-2015. . .two further products, MPC-150 in congestive heart failure and MPC-100-IV, have entered pivotal Phase 3 trials over the past year. We increase our valuation of the company to AU$3.41B from AU$3.16B."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (3/30/15)
"Mesoblast Ltd. has been selected by the Japan External Trade Organization as the only regenerative medicine company worldwide to receive fast-track access to potential investment incentives across all levels of government in Japan; the company will receive a specially tailored market and government incentive roadmap aimed at providing a more attractive business environment. Secondly, Mesoblast announced that the Japanese Patent Office has allowed a key patent covering the use of its proprietary adult mesenchymal precursor cells for the formation and repair of blood vessels in ischemic tissues."

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Katherine Genis – Edison Investment Research
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Jason Kolbert – Maxim Group
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Henry McCusker – Regenerative Medicine Investors
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