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Athersys Inc.


Athersys Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing MultiStem, a patented, adult-derived "off-the-shelf" stem cell product platform for the cardiovascular, neurological, inflammatory and immune disease areas. The company currently has five clinical stage programs involving MultiStem, including those for treating inflammatory bowel disease (partnered with Pfizer Inc.), ischemic stroke, damage caused by myocardial infarction and for the prevention of graft-versus-host disease. Athersys has additional pharmaceutical programs in the metabolic and neurological areas, and a broad international network of collaborations with leading clinical and research institutions.

The information provided below is from analysts, newsletters and other contributors. Please contact the company and visit its website before making an investment decision.

Expert Comments:

Wall Street Titan, Seeking Alpha (11/26/14) "Athersys Inc. is doing everything within its power to position itself to grab a Japanese revenue opportunity that would place an entirely new valuation on the company. The beauty of this legislation, from a risk perspective, is that Athersys does not need a home run from its stroke data to start earning substantial revenues in Japan. The company has already demonstrated safety. . .with an enterprise value of only $78M it certainly seems that Athersys shares have substantial room for upside, based on the stroke opportunity and their other programs entering phase 2 shortly, including graft-versus-host disease and acute myocardial infarction."

Christian Glennie, Edison Investment Research (11/24/14) "Athersys Inc. is developing MultiStem, an allogeneic stem cell product (bone marrow-derived, multipotent adult progenitor cells or MAPCs). Results from a 140-patient Phase 2 study in ischaemic stroke are expected in Q1/15, with recruitment to complete in Q4/14. Positive results could be transformational for the treatment of stroke patients and for Athersys' market valuation. . .the company is well positioned in terms of its stage of development and the profile of its MAPCs, in terms of safety, high dose (>1 billion cells), and convenient mode of delivery. The MAPCs appear to be substantially differentiated from other MSCs."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (11/10/14) "Athersys Inc.ended Q3/14 with $32M in cash, plenty of capital to fund the company through its next major catalyst, results of the Phase 2 stroke trial, where enrollment is almost complete. . .we are excited for results from its Phase 2 stroke trial. We are hopeful of good data (positive bias) and believe good data will be transformational to Athersys and the field."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with R. Lee Buckler (10/22/14) "Athersys Inc. has announced a desire to move into Japan, and I know it is putting boots on the ground in the country to develop a strategy there. Back in January, the company announced some new Japanese patents in graft-versus-host disease and autoimmune diseases, such as inflammatory bowel diseases." More >

Christian Glennie, Edison Investment Research (9/24/14) "Enrollment in a Phase 2 study for ischemic stroke is expected to complete within a couple of months, and with a 90-day efficacy endpoint, headline results should be available in Q1/15. Positive data could rerate the stock. . .also in Q4/14, a Phase 2 study in acute myocardial infarction is due to start."

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Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (8/12/14) "Athersys Inc. reported Q2/14, spending $7M and closing with a cash balance of $39M. . .enrollment in the company's stroke (Phase 2) trial should be complete by early fall (late October/early November), and the stage is set to have data by Q1/15. . .Japan is upside. Revisions in Japanese regulations and the dramatic need in that country may open up a fast track pathway for commercialization in Japan."

Christian Glennie, Edison Investment Research (6/30/14) "Results from Athersys Inc.'s 140-patient Phase 2 study in ischemic stroke are expected in Q4/14. . .a Phase 2 trial with MultiStem in acute myocardial infarction should start in late 2014 (supported by a $2.8M National Institutes of Health grant) while a Phase 2/3 study in graft-versus-host disease is also proposed."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Jason Kolbert (6/4/14) "If we look at Athersys Inc.'s results in ulcerative colitis, this trial was run by Pfizer Inc. over the last five years. The thinking five years ago was to give a massive dose of these allogeneic (donated from same species but not from the patient him- or herself) multipotent adult progenitor cells, which Athersys has branded as MultiStem, and see if they would quiet the immune system and manifest as an improvement in the symptoms related to ulcerative colitis. In hindsight, this was an incredibly high watermark to hit. But did the trial fail, or did the product fail? That's the key question. I believe that the trial failed, not the product. . .

It may have been naïve to think that people who have had a disease burden for 10 years could be successfully treated with just one dose of cells. You wouldn't try to test a biologic that way. You wouldn't try to use a steroid that way. Why did we use stem cells that way?. . ." More >

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (5/9/14) "Athersys Inc. reported Q1/14 results with a cash burn of just over $7M. The company finished the quarter with $45M cash on the balance sheet. Athersys is now looking forward to the results of the stroke trial as the next major event. . . enrollment should be complete by this summer, and the stage is set to have data this fall. Good data for Athersys will be transformative to the company."

Christian Glennie, Edison Investment Research (5/6/14) "The bulk of our valuation of Athersys Inc. is attributed to MultiStem's potential in ischemic stroke. . .the company is well capitalized with $45M in cash at Q1/14E."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (4/28/14) "Athersys Inc. had been working with partner Pfizer Inc. to develop multipotent adult progenitor cells: MultiStem for ulcerative colitis; Athersys announced results from the Phase 2 (n=130) study that suggested no overall statistically significant impact. . .we are not backing away from our positive outlook on the company as we still believe that we can see good data from the stroke trial."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (4/21/14) "Athersys Inc. recently announced that the Phase 2 (n=130) study is fully enrolled. . .the company expects that study data will be available in Q2/14 in two parts. We expect the first results in April. . .our current price target for Athersys is $10/share."

The Life Sciences Report interview with Jason Kolbert (4/2/14) "ATHX's MultiStem has the potential to completely change existing treatment paradigms." More >

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (3/17/14) "One area where Athersys Inc. shines is the quality of the science. In preclinical studies conducted to date, MultiStem has been well tolerated and has not required immunosuppression; MultiStem has also demonstrated impressive activity in rodent models of ischemic stroke."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (3/14/14) "Athersys Inc. raised capital in Q1/14 and we estimate the company now has close to $50M in cash. Athersys is closing in on data from two important trials in Ulcerative Colitis and stroke. We believe that the company is on the precipice of a major value inflection if the data from one or both of these trials is compelling."

Brian Nichols, Seeking Alpha (2/24/14) "With Athersys Inc. having a market cap of $240M, there is an enormous amount of upside if the company can prove its pipeline successful. . .Athersys has developed a single product with links to treating a wide array of indications and by having partnerships with Pfizer Inc. and RTI Biologics Inc., its science is even more validated."

JDT Investments, Seeking Alpha (2/19/14) "Athersys Inc. currently has two ongoing phase 2 trials evaluating the safety and efficacy of the use of Multistem in the treatment of ulcerative colitis and ischemic stroke, and results are expected early second quarter and roughly the middle of the year respectively. . .Multistem has been successfully used in two phase 1 trials to date. . .I believe Athersys will release positive ulcerative colitis and ischemic stroke results. Athersys has a special type of science, an extremely smart and honest management team, and is set to succeed when comparing the company relatively to its competitors."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Steve Brozak (2/6/14) "Athersys Inc. looks to provide a resolution of inflammatory conditions. The company's value has gone up but, frankly, we believe it is still undervalued. I would also mention, with regard to Athersys and many companies in the regenerative medicine space, that the Japanese government has realized that stem cell/regenerative medicine programs are almost nonexistent in that country, with only a handful of studies ongoing, versus hundreds of studies taking place in the U.S. and Europe. As a result, Japan's parliament passed legislation allowing companies to receive conditional approval for products even if efficacy hasn't been fully demonstrated yet, as long as the products are safe. That represents a much quicker pathway to approval in the Japanese market. Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare will now develop and implement regulations to get this process moving. . .Athersys announced, on Jan. 9, that it had been granted three new patents in Japan that cover indications like stroke, graft-versus-host disease and inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis." More >

U.S. Biotech Investor, Seeking Alpha (2/3/14) "Biotechnology investors may want to take a look at Athersys Inc., a quiet leader in the regenerative medicine field with a meager $308M market cap. . .Athersys is enjoying one of its best financial positions in years, having recently held two registered direct offerings, and announced entry into a $25M equity-facility deal with Aspire Capital that should allow Athersys added financial strength and flexibility. . .Athersys enjoys a low-to-modest burn rate, and with alliances. . .is a compelling investment opportunity. . .Athersys' patented portfolio and Pfizer's current relationship with it make a buyout a real possibility on positive phase 2 trial data concerning UC."

U.S. Biotech Investor, Seeking Alpha (1/22/14) "Athersys Inc. is in a very good position in that even if the first wave of data confirms safety without much efficacy data, a second trail for ischemic stroke is still scheduled to start releasing its data in July 2014. In the absence of any negative data, Athersys investors should continue to enjoy more upward trend in the per share price. The potential exists for multiple catalysts to surprise ahead of the end of April and the ulcerative colitis data release."

Christian Glennie, Edison Investment Research (1/21/14) "Athersys Inc. has raised $18.7M (net) from the sale of 5M shares, which follows an $18.5M (net) equity raise in December. We estimate a current cash balance of $51M, providing the company with enhanced financial flexibility as it seeks to fully exploit the potential inherent in its allogenic stem cell product, MultiStem, including the prospect of accelerated development and approval in Japan."

Wall Street Titan, Seeking Alpha (1/15/14) "In yet another vote of confidence from existing institutional shareholders, Athersys Inc., a leading company in regenerative medicine, successfully raised $20.5M (before underwriter fees) this past Friday, bringing its total cash position to an estimated $50M. . .this new and unexpected capital raise can only be viewed as a testament to how large Athersys shareholders feel about the potential value of the Athersys platform."

Steve Brozak, WBB Securities (1/9/14) "The Japanese government's push into the regenerative medicine space will enable companies like Athersys Inc. to accelerate introduction of regenerative medicine therapeutics. In conjunction with a new Japanese law, three patents granted to the company will enable it to introduce MultiStem in Japan more rapidly than previously expected, potentially giving the company an accelerated model for real-life experience with its stem cell therapeutics. . .for this reason, combined with the continued positive results we see within the United States on partnering and date feedback, we are continuing our Strong Buy recommendation for Athersys."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (1/6/14) "In November of 2010, Athersys Inc. and its partner Pfizer received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to begin a phase 2 clinical trial for MultiStem, Athersys' allogeneic investigational cell therapy product, for the treatment of ulcerative colitis. This phase 2 clinical trial has just completed enrollment, and the first set of data is expected by mid-April."

U.S. Biotech Investor, Seeking Alpha (1/5/14) "The Athersys Inc. pipeline continues to grow and mature, and investors are beginning to recognize and appreciate the potential value of the portfolio. . .the company is significantly undervalued with a market capitalization of just $173M in light of the events that are going to unfold in 2014."

John Damerow, Seeking Alpha (12/31/13) "I endorse Athersys Inc. and firmly believe that it is a strong Buy. Its management team is one of the best ones out there. . .the company is very undervalued, with exceptional potential and an impressive list of explosive catalysts. . .an update from Athersys' Japan visit and its many partnership opportunities represent just two of the ways that the company's share price could be significantly shifted in the right direction."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (12/19/13) "Athersys Inc.'s ulcerative colitis trial is now fully enrolled. . .what is the company worth on good results in ulcerative colitis and/or stroke?. . .bottom line: These indications represent unmet medical needs and good data become transformative for Athersys. . .we have raised our price target to $10 from $6, but our scenarios suggest good data could drive valuations much higher."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Jason Kolbert (12/17/13) "When the Japanese government looks at cell therapy, and observes that a company like Athersys Inc. has a phase 2 trial in ischemic stroke, you can bet that attracts its interest. The government has looked at the pragmatic side of cell therapy, and is saying, 'If you can emphatically demonstrate safety and can show efficacy with a modest study—a bridging study done in Japanese patients—then we will essentially give you fast-track approval' . . .

TLSR:. . .With the data Athersys has accrued so far, and with the relationships it already has with regulators in Japan, is it possible to get conditional approval using data from the studies it's already done in the U.S.?

JK: That's a good question. The short answer is yes. . .if management could enroll a handful of Japanese patients, and they could be part of the current phase 2 trial, that could create an accelerated pathway to the marketplace. Based on phase 2 results that include Japanese nationals, which could be reported, let's say, at the end of 2014, a product could potentially be commercialized in Japan in 2015." More >

Christian Glennie, Edison Investment Research (12/2/13) "Athersys Inc. has raised $20M from the sale of 10M shares at $2/share. . .the proceeds will be used to support the ongoing and proposed clinical program (potentially in Japan) for MultiStem. . .results from two phase 2 studies in 2014, in ulcerative colitis and ischemic stroke, are significant events that could rerate the stock."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Michael Hay (11/26/13) "Athersys Inc. has a product called MultiStem (multipotent adult progenitor cells) that is being tested in several indications, but has two lead indications. First, Athersys is doing a phase 2 ischemic stroke trial on its own, with no partner, and it is expected to have results by the end of this year. Given the small, $115 market cap, and the high-risk nature of both stem cells and stroke, I think these data are going to be very important for investors if the trial is positive for patients." More >

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (11/20/13) "We look forward to proof of concept data in the cell therapy space in 2014 from companies like Athersys Inc. in stroke and ulcerative colitis. . .in the heart failure space and among the autologous players, we believe that the Mesoblast Ltd. and Athersys cells (Athersys' multipotent adult progenitor cells—MAPCs) are among the most potent single cell type versus other choices."

Bio StocksElite, Seeking Alpha (11/18/13) "The year 2014 is clearly going to be a defining one for Athersys Inc. Favorable phase 2 studies in irritable bowel disease and ischemic stroke, developments in Japan and further development of the MultiStem portfolio can potentially significantly increase shareholder value."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (11/18/13) "The most important trial to watch is Athersys Inc.'s phase 2 trial, the most advanced trial in this space. . .if the company is successful at developing MultiStem as a front-line therapy for ischemic stroke patients, we believe it would represent a breakthrough for stroke and a paradigm shift for the industry."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (11/15/13) "Athersys Inc. is getting close to reporting trial data in stroke and ulcerative colitis. Given $18M in cash, we also see ample runway through these next few 'data' catalysts. . .our metrics suggest a $6 price target, but the true valuation could be significantly higher if data are compelling."

U.S. Biotech Investor, Seeking Alpha (11/13/13) "Athersys Inc. [is] a quiet leader in the regenerative medicine field with meager $95M market cap. . .MultiStem allows the company to pursue multiple opportunities from a single platform, having the potential to treat a range of distinct disease indications. . .the company's patented portfolio and Pfizer's current relationship with it make a buyout a real possibility. . .most investors who've done due diligence will probably agree that Athersys will be trading over $10/share at some point in 2014. . .2014 is going to be an exciting year for Athersys and its investors."

Christian Glennie, Edison Investment Research (10/25/13) "Athersys Inc. has completed two phase 1 studies for its MultiStem process in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction and graft-versus-host disease. These trials provided encouraging signs of MultiStem's safety and efficacy. . .Pfizer Inc. and Athersys have been partnered since 2009 with the focus of using MultiStem for inflammatory bowel disease, particularly ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease. Pfizer paid $6M upfront and the deal allows for a further $105M in milestones. Positive UC phase 2 data could encourage Pfizer to conduct pivotal studies in UC and/or Crohns disease; the outcome of the stroke trial could also help attract new partners."

Josh Ginsburg, Seeking Alpha (9/18/13) "Athersys Inc.'s main competitor in the stroke therapy market, Cytomedix Inc., announced that it will halt funding for its ischemic stroke therapy after this year. . .I have an extremely optimistic outlook on Athersys' future phase 2 trial results for its MultiStem therapy. . .because MultiStem is being developed as an off-the-shelf product that does not need to be prepared via extracting and processing a patient's own cells, it provides an incredibly convenient option for treatment."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (8/14/13) "Athersys Inc. is getting close to reporting trial data; with $19M cash, we also see ample runway through these next few data catalysts. Data, if positive, have the potential to be transformative for this company as investors go from nonbelievers to realization of the potential for multistem as a commercial product in multiple indications. . .we see Athersys' valuation as compelling."

Josh Ginsburg, Seeking Alpha (8/14/13) "In evaluating Athersys Inc., Osiris Therapeutics Inc. and Mesoblast Ltd., what is clear is that all three companies pose interesting investments that could hold blockbuster potential; yet Osiris and Mesoblast's valuations of 8–16x that of Athersys appears to be a clear mismatch and market error. In looking at MultiStem's efficacy results across several different disease implications thus far, I believe that Athersys is likely to have a superior stem cell product of the three companies, which should reflect a significant price increase in the near term."

Christian Glennie, Edison Investment Research (8/9/13) "A $2.8M research grant enables Athersys Inc.'s MultiStem to enter a third phase 2 trial to evaluate the safety and therapeutic impact of its allogeneic, bone marrow-derived adult stem cells. The company plans to start the study in H1/14 in patients who have suffered a heart attack or acute myocardial infarction (AMI). . .with estimated end-Q2/13 cash of $16m, Athersys' $81M enterprise value appears to underplay the potential of MultiStem, not only in AMI, but also the near-term opportunities in ulcerative colitis (phase 2 data in Q4/13; partnered with Pfizer) and ischemic stroke (phase 2 data in H1/14)."

BioStocksElite, Seeking Alpha (7/23/13) "To date, preclinical and clinical studies performed at different institutions throughout the world have shown Athersys Inc.'s MultiStem to be safe and provide therapeutic benefit. . .the upcoming data for the irritable bowel disease (IBD) study due Q4/13 will play a very significant role in the future of the company. I believe that there is a good chance that the IBD data will meet their primary endpoints. . .I continue to be long Athersys."

Christian Glennie, Edison Investment Research (7/16/13) "The potential versatility of Athersys Inc.'s MultiStem cell therapy has been demonstrated once more with evidence that these ‘third-party’ multipotent adult progenitor cells increase the long term survival of organ transplants. . .with estimated end of Q2/13 cash of $15M, the company's $80M enterprise value appears to significantly discount the potential versatility of MultiStem."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (7/9/13) "We see Athersys Corp.'s valuation as compelling, with two active phase 2 trials, one in stroke and one in ulcerative colitis. We see the potential for a valuation shift on good data. . .the ability of MultiStem treatment to allow transplant patients to avoid risk of rejection and a life-long regimen of immune suppression is a great stride in the field of transplantation. This excitement about MultiStem is shared by some prominent transplant key opinion leaders."

Christian Glennie, Edison Investment Research (6/26/13) "Of Athersys Inc.'s multiple catalysts over the next nine to 12 months, potentially the most transformational is results in H1/14 from a phase 2 study of its MultiStem product (allogeneic stem cells from adult bone marrow) in ischemic stroke. . .this is a classic high-risk/high-reward indication. Positive results could therefore catalyze the stock and lead to a lucrative licensing deal. . .results in Q4/13 from a phase 2 study of MultiStem in ulcerative colitis (partnered with Pfizer Inc.), and/or new partnerships for its 5-HT2c agonist program in obesity/schizophrenia are further potential catalysts."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Christian Glennie (6/6/13) "We've certainly been interested in Athersys Inc., but we have not initiated full coverage. I'm interested and excited by the MultiStem (multipotent adult progenitor cell) technology it is developing. It has Pfizer as a partner in ulcerative colitis. The real big ticket item, potentially, is the outcome of its phase 2 trial in ischemic stroke trial, with results expected in 2014. This could be transformational for the company. It's an exciting story and definitely a company to watch." More >

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Jason Kolbert (5/10/13) "Athersys Inc. is very differentiated. I think what you have to appreciate is the level of science that's been practiced at Athersys and the amount of time that it's been going on. The former head of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, Gil Van Bokkelen, is CEO and co-founder of the company. He is one of the leaders in this space. He is a scientist, and the number of scientists working at Athersys is really impressive. I've been there, and I've met them. It's also very important to understand manufacturing, and I think Athersys shines in this area as well.

The company has two very important trials in progress, either of which would be transformative with good data. As I mentioned before, Athersys is partnered with Pfizer in an ulcerative colitis program. Athersys' cell therapy product, MultiStem, is being used to treat these patients. I believe that even before we see data from the phase 2 trail, we could see Pfizer make a decision to expand its relationship with Athersys based on the recognition of what it already knows about the company and the product.

Athersys is one of only a handful of companies that has spelled out in detail the mechanism of action. . .the idea of being so specific with mechanism of action, with dose, with where it's delivered and with when it's delivered, becomes critical for the company, a differentiating factor. Athersys also has an interesting small molecule program, with 5HT2c receptors and agonists for obesity or schizophrenia. That's not on the regenerative medicine side. This is a neat little company that has a great management team and deep science bench." More >

Christian Glennie, Edison Investment Research (5/7/13) "Athersys Inc. has gained 25% in the last month to trade at an 18-month high. We believe positive biotech sentiment in general, and burgeoning interest in stem cells and regenerative medicine in particular, are contributory factors. . .For Athersys, the key near-term catalyst is headline data in Q4/13 from a phase 2 study of its MultiStem product. . .positive results would provide important clinical validation of MultiStem and help to derisk other opportunities. . .with an estimated $21M in cash at end-Q1/13, Athersys' enterprise value is now $98M and we see this rising further on positive UC data."

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (4/19/13) "Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved expansion of Athersys' Corp.'s ongoing phase 2 trial in UK; Athersys has received authorization to expand its ongoing phase 2 trial in ischemic stroke, which according to management should speed up the completion of the trial. . .we see Athersys' valuation as compelling; the company now has a strong balance sheet (~$30M in cash) giving a deeply attractive enterprise value (<$65M). With an active phase 2 trial in stroke we see the potential for a rapid pathway to marketplace on good data."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Steve Brozak (4/11/13) "Athersys Inc. is in a remarkable position in that it has a partnership with Pfizer Inc. for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It's now in a phase 2 trial with its MultiStem candidate (an allogeneic [using same species cells], single donor, multipotent, adult progenitor cell). Again, there are no satisfactory outcomes currently available for patients with IBD. Athersys is progressing down that road with a large partner that understands it will have to participate in developing this technology. The advantage to Athersys? It is partnered for just one indication, and if it sees the expected results it will be able to partner for other indications.

"Ischemic stroke is another indication Athersys is looking at. That's a highly significant indication, because physicians have a short window of opportunity to help patients regain function. If not treated right away, disability problems are exacerbated, and stroke leads to outcomes that are, once again, dealt with in a palliative and watchful fashion, which is unaffordable in the current healthcare environment. This is a phase 2 program, and it's unpartnered." More >

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (3/22/13) "The gastrointestinal opportunity for Athersys Inc. is large and not understood by doctors nor patients, but our experts 'get it.' The company and partner Pfizer are expected to complete the enrollment in the P2 ulcerative colitis trial by mid-year 2013. . .we see the company's valuation as compelling. . .with active P2 trials in stroke and ulcerative colitis we see the potential for inflection points that create real value."

Ryan's View, Seeking Alpha (3/20/13) "Athersys Inc. is in a strong position for attracting the attention of big players. . .annual cash burn is about $13M, Pfizer Inc. is holding its hand and it has cash of about $8M and virtually no debt."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Jason Kolbert (3/14/13) "Athersys Inc. is pursuing ischemic stroke in the framework of a systemic disease, graft versus host disease, which is systemic, and acute heart disease. Athersys is partnered with Pfizer Inc. in an ulcerative colitis program. . .I like Athersys. With its MultiStem (multipotent adult progenitor cell) product, [it] has one of the best manufacturing processes in allogeneic cell therapy that I've ever seen. If the results from its phase 2 ulcerative colitis/Crohn's disease trial, which is being run by Pfizer, are good, this stock could take off. If the results from its European phase 2 stroke trial are good, again, this stock could take off. I also respect the management team, the fundamental science and quality of science that is practiced at Athersys. Gil Van Bokkelen was previously the head of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine. He is a very down-to-earth, practical CEO, with high ethics and standards. Not every CEO in this space meets this standard." More >

Chemistfrog, Seeking Alpha (3/4/13) "Athersys Inc. shares have been trading with a bullish trend. . .I believe there is still solid upside ahead for this $80.1M market cap stem cell company due to upcoming events. . .if phase 2 data for ischemic stroke are promising, the superiority of MultiStem over the only FDA-approved therapy could likely be significant and really garner investor and big pharma attention. . .the MultiStem platform appears to be promising, with a solid and economical approach via the 'off the shelf' type of production being desirable due to costs and speed, because the therapy is already prepared and ready to administer on demand."

Edward Tenthoff, Piper Jaffray & Co. (2/8/13) "Shares of Athersys Inc. have moved higher in 2013 in anticipation of near-term partnering opportunities for both the preclinical 5HT2C receptor agonists (for obesity and schizophrenia) and adult stem cell therapy product MultiStem. . .on the clinical front, we expect partner Pfizer Inc. to report phase 2 ulcerative colitis this fall and for the company to report phase 2 ischemic stroke data in H1/14. . .it holds ~$29M cash,less Q4/12 burn, which we project should last into 2014. . .we reiterate our Overweight rating."

Blackbird Analytics, Seeking Alpha (1/29/13) "Athersys Inc. is a significantly undervalued stem-cell company approaching key catalysts. . .clinical trial data and partnering events over the next several quarters could propel this little company, currently situated in a modest industrial building in Cleveland, Ohio, to the other side of the tracks. . .as far as management, the Athersys team has an impeccable pedigree and long tenures."

Scott Matusow, Seeking Alpha (1/22/13) "Athersys Inc. has established a diverse portfolio of product candidates. . .if the company can prove its worth along the way to Pfizer Inc. and other high-level pharmas, the potential would be very high for the company and its related stock price. . .with a near-term catalyst, strong chart and adequate management, I think Athersys is very undervalued with a market cap of only $66M."

Brett Stifling, Seeking Alpha (1/10/13) "Athersys Inc. is a small-cap biotech stock that has the potential for blockbuster returns. The company has a deep pipeline in multiple markets that all can potentially generate billions in sales."

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