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Athersys Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing MultiStem, a patented, adult-derived "off-the-shelf" stem cell product platform for the cardiovascular, neurological, inflammatory and immune disease areas. The company currently has five clinical stage programs involving MultiStem, including those for treating inflammatory bowel disease (partnered with Pfizer Inc.), ischemic stroke, damage caused by myocardial infarction and for the prevention of graft-versus-host disease. Athersys has additional pharmaceutical programs in the metabolic and neurological areas, and a broad international network of collaborations with leading clinical and research institutions.

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Tom Franey, Seeking Alpha (4/13/15)
"Dr. David Hess, principal investigator of Athersys Inc.'s Phase 2 severe ischemic stroke trial, will present the results at the European Stroke Organisation Conference this Sunday; results will also be presented the following week at the 12th Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine Conference in Boston, Mass. Presenting results at two major conferences is not a guarantee of success, but it does show the company's management is fairly confident."

"If Athersys Inc. is successful in ischemic stroke with its MultiStem (multipotent adult progenitor cells), I believe it has the potential to dramatically lower the cost burden of stroke on patients and on payers. . .on March 2 Athersys announced a partnership with Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., one of the premier pharma companies in Japan. . .I believe that Athersys got a very attractive deal with Chugai, for two reasons. It got an upfront payment that was nominal, but more importantly, it got the premier pharma company in Japan. Chugai has one of the top positions in the hospital market in Japan, and it's a company that understands biologics. . .Chugai is now going to develop Athersys' Phase 2 product MultiStem in ischemic stroke. . .Chugai will pay the freight—all of the developmental costs—for MultiStem to see that it's approved for stroke in Japan, which has the highest incidence and highest prevalence of stroke in the world. . ." read more >

Wall Street Titan, Seeking Alpha (3/26/15)
"The exact time and date of Athersys Inc.'s highly anticipated stroke results have been set. The data will be presented on April 19 at 8:50 local time in Glasgow, United Kingdom, at the European Stroke Organisation Conference 2015. . .it is my position that the weakness in the biotech sector over the last couple of days presents a great opportunity for investors to establish a position."

Northern Fundamentals, Seeking Alpha (3/23/15)
"Ninety day efficacy data from Athersys Inc.'s Phase 2 stem cell (MultiStem) trial for ischemic stroke should be released in less than a month. . .if the Phase 2 ischemic stroke results are promising, the upside in the company will truly be huge, which will likely lead to a multibillion-dollar market cap."

"On March 2, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and Athersys Inc. announced a deal using Athersys' MultiStem (allogeneic multipotent adult progenitor cells) product for the treatment of ischemic stroke. Multistem could very well be among the first few products approved in Japan. . .I don't think the Athersys/Pfizer failure was a dramatic problem. Understand that if we look at the fundamentals and properties of Athersys' cell technology, they are still rock solid. Looking at the details of that Phase 2 trial with MultiStem, Athersys and Pfizer set a very, very high bar for success in terms of trial design. One reason this was so challenging was that they were essentially attempting to treat patients who were very sick, and who had already failed several types of therapy. . ." read more >

Jason Kolbert, Maxim Group (3/13/15)
"Athersys Inc. completed patient enrollment of double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 2 study of MultiStem cell therapy for ischemic stroke—initial results are expected in mid-April; established collaboration with Chugai for development and commercialization of MultiStem cell therapy for ischemic stroke in Japan. . .if data is good in stroke, we could see MultiStem on the market without a pivotal trial. We expect that a small bridging study may be all that is needed. New government regulations in Japan have created a fast-track pathway to the marketplace. Japan is all upside for Athersys. . .in fact, good data on stroke would be transformative for Athersys."

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