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CEL-SCI Corporation is a Phase 3 cancer immunotherapy company with platform technologies that can potentially treat a variety of cancers and viral diseases. The company is conducting a Phase 3 trial of Multikine (leukocyte interleukin injection) for the treatment of head-and-neck cancer in 17 countries. CEL-SCI is also developing treatments for HIV/HPV coinfected patients with anal warts in collaboration with the U.S. Navy at the San Diego Naval Medical Center through a cooperative research and development agreement. The company operates its own 75,000 sq ft manufacturing facility near Baltimore, MD.

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John Faessel, SmallCap Network (3/10/15)
"CEL-SCI Corporation's immunotherapy is on the cutting edge of cancer research and treatment today with solid success in Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials and creditable progress in the Phase 3 study that is at new highs in enrolment. Flat out—I think that there's a better than good chance of FDA approval in its Phase 3 endeavors . .the CEL-SCI fourth modality narrative is fascinating in its implications and a must to follow—and obviously it has truly uncommon investment potential."

Sharon di Stephano, Seeking Alpha (3/9/15)
"CEL-SCI Corporation's enrollment for Phase 3 trials in head and neck cancer have been increasing. . .I believe the company has a good chance of positioning itself well in cancer immunotherapy. . .CEL-SCI is ahead of many competitors, but not appreciated for its scientific and clinical work, presenting a strong opportunity to pick up shares at a very low price."

Yale Jen, Laidlaw & Company (3/4/15)
"We are reassuming our coverage of CEL-SCI Corporation with a Buy rating and $6/share target price to reflect the advancements of Multikine in head and neck cancer. . .accelerating patient recuritment for the Multikine Phase 3 study is a positive development."

Robert Wasserman, Dawson James Securities (3/2/15)
"CEL-SCI Corporation shares already trade considerably below the average market capitalization and enterprise value for stocks with a cancer therapeutic in Phase 3 trials. In addition, the company has a number of other hidden assets that boost its value. . .we are initiating coverage on CEL-SCI shares with a Buy rating and 12–18 month price target of $3/share."

Robert Wasserman, Dawson James Securities (2/20/15)
"CEL-SCI Corporation announced yesterday that the Ministry of Health for Malaysia has cleared that country for enrollment in the company's Phase 3 clinical trial of its Multikine immunotherapy treatment in head and neck cancer. Malaysia represents the twentieth country to approve the trial, with CEL-SCI targeting one more market for approval, or 21 total (including the U.S.)."

Management Q&A: View From the Top
Geert Kersten
Using immuno-therapies to treat cancers and autoimmune disorders has been limited. But that paradigm is changing, and CEL-SCI Corp. is among the companies poised to bring immunotherapy into these disease spaces.
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John Faessel, SmallCap Network (2/18/15)
"CEL-SCI Corporation is well into Phase 3 trials for the treatment of head and neck cancer; there is a new high of 352 patients now enrolled in the Phase 3 study. By 2015E, a total of approximately 880 patients is expected to be enrolled through about 100 clinical centers in over 20 countries aside from those in the U.S.; it's the largest Phase 3 study for the treatment of head and neck cancers in the world."

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