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RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. is a regenerative medicine company developing autologous cell therapies that treat functional cellular deficits utilizing cells isolated from a patient's own healthy hair follicles. Phase 2 trials for RCT-A-01, a treatment for chronic Achilles tendinosis, and RCH-01, a treatment for pattern baldness, are planned for 2014. A Phase 1 trial for RCS-01, a treatment for damaged and aging skin, is targeted for 2014. All products utilize the company's proprietary manufacturing and cell expansion platform.

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"I do like RepliCel Life Sciences Inc., a micro-cap, Canadian, regenerative medicine company with a novel technology developing autologous cell therapies. What's interesting about RepliCel is that it has four novel programs on the go, and management has secured a partnership with Shiseido Company in Japan to fund its alopecia trials. RCH-01 for pattern baldness could be on the market in 2018. The company has developed a dermal injector device, RCI-02, to pair with its therapeutic approach. It will file for CE mark approval of the dermal injector in the European Union (EU) later this year, and I think the product will be on the market in Europe in 2017. Management has been able to derisk this little company in a way many small companies haven't been able to do. . .[the dermal injector] is a novel instrument with extreme precision that sources the cells in the scalp. It has an analgesic delivery capability built in so it can simultaneously anesthetize the skin and obtain autologous dermal sheath cells. It will have many applications. . .RepliCel won't market the product itself, but will partner that out. The company could have the alopecia therapy on the market in Japan in 2018, and the dermal injector could be on the market in the EU in 2017. . .the device is a catalyst. Even though RepliCel will have data in the alopecia and tendon repair indications later this year, I think dermal injector may carry more weight because the market may realize it represents the fastest route to commercialization and revenues, which would help the company mitigate some of its cash burn. The adoption and costs to market the device are much less than they would be for developing and commercializing a therapeutic." read more >

"RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. greets the new year with new CEO, Lee Buckler, who's been involved as part of the executive team since late 2014. He's a terrific guy, and everyone in the regenerative medicine space thinks a lot of him. I also want to pay my respects to the prior CEO and cofounder David Hall. David shepherded this company from the very beginning to its first proof of concept and corporate partnership. The company's technology platform is based on the regenerative cells of the hair follicle, which is an interesting site for cells of all types. There is a review article out there that says it all; it refers to the adult hair follicle as a 'menagerie of cells with regenerative characteristics. RepliCel's platform is a sophisticated technology that deals with different parts of the hair follicle. The company's RCT-01 (autologous non-bulbar dermal sheath cells) is being developed for Achilles tendinosis. It's isolated from the patient's scalp with a single punch biopsy. This program is in a phase 1/2 trial with 28 patients; final data collection is scheduled for September 2016. The RCH-01 (autologous dermal sheath cup cells) candidate is isolated from the bottom of the hair follicle and is a proposed therapy for androgenic alopecia—male pattern baldness. The company proposes a Phase 2 trial with 160 patients. . .the company's RCS-01 cell product is just starting a Phase 1 clinical study to rejuvenate aging skin. That trial will contain 30 patients; final data collection will occur in about February 2018. . ." read more >

Douglas Loe, Euro Pacific Canada (10/20/15)
"RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. announced this morning that the first group of three patients has been enrolled for the company's 30-patient Phase I clinical trial evaluating the autologous hair follicle-derived non-bulbar dermal sheath cells as a skin rejuvenation treatment in patients with ultraviolet-damaged and aged skin. . .we are encouraged by the progress made in advancing all RepliCel hair-follicle derived cell therapies into formal clinical testing."

"RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. caught my attention because of its hair regeneration or restoration technology. That may not be the application that first goes commercial, but it's interesting and there's a lot of money in this area. . .RepliCel has a way of using dermal-related cells that is far less invasive. . .the company's technology can be used to regenerate hair, and a related technology can be used to repair tendons for patients with tendinitis or major tendon injuries. Interestingly, because of the nature of the cells RepliCel is using and its process, cost and scale aren't issues. Other scientists give it a thumbs up, saying the science is good. The company is currently in a set of Phase 1 and 2 trials for both the hair regeneration and for tendon repair. Early results seem to be very good. RepliCel is under the radar. It based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and trades off the Canadian exchange and over the counter in the U.S. at very low prices. Keep an eye out the next set of results and for a move to a major stock exchange. For those who want to get in very early, this is a very provocative, very interesting company." read more >

Douglas Loe, Euro Pacific Canada (9/2/15)
"RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. announced that the firm has been formally cleared by the Paul Ehrlich Institute to conduct the company's Phase 1 clinical trial using its autologous hair follicle therapy RCS-01 for the purposes of skin rejuvenation in healthy volunteers. Our model had assumed that this 30-patient study could commence by H2 FY15, and we are encouraged to see that RepliCel's second Phase 1/2 cell therapy study is thus on pace to generate two-year safety/efficacy data by FY18 as we already assumed."

"An interesting little Canadian company called RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. has, again, an autologous cell platform. It's a regeneration technology. One indication the company is going after is chronic Achilles tendinosis, and that is based on the non-bulbar dermal sheath (NBDS) cells of the hair follicle. These RCT-01 (NBDS fibroblast therapy) cells are used to restore functional deficits in the tendon, and they are harvested from a single punch biopsy. Another indication is androgenic alopecia; the company is utilizing dermal sheath cup cells isolated from the bottom of the hair follicle with its RCH-01 therapy. Here you have a micro-cap company with a technology that essentially has been endorsed by Japan-based Shiseido Co. in alopecia. RepliCel has also created a unique injector to load the stem cells back into the epidermis. This injector has a market of its own. The company also has a Phase 1 program with RCS-01 for sun-damaged and aging skin. . ." read more >

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Alan Leong, CEO – BioWatch News
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Eden Rahim, Portfolio Manager and Options Strategist – Next Edge Capital, Theta Strategies Capital

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