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Arno Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative products for the treatment of cancer. Arno has exclusive worldwide rights to develop and market three innovative anticancer product candidates. These compounds are in clinical or preclinical development as product candidates to treat hematologic malignancies and solid tumors.

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"When we treat patients who have had heavy targeting of their androgen receptors with drugs like enzalutamide and abiraterone, so that they have started to become resistant to the therapy, the DNA repair genes become upregulated. One of the genes that is upregulated in these biopsies is the progesterone receptor, which is the target of Arno Therapeutics Inc.'s onapristone. A significant number of patients have elevated progesterone receptors, and in the way that the PARP inhibitor drugs target the other genetic abnormality, the progesterone receptor should be an effective target in the group of patients display this abnormality. This would be a great application of 'precision medicine,' which everybody talks about. . .I became excited [about working with Arno's compound]; a number of my colleagues at the Prostate Cancer Foundation and in the field of prostate cancer also see this as a significant potential target that could address patients whose cancers have metastasized and who may exhibit this particular abnormality. There are two Phase 1/2 clinical trials underway now. Both are open-label and in progesterone receptor-expressing tumors. . ." read more >

John Eckhart, Seeking Alpha (1/28/16)
"Arno Therapeutics Inc.'s key drug is Onapristone, which is already proven to be effective in terms of breast cancer treatment, and the Phase 2 trials continue to point in a positive direction for both endometrial cancer and castration-resistant prostate cancer treatments. . .when the results for the Phase 2a trial get released, expect this company to hit over $1 in 2016."

"We have had a long relationship with Arno Therapeutics Inc. It lost a significant portion of its valuation over the past year, but we didn't sell even one share. We wanted to give Arno a fighting chance with onapristone. We think that on progesterone receptor-positive prostate and breast cancers, the odds are good that onapristone will get some responses in refractory cancer patients. . .the management team is very strong. I'm a true believer in the chairman, Dr. Arie Belldegrun, who is a serial entrepreneur. He sold Cougar Biotechnology Inc. to Johnson & Johnson. He sold Agensys Inc. to Astellas Pharma, and he's the executive chairman, CEO and founder of Kite Pharma. He is also a urologic oncologist, and professor of urology at the UCLA Institute of Urologic Oncology at the David Geffen School of Medicine. Arno's CEO, Dr. Alex Zukiwski, is also very strong. . .we have good investors. It's not just Arie Belldegrun, but also David Bonderman, chairman of TPG Capital. We also have Dr. Phillip Frost, CEO and chairman of OPKO Health Inc.; Frost also served as Teva Pharmaceutical's chairman of the board. Arno has many more sophisticated investors. . .I think that investors are trading Arno shares at very low volume while they wait to see if the company will raise more money, or generate good data and then raise money. This company has been low profile, and is very much under the radar. It is not pitching its story before coming up with good results. I really believe that Arno will generate good data before raising more money and will win this thing. . .we think there is a good scientific rationale that onapristone will work on prostate cancer patients, and breast cancer as well. We don't want to say Arno will be Medivation and will give you a billion-dollar market cap. We want to do the right thing. We want to see good data first. . .onapristone was licensed from Bayer AG, but it was not for oncology indications; Arno came up with its own formulation for oncology. We believe we have a very good story for prostate and breast cancer indications." read more >

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Dr. Stuart Holden, Clinical Professor of Urology – UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine
Ran Nussbaum, Manager & Partner – Pontifax

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Lead compound onapristone in Phase 2 in endometrioid cancer patients