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Aethlon Medical Inc. creates affinity biofiltration devices to treat life-threatening diseases. The company's lead therapeutic candidate is the Aethlon Hemopurifier, a first-in-class device that targets the rapid elimination of infectious viruses and cancer-promoting exosomes from the circulatory system of treated individuals.

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Management Q&A: View From the Top
James Joyce
Executive Chairman James "Jim" Joyce of Exosome Sciences, a subsidiary of Aethlon Medical Inc., shares the initial clinical results of a biomarker study to diagnose chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a neurodegenerative disorder often found in professional football players through postmortem autopsy.
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Brian Marckx, Zacks Small-Cap Research (2/26/16)
"Aethlon Medical Inc.'s novel blood filtration device could have utility in the treatment of hepatitis C, HIV, sepsis, cancer, pandemic diseases and bioterror applications. The company recently got FDA and IRB approvals to run a human study in HCV, which is a major milestone. . . DARPA contracts have provided revenue/cash while also providing credibility of the technology. . .management has been very resilient and successful in pursuing high potential opportunities. . .Pandemic viruses such as Zika could offer attractive commercializable opportunities for Hemopurifier."

Brian Marckx, Zacks Small-Cap Research (2/5/16)
"Aethlon Medical Inc. reported financial results for Q3/16. . . successes on the operational front over the last few months have included acceptance of the manuscript of the DETECT study, finalizing training of investigators conducting the U.S. feasibility study, additional clinical experience with the TauSome CTE assay including use in a new NIH-funded study, approval to conduct an Indian-based study with Hemopurifier in dengue virus, and validation of Hemopurifier in the in vitro capture of chikungunya virus. . .the company continues to make substantive positive progress on several fronts, including strengthening the balance sheet and ongoing ability to raise capital."

Management Q&A: View From the Top
James Joyce
Exosome Sciences, a majority-owned subsidiary of Aethlon Medical Inc., is pioneering the potential use of an exosome-based biomarker to diagnose chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a condition that otherwise can only be identified postmortem.
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"Aethlon Medical Inc.'s lead therapeutic, the Hemopurifier, is a first-in-class device that selectively and rapidly eliminates circulating viruses and tumor-secreted exosomes that promote cancer progression. The Hemopurifier was named one of the top 25 inventions of 2014 by Time magazine, and one of the 11 most remarkable advances in healthcare in 2014. That's a really impressive accomplishment. We've seen a lot of acceleration for Aethlon Medical during the past year, since the Hemopurifier was used successfully to treat an Ebola patient in Germany. It reduced the viral load by 99% in less than seven hours, which piqued interest in the company. Since then, Aethlon has been investigating potential applications of its Hemopurifier to a broad spectrum of the world's deadliest viral pathogens, including dengue fever, Ebola and strains of avian influenza. . ." read more >

Kayt Sukel, Fortune (9/10/15)
"Current trends also have companies looking at the use of sensors, robotics and analytics to better understand the nature of infectious disease; one example. . .is Aethlon Medical Inc.'s Hemopurifier, a bio-filtration device that captures viruses and toxic proteins in the blood. . .Hemopurifier can be used for the treatment of Ebola, as well as for HIV, hepatitis C and other illnesses. TIME Magazine named the device one of the best inventions of 2014." Read the full story here.

"Aethlon Medical Inc. uplisted to the NASDAQ in mid-July. . .the company uses dialysis-like affinity and filtration platforms to remove cancer-causing agents from the circulatory system. Aethlon has approved products that remove viruses, and is now also targeting breast cancer." read more >

"Aethlon Medical Inc. has a product called Hemopurifier, an extracorporeal blood filter used with typical blood circulatory equipment, such as dialysis machines. Initially the company developed the device to remove the hepatitis C virus (HCV) from the blood, and it has shown some success in that regard. In fact, a small, U.S.-based clinical study with HCV patients recently started. But it may have more utility than in just HCV. In fact, Hemopurifier was used with an Ebola patient who became infected during the recent outbreak in West Africa. . .prior to Hemopurifier administration, the patient had multiple organ failure, was unconscious and had a viral load of 400,000 (400K) virus copies/ml. Following a 6.5-hour treatment with Hemopurifier viral load was 1K virus copies/ml. Hemopurifier captured 253 million copies of Ebola. . .the fact that it captured a significant amount of the virus certainly seems encouraging. Aethlon is now seeking Humanitarian Device Exemption from the FDA, which would allow use of Hemopurifier for Ebola in emergency situations. The company is also considering initiation of Ebola studies in both the U.S. and Canada. . ." read more >

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