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RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. is a regenerative medicine company focused on developing autologous cell therapies that address conditions caused by a deficit of healthy cells required for normal healing and function. The Companyís product pipeline is comprised of two ongoing clinical trials (RCT-01: tendon repair and RCS-01: skin rejuvenation) as well as its RCH-01: hair restoration product under exclusive license by Shiseido Company for certain Asian countries. All product candidates are based on RepliCelís innovative technology, utilizing cell populations isolated from a patientís healthy hair follicles. The Company has also developed a proprietary injection device (RCI-02) optimized for the administration of its products and licensable for use with other dermatology applications.

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Echelon Wealth Partners detailed the terms and impact of this cell therapy developer's recent alliance in Asia.
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Douglas Loe, Echelon Wealth Partners (1/16/18)
"RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. consummated a new strategic alliance in Asia this week, building on the alliance in Japan already in place with Shiseido by adding new China-based partner and equity investor, natural products/consumer products-focused Yofoto Health Industry (private), to its alliance network. . .the impact that the new Yofoto investment has on the company's capital structure is not just transformational but dramatically so."

Colin Lee Novick
Japan and the United States are hotspots for companies that are looking to license-out exciting regenerative medicine technology, says Colin Lee Novick, managing director of CJ PARTNERS. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Novick discusses a regenerative medicine company pursuing partnerships in Japan for its cell therapies to treat chronic tendinosis, damaged or aged skin, and pattern baldness.
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"RepliCel had one clinical trial, Phase 1/2a, for tendon repair in chronic Achilles tendinosis on the RCT-01, a randomized 3:1, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial at the University of British Columbia Sports Medicine Clinic with eight participants. As for final results, the trial met its goal and established a complete safety profile at six months that showed no serious adverse events related to the study treatment or injection procedure. Usually, with the injection, you're going to get some mild irritation, but that's not a large safety issue. It allows RepliCel to proceed to the next stage. But importantly, using a VISA-A scale for Achilles tendon injury severity, the RCT-01 participants had an overall 15.3% improvement in their total score compared to baseline." read more >

Douglas Loe, Echelon Wealth Partners (9/13/17)
"RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. announced this morning that it is currently in partnership discussions, with potential partnerships focused not just on the firmís injector, but also on its regenerative medicine therapies. In summary, we remain encouraged by the tangible signals of interest in regards to the geographic distribution of where these discussions are taking place, spanning North America to Europe and more intensely in Asia. . .the update is certainly positive to the extent it gives us confidence that RepliCel sees the immediate value in expanding its partnership bandwidth in all regenerative medicine markets."

Douglas Loe, Echelon Wealth Partners (8/16/17)
"RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. announced its participation in the ThawSTAR Early Adopter Program, a cell processing system developed by private CA-based firm Medcision that works with companies in cell therapy processing, for which one of the challenges to sustaining cell viability is managing freeze-thaw cycles. RepliCel will specifically use Medcision's ThawSTAR AT2 Automated Cell Thawing Systems for upcoming Phase II trials using RPís non-bulbar dermal sheath fibroblast therapy RCS-01, aimed at the treatment of skin rejuvenation (the Phase I trial will be completed this month; interim results reported back in Apr/17)."

SmallCap Network (4/4/17)
"Replicel Life Sciences Inc. announced statistically and clinically significant positive data from the interim analysis of its phase I study evaluating RCS-01 for the treatment of aging and sun-damaged skin, and the markets are loving the news. . .the study observed the impact of the injection on ten different biomarkers that, in peer-reviewed medical literature, are highly correlated with skin aging and chronically sun-damaged skin. . .gene expression markers, such as tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases, showed significant changes expected to correlate with increased collagen fibers. Increased collagen production, and reduced collagen degradation, is associated with fewer wrinkles and the repair of sun-damaged skin."

Douglas Loe, Echelon Wealth Partners (4/4/17)
"RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. reported interim data this morning from its 17-patient Germany-based Phase I trial evaluating impact from its autologous non-bulbar dermal sheath cell (NBDS)-based therapy RCS-01 on biochemical markers of skin rejuvenation. . .clear evidence that RCS-01 up-regulates biochemical pathways that are known to be relevant to skin rejuvenation, as study design intended. . .the trial absolutely met its primary endpoint of demonstrating safety in patients, with no serious adverse events reported at the time of the trial. . .we continue to maintain our Price Target of $3.50."

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