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Geoff Meacham

J.P. Morgan

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Geoff Meacham joined J.P. Morgan in 2004 as a senior biotechnology analyst. He previously was an equity analyst at UBS following early stage biotech and life science companies for about four years. Geoff has been ranked for the past five years in the Institutional Investor poll, including a #2 ranking for the past four years. His research coverage spans from large-cap biotech companies with a global reach to small, development stage companies. He has also worked in the pharmaceutical industry for two years in a R&D capacity and he holds a Ph.D. in Cell Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Microbiology.

Recent Interviews

Hepatitis C and Orphan Diseases Driving Big Biotech Potential: Geoff Meacham (1/31/12) It may seem counterintuitive that rare diseases might actually be biotech growth drivers, but Senior Analyst and Managing Director Geoff Meacham of JPMorgan Chase makes just that case. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Meacham lays out his premise that hepatitis C and orphan disease drugs can cure the woes of growth-starved investors.

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"GILD has solid fundamentals and a best-in-class HIV franchise." (1/4/12) Gilead Sciences Inc. - Geoff Meacham, JPMorgan Chase More >

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