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Brian Marckx is the senior medical device/diagnostics analyst with Zacks Small-Cap Research, He covers small- and micro-cap medical device and diagnostic companies with a focus on development-stage companies with novel and emerging technologies, as well as already established names still flying under the radar. Prior to joining Zacks, Marckx worked as a high-yield bond analyst on Wachovia Securities' institutional trading desks, where he specialized in the healthcare and industrials industries. Prior to that he was an analyst in corporate finance at First Union National Bank. Marckx has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Bloomberg Businessweek and Kiplinger. His work has also been cited in various market studies and working papers including those from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Deloitte & Touche, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in finance from St. John Fisher College, and received his master's degree in business administration from Wake Forest University. Marckx is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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Four Small-Cap Medtechs Primed for Outsize Returns: Zacks' Brian Marckx (7/15/15)

In the U.S., the medical device and diagnostics industry has been burdened with conflicting regulations that have delayed commercialization and complicated reimbursement. In this interview, Brian Marckx, senior medical device/diagnostics analyst with Zacks Investment Research, tells The Life Sciences Report how that situation is changing and identifies some innovative companies poised to make the most of the situation.

Micro-Cap Medtech with Explosive Upside Potential: Brian Marckx (12/19/13)

Combine the complexity of genomic testing with the high risk inherent in micro-cap stocks, and you have investment opportunities that require exceptional diligence. The reward for understanding the value proposition of budding companies? The payoff can be enormous. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Senior Medical Device Analyst Brian Marckx of Zacks Investment Research has selected eight micro-cap names that could return triples, quads and more for investors willing to do their homework.

Eight Small-Cap Medtechs with Big Prospects: Brian Marckx (8/7/13)

Small-cap medical technology has long been regarded as the ugly duckling of biotech. . .but think again. Brian Marckx of Zacks Small-Cap Research believes that the real gems of the medtech space complement—and can even outshine—sexier drug and surgical therapies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Marckx makes a strong case for eight small- and micro-cap names that could bring home huge returns for investors.

Recent Quotes

"VIVE continues to make substantive progress towards their quest to commercialize the Viveve System in the U.S."

— Brian Marckx, Zacks Equity Research (10/13/16)
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— Brian Marckx, Zacks Equity Research (6/22/16)
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— Brian Marckx, Zacks Equity Research (6/15/16)
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"AEMD recently got FDA and IRB approvals to run a human study in HCVwhich is a major milestone."

— Brian Marckx, Zacks Small-Cap Research (5/25/16)
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"AEMD's management has been very resilient and successful in pursuing high potential opportunities."

— Brian Marckx, Zacks Small-Cap Research (2/26/16)
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"AEMD continues to make substantive positive progress on several fronts."

— Brian Marckx, Zacks Small-Cap Research (2/5/16)
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"Development of AEMD's Hemopurifier continues to ramp up, and results to date look very encouraging."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Brian Marckx (7/15/15)
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"AEMD's continued substantive progress has merited our upgrade to Outperform."

— Brian Marckx, Zacks Equity Research (2/11/15)
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