Biotechnology / Pharmaceuticals Interviews

As Nitric Oxide Comes Off Patent, Lower-Cost Options for Life Saving Drug Becoming Possible

Dr. Ronald Day, a pediatric cardiologist at the University of Utah, has been using nitric oxide to treat children with pulmonary hypertension. Now, with a court ruling invalidating much of a drug patent for nitric oxide, lower-cost options might become available. - 08/22/2018

What Stephen Hawking Missed: Small Biotechs Developing Promising Cell Therapies for Devastating Disease

In the second of a two-part series exploring the disruptive cell therapy space, Maxim Group analyst Jason McCarthy takes a look at small-cap companies targeting big-ticket indications and their potential to drive blockbuster value for both patients and investors. - 05/02/2018

Risk Versus Reward: The Value of Cell Therapy for Patients and Investors

The cell therapy space, encompassing disruptive new treatment including stem cell therapy, immunotherapy and gene editing, has begun to mature, with a handful of product approvals and others in late-stage development. In the first of a two-part series examining the disruptive technology, Maxim Group analyst Jason McCarthy exposes the upsides and downsides of the space, and the companies at its forefront. - 04/25/2018

Fund Manager Names Three Small-Caps with Strong Growth Profiles

The annual AlphaNorth Capital Conference features small-cap non-resource companies with high growth prospects. AlphaNorth's founder and chief investment officer, Steve Palmer, profiles several companies that he believes have bright prospects. - 02/22/2018

2018 Biotech Watchlist: 'No One Space Is Going to Dominate'

Michael King of JMP Securities provides a comprehensive round-up of companies he has selected for the 2018 Biotech Watchlist—companies in immuno-oncology, gene editing, and other indications that he believes offer promising opportunities for patients and investors. - 01/10/2018

Portfolio Manager's Biotech Watchlist Picks for 2018

StoneCastle Investment Management has a high-growth fund that invests wherever it finds opportunities, and it is bullish on healthcare. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, portfolio manager Bruce Campbell highlights four companies that he is putting on Streetwise Reports' 2018 Biotech Watchlist. - 01/02/2018

Japan Is Fertile Ground for Biotech Deals

Japan and the United States are hotspots for companies that are looking to license-out exciting regenerative medicine technology, says Colin Lee Novick, managing director of CJ PARTNERS. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Novick discusses a regenerative medicine company pursuing partnerships in Japan for its cell therapies to treat chronic tendinosis, damaged or aged skin, and pattern baldness. - 10/04/2017

Small-Caps Rushing to Fill the NASH Treatment Pipeline

NASH is an epidemic in the U.S., with more than 100 million people believed to be affected. Yet no FDA-approved treatments are available, with the exception of liver transplantation for end-stage disease. In part two of his interview with The Life Sciences Report, Ed Arce, managing director in equity research and senior analyst covering companies in the biopharmaceuticals and specialty pharmaceuticals sectors for H.C. Wainwright, and organizer of the recent inaugural NASH Investor Conference, says that small companies are rushing to fill the pipeline, with numerous compounds in trials. - 05/24/2017

Big Pharma Sets Its Sights on NASH Epidemic

Up to one-third of Americans may have conditions that lead to NASH, yet the disease is far from a household name. Closely linked with obesity, the disease does not become symptomatic until very late stage. Ed Arce, managing director in equity research and a senior analyst covering companies in the biopharmaceuticals and specialty pharmaceuticals sectors for H.C. Wainwright, organized the recent inaugural NASH Investor Conference. In part one of his interview with The Life Sciences Report, Arce discusses the disease, its market potential and how companies large and small are trying to fix the current dearth of treatments. - 05/17/2017

Five Companies with Favorable Risk/Reward Profiles from the AlphaNorth Capital Conference

The 4th annual AlphaNorth Capital Conference brought together over 40 emerging growth companies with top investors. In this interview with Streetwise Reports, Steve Palmer, founder and president of AlphaNorth Asset Management and a co-organizer of the conference, discusses a diverse group of companies that were selected to attend the conference, including three biotech companies. - 04/12/2017

Four Biotech Mid-Caps Fund Manager Eden Rahim Believes Have Favorable Catalysts

Biotech may be the last great bastion of stock picking, posits Eden Rahim, who manages the Toronto-based Next Edge Bio-Tech Plus Fund. The fund is up 40% in the last 12 months. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Rahim provides his view of the sector and profiles four companies he believes may have great upside. - 04/05/2017

Stellar Biotechnologies (SBOT:NASDAQ) Could Rise with KLH Vaccine Trial Success

Several KLH-based vaccines are in trials for indications as varied as breast cancer and lupus, and clinical success could propel Stellar Biotechnologies, which is the only provider of KLH that has its own aquaculture facilities, says Jason McCarthy, an equity research analyst with Maxim Securities. Maxim currently has a price target of $4 on Stellar and the stock currently trades at around $1.65. - 03/01/2017

Companies Flocking to Japan for Biotech Deals

For the last two years, Japan has been at the forefront of accelerated approval for regenerative medicine products and has seen lots of licensing and contract manufacturing deals and M&A activity. Tokyo-based Colin Lee Novick, managing director of CJ PARTNERS, surveys the landscape, discussing recent tie-ups, the effects of the recently passed 21st Century Cures Act in the U.S., and what may lie ahead. - 02/01/2017

Partnerships Propel Stellar Biotechnologies' Vaccine Technology

Maxim analyst Jason McCarthy sees nothing but blue sky for Stellar Biotechnologies Inc., even though its product originated in the deep blue sea. With blockbuster indications like cancer, lupus and Alzheimer's disease being targeted by partners, and a manufacturing process sure to satisfy regulators, McCarthy lays out a value proposition for Stellar's KLH that investors should not ignore. - 06/22/2016

Advantage: Australia. Biotechs Surge Ahead in Regenerative Medicine and Immuno-Oncology

Biotech and medtech startups are not confined to the U.S. and Europe. Unmet medical needs exist all over the globe, and they create a powerful vacuum that sucks in bright minds and risk-taking capitalists. Australia is a good example: The regulatory environment supports first-in-human experimentation and entrepreneurship. Healthcare Analyst Dennis Hulme of Edison Investment Research is headquartered in Sydney, and in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, he cites a group of Australian medtech and biotech names that investors should look at very carefully. - 05/11/2016

Let Volatility Power Your Micro-Cap Biotechs

ROTH Capital Partners' Joseph Pantginis falls into that old-fashioned category of analysts who believe that good data can't help but drive a stock, no matter how far into the depths it may have sunk. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Pantginis presents his detailed growth theory on two names, and he leaves two Focus Picks on the table for investors to do further diligence on. - 04/27/2016

Drug Pricing, Presidential Politics, and Three Biotechs with Promise

While the vagaries of the 2016 political season create uncertainty in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, companies are moving ahead with innovative cell therapies, gene therapies and new, safer ways to deliver addictive drugs, and investors find themselves in a position to play the development ideas with varying degrees of risk. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, George Zavoico of Jones Trading Institutional Services explores how the presidential race could affect the biotech industry, and explains the growth prospects of three biotech names that could strike gold. - 04/13/2016

How Three Companies Have Been Resurrected from Failed Clinical Trials: George Zavoico of JonesTrading

Data can create or destroy the value of a biotech investment in an instant, but hitting or missing an endpoint doesn't always tell the story. For instance, Genentech's Herceptin (trastuzumab) is a blockbuster, bringing in $7.4B in revenue during 2015, but at one point investigators thought it was a complete failure. It took patience, time, additional capital and careful analysis of subpopulations of breast cancer patients to figure out that Herceptin would ultimately save many lives. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, George Zavoico of JonesTrading Institutional Services discusses the growth prospects of three biotech names that have been wrecked and left for dead, but could ultimately resurrect themselves from a misleading pile of rubble. - 04/06/2016

From Acorns Mighty Biotech Trees Can Grow: Laidlaw's Jim Molloy

After a devastating start to 2016, biotech stocks have snapped back. Laidlaw & Co. analyst Jim Molloy likes the resurgence he's seeing in biotechnology share prices, but cautions that confirmation of a recovery will require cash-laden drug developers to begin acquiring smaller biotechs trading at depressed market valuations. In the meantime, Molloy says, individual and small institutional investors can still buy growth stories at bargain prices. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Molloy mentions three names with near-term catalysts that, with good data, can bring a needed lift to biotech portfolios. - 03/16/2016

Seven Biotech Names on the Upswing: 2016 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist Update

Biotech stocks—and the stock market in general—took a dive at the beginning of 2016, headed down on macroeconomic factors such as financial instability in China. The Life Sciences Report's 2016 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist was not immune to that movement, heading into negative territory almost from the moment the selected companies were introduced. But as the market has shown signs of rebounding, so too has the Watchlist. - 03/09/2016

Embrace Low-Cap Biotech for High Gains: Eden Rahim of Next Edge Capital

Eden Rahim of Toronto-based Next Edge Capital has had his share of multibagger and grand-slam successes, and is one of the few mutual fund managers who feels comfortable investing in micro-cap biotech names side-by-side with billion-dollar biotech stocks. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Rahim describes a group of micro-, small- and mid-cap biotech names possessing powerful growth drivers that could perform even when the overall market is not so hot. - 03/02/2016

Minimizing Mistakes in a Volatile Biotech Market: H.C. Wainwright's Ed Arce

Continuing stock market volatility is causing some investors to rethink their biotech investments. For generalists, in particular, choosing a winning company is almost a roll of the dice. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Ed Arce, a managing director with H.C. Wainwright & Co., shares insights investors can use to avoid mistakes when evaluating up-and-coming companies, and identifies some likely winners for 2016. - 02/24/2016

Circling the Globe for Uncommon Biotech Opportunities: Van Leeuwenhoeck's Marcel Wijma

Stock analysts fall into a few different categories. There are buyside analysts and sellside analysts, and then there are independent analysts commissioned by companies to highlight underexposed business models and growth prospects. The independent analyst, such as Van Leeuwenhoeck's Marcel Wijma, normally works in the small- and micro-cap stock universe, where the buyside and sellside rarely go. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Wijma brings to light five diverse, overlooked small-cap biotech stocks from Canada, Europe and Australia that could bring huge returns to investor portfolios. - 02/17/2016

Healthy Biotech Growth from Four Seedling Stocks: Raghuram Selvaraju of Rodman & Renshaw

It takes nerves of steel to follow micro-cap stocks and ascribe future valuations in hefty multiples. Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju of Rodman & Renshaw has made the micro- and small-cap biotech universe his specialty, and his track record is impressive. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Selvaraju, a former big pharma researcher, details four growth names that could follow in the hallowed footsteps of previous winners. - 02/10/2016

Look North for Value-Priced Growth in Healthcare: StoneCastle's Bruce Campbell

Canada is a wellspring for natural resources and the industries built around them. But the country also encompasses healthcare-related businesses that are growing, generating cash flow and flourishing. Bruce Campbell of StoneCastle Investment Management has managed both U.S. and Canadian portfolios, and he knows both spheres. As a hedge fund and mutual fund manager concentrating on Canadian companies, he has made a specialty in acquisitions of cash-generating healthcare companies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Campbell discusses seven small-cap growth names, all of which have reached share-price levels that do not reflect their capacity to grow. Some may offer rare opportunities to buy at risk-mitigated value prices. - 02/03/2016

The 2016 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist Debuts at the Biotech Showcase

This may prove a challenging year for small-cap biotechs, but the five analysts who selected companies for inclusion on The Life Sciences Report's 2016 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist believe these companies have a good shot at producing innovative products in a variety of indications and producing value for investors. Discovery, it turns out, is not just about finding the cure for a particular disease; it's also about finding the companies best poised to reach that goal. - 01/27/2016

The Academic Approach to Biotech Stocks: Alan Leong of BioWatch News

Combining academic discipline with methodical due diligence, Alan Leong of BioWatch News undertakes a regimented review of each biotech and medtech stock he investigates. In some cases he will follow a company's clinical development program and data for years before he pulls the trigger and recommends a name. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Leong presents a number of names for investors' consideration. Many won't be mentioned in his usual write-ups: It's an early look at what's on his watch list and in his inbox. Each company carries its own risks, but every stock has a special growth story that could propel huge gains if data fall into place. - 01/20/2016

A Bucket of Canadian Stocks Set to Soar in 2016: Euro Pacific Canada's Doug Loe

The new year is off to a turbulent start, with indices across all markets, including biotech, sliding downward in the face of headwinds from China. Canadian healthcare stocks offer a windbreak for biotech investors, however, especially if they select a diversified basket across the various sectors. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Euro Pacific Canada's Doug Loe details a basket of Canadian companies that offer shelter from the storm. - 01/13/2016

Immunotherapy Inside the Cell: Three Companies on Their Way to the 'Holy Grail' of Cancer Treatment

Targeting diseases from inside the cell could be medicine's version of the dawn of the Internet. Or, as newsletter writer Chen Lin describes it, advances from companies like Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. to introduce autologous immunotherapy intracellularly "opens a whole dimension." Dorman Followwill of Frost & Sullivan suggests this new approach could shift the focus from "therapy" to "cure," with rewards for the companies leading the way. In this article, The Life Sciences Report explores the possibilities of these new technologies—and the prospects for companies like Sorrento, Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. and OncoSec Medical Inc.—with Lin, Followwill and Ram Selvaraju of Rodman and Renshaw. - 01/06/2016

Let Your Biotech Winners Ride into Orbit: Jason Napodano of BioNap Consulting

Before starting his own firm in July, Jason Napodano spent more than 12 years at Zacks Investment Research producing highly detailed small-cap biotechnology research. Today, as owner and senior analyst at BioNap Consulting, Napodano is doing much the same, but with more flexibility. He follows dozens of companies and continues to perform diligence on new names with the single goal of finding multibaggers. One of his themes is to take a biotech basket-of-stocks approach, since he knows some names will fail but the winners will move upward with momentum. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Napodano discusses small-cap names with the potential to power portfolios to extraordinary levels. - 12/16/2015


Panelists Select 19 Companies for the 2016 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist

In advance of the Biotech Showcase 2016, The Life Sciences Report has once again solicited top analysts to provide the names of innovative biotech companies that investors should keep an eye on in the upcoming year. - 12/15/2015

How to Get Your Piece of the Growing $186B Biomarine Industry: BICA's Pierre Erwes

Sustainable harvesting the bounty of the ocean for pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic uses is big business—$186 billion per year and growing. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, BioMarine International Clusters Association Chairman Pierre Erwes shares the names of some public and private biotech companies making waves in the blue economy. - 12/09/2015

Regenerative Medicine Follows the CAR T-Cell Gravy Train: Maxim Group's Jason Kolbert and Jason McCarthy

Why have stem cell and regenerative medicine companies underperformed other segments of biotech? Maxim Group's Jason Kolbert and Dr. Jason McCarthy identify a possible answer: Investors believe stem cell data has yet to definitively reach proof of concept in the blockbuster indications that the companies are pursuing. They want to see results like those shown by gene therapy/CAR-T companies, such as bluebird bio Inc. ("the Bird") in sickle cell disease. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Kolbert and McCarthy tackle the issues that have frustrated investors, and leave readers with a list of names that could reap multiples on investment while patients enjoy longer lives. - 12/02/2015

Clinton's Price Caps Are a Non-Starter: Liana Moussatos of Wedbush Securities

This fall, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton once again proposed price caps on out-of-pocket payments for pharmaceuticals. Liana Moussatos of Wedbush Securities has followed the price-cap discussion since the 1990s, and says the issue is more political than real. Given that, she tells The Life Sciences Report about some up-and-coming companies with products she believes are likely to make big improvements in the health of patients and the wallets of investors. - 11/24/2015

Oppenheimer's Rohit Vanjani: Finding Profit in the Generic Drug Pricing Wars

Several controversies have taken the air out of drug and biotech stocks, which performed quite well until midsummer. Among the injured players are generic drug makers, which landed hard after a high-flying period. But Oppenheimer & Co.'s Rohit Vanjani sees clear ways to profit despite the blowups. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, the analyst identifies a handful of select generic drug and specialty pharma stocks that still have pricing power and margin expansion potential. - 11/18/2015

Raymond James Analyst Reni Benjamin: Regenerating Portfolios with Cell Therapies, Antibodies and Small Molecules

Reni Benjamin of Raymond James has watched biotechnology move into a new era in which cells and genes can be manipulated to produce true disease-modifying results. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Benjamin outlines the groundbreaking work being done by a number of companies with the potential to return multiples on investment over the next two to three years. - 11/04/2015

Eight Ways to Leverage the Small-Cap Biotech Bull Market: Ajay Tandon and Jay Albany of SeeThruEquity

SeeThruEquity's Ajay Tandon and Jay Albany are riding the biotech bull by harnessing the huge upside potential of micro-cap companies working in multiple subsectors, particularly in the rapidly advancing cancer immunotherapy sector. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Tandon and Albany toss the names of several companies into the arena for investors' consideration. - 10/28/2015

The Inflammatory Disease Marketplace Meets the Drug Pricing Controversy: FBR & Co.'s Vernon Bernardino

Chronic inflammation causes long-term pain and tissue scarring, manifesting in a range of diseases from rheumatoid arthritis to liver cirrhosis. With the introduction of gene therapy and immunotherapeutics, novel strategies targeting inflammatory disorders are being developed, creating hope for patients with no other clinical options. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, FBR & Co.'s Vernon Bernardino provides insight on companies developing such strategies that also present solid investment opportunities. - 10/21/2015

JMP Security's Michael King Jr.: Use Stock Volatility to Invest in Innovative Oncology Companies

Recent stock market volatility is an opportunity for biotech investors to pick up great stocks before market caps rise substantially. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Michael King Jr. of JMP Securities predicts an ongoing bull market for oncology and highlights some good buys in companies with experienced management and innovative science. - 10/14/2015

BTIG's Hartaj Singh's Advice for Biotech Investors: 'Hold Your Powder' 'til Winter

While waiting for biotech stocks to correct, investors should be focused on performing due diligence, says Hartaj Singh of investment firm BTIG LLC. Growth in company valuations has outpaced sales for several years, but the coming weeks will see rapid fluctuations as the two begin to realign. In this interview, Singh shares his predictions for the rest of 2015 with The Life Sciences Report, and identifies several companies to hold for potentially big returns. - 09/30/2015

Slaying Oncology and Infectious Disease with Immunotherapy's Double-Edged Sword: Maxim Group's Jason McCarthy

Maxim Group Equity Analyst Jason McCarthy has developed a biotechnology theme that leverages immunotherapy platforms serving both cancer and infectious disease indications. It's an elegant dual premise that enables one side to fund development of the other, and it seems to be working beautifully for companies and their shareholders. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, McCarthy explains the principle and describes five companies proving up the model's profitability. - 09/23/2015

Fallen Biotech Angels to Arise: John McCamant and Jay Silverman of the Medical Technology Stock Letter

It's all about data for John McCamant and Jay Silverman of the Medical Technology Stock Letter, and right now it's festival time as we approach the busy season of market-moving catalysts and milestones. From now until December, biotech investors will be focused on the press releases, webinars and scientific presentations that serve as a vitality tonic for the entire biotech industry. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, McCamant and Silverman give a detailed picture of their growth theories on six biotech stocks that could reap many multiples on invested capital over the next few years. - 09/16/2015

CAR T-Cell Therapeutics: Alan Leong of BioWatch Looks Beyond the Buzz for Solid Early-Stage Plays

CAR T-cell therapies show amazing potential in treating blood cancers, but there's a lot of work to do before the cells are ready for commercialization. Alan Leong, senior analyst with BioWatch, tells The Life Sciences Report about the latest in CAR T-cell therapeutics and how some companies are hedging their bets by developing bispecific antibodies. He also describes the reality behind the growing excitement in regenerative medicine, and what investors should know about some very innovative, but often overlooked, small companies. - 09/09/2015

Buy Biotech When There's Blood on the Street: Pontifax's Ran Nussbaum

Ran Nussbaum, managing partner with The Pontifax Group, doesn't worry too much about overall market volatility. Biotechs, he feels, are somewhat immune to turmoil because their fundamentals are based in real life. He prefers to play on good science and unmet medical needs, and then sit tight until a stock is discovered. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Nussbaum describes a few takeover candidates primed for stellar growth, as well as promising names that are part of the movement toward personalized medicine. - 09/02/2015

Novel Technology Platforms with Dramatic Growth Potential: Wedbush's David Nierengarten

In the past five years, development of new therapies has aimed for true disease modification and actual cures. Many novel ideas are now in the clinic, and have opened up fresh opportunities for dramatic industry growth, especially in the gene and cellular therapy realm. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, David Nierengarten of Wedbush Securities brings a handful of select names to investors' attention, including a couple of companies with technologies that could revolutionize medicine. - 08/26/2015

Acquisitions Power Growth of Companies and Portfolios: StoneCastle's Bruce Campbell

Small-cap life science investors in the U.S. are focused on binary-event catalysts and major milestones that either propel stocks into the stratosphere or crash them to the ground. In Canada the focus is a bit different. Bruce Campbell of StoneCastle Investment Management has made a killing over the past year on rather unadventurous healthcare companies that have been acquiring smaller businesses and growing outward by fixing spokes to a hub. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Campbell describes five small-cap growth stories poised to ring up more acquisitions, more cash flow and more share price appreciation to portfolios. - 08/19/2015

Harness Biotech Volatility with an Options Strategy: Theta Strategy Capital's Eden Rahim

Volatility is the nature of the biotech beast, and it must be tamed or utilized to advantage. That's the philosophy of Eden Rahim, portfolio manager and option strategist at Theta Strategies Capital. Can you grow a portfolio if some of your more successful names are called away by option buyers before the stock goes into the stratosphere? The answer is yes, and in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Rahim describes his technique and leaves readers with six names that he fully expects to reap very large gains. - 08/12/2015

Regenerative Medicine in Japan: CJ PARTNERS' Colin Lee Novick

Regenerative medicine is just beginning to be understood by governments and investors alike. Last autumn, new regulations took effect in Japan that promise to speed patient access to some of these new therapies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Colin Lee Novick, managing partner with CJ PARTNERS, describes Japan's regenerative medicine frontier and lists investment-worthy companies that are pushing the boundaries. - 08/05/2015

Zacks' Jason Napodano Is Not Focused on a Biotech Bubble

It's all about the fundamentals for Jason Napodano, CFA, of Zacks Investment Research. Revenue and earnings at the big biotechs are signaling investors that the market is still strong, and that there is still a huge thirst for early-stage devices, small molecules, biologics and cellular therapies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Napodano details the upside for small-cap biotech names that he believes will be huge gainers for investor portfolios. - 07/08/2015

Probe Biotech's Diverse Subsectors for Undervalued Companies: Van Leeuwenhoeck's Marcel Wijma

The life sciences industry is evolving rapidly. Many say it's at the beginning of an explosive growth stage that will see the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics and diagnostics still being imagined in scientific laboratories today. This explosion of innovation also means an explosion of investment opportunity. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Marcel Wijma, chief research analyst at Van Leeuwenhoeck Institute, explores some smaller companies working on the industry's forefront. - 07/01/2015

Opportunities in Cancer Immunotherapy Throttle Up: George Zavoico of JonesTrading

Biotech investors are abuzz over immune checkpoint inhibitors and T-cell therapies, but which ones do you pick? JonesTrading Institutional Services Senior Equity Analyst George Zavoico is moving rapidly to initiate coverage on some key names in this space, and is casting a wide net in hopes of catching winners. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Zavoico delineates some movers and shakers in the cancer immunotherapy field, and recommends investors keep their pencils sharp and eyes open as data emerge over the next year or two. - 06/24/2015

Capitalize on Comeback Stories in Micro-Cap Biotech: Joe Pantginis of ROTH Capital Partners

The list of problems with investing in micro-cap biotech stocks begins with extreme volatility and lack of liquidity and ends with the inability to get validation from sophisticated investors who are unable to own such small companies. Nevertheless, sift through the pile and investors can find gems. Joseph Pantginis of ROTH Capital Partners recognizes the characteristics that make some of these tiny companies move up the ladder in market valuation. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Pantginis discusses five names with development programs capable of generating dramatic growth. - 06/17/2015

The Big Picture: Edison's Pooya Hemami Looks Beyond Cancer for Biotech Winners

Analyst Pooya Hemami of Edison Investment Research casts a wide net when it comes to investment opportunities in the life sciences. You name it, his universe includes it: artificial sweeteners, blood tests, sleep aids, cancer treatments, brain health. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dr. Hemami reflects on the biotech market at midyear, and describes a robust basket of outstanding companies with pipeline treasures. - 06/10/2015

An Undervalued Biotech Is Testing the Cure for Cancer Now, and Chen Lin Wants In

Chen Lin produces a monthly scorecard that tracks the performance of the stocks in which he invests. Every month, he reveals how he is doing in his newsletter, What Is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling? In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lin identifies undervalued companies with paradigm-shattering pipeline products that could turn small change into big profits. - 06/03/2015

As Cancer Immunotherapy Turns 125, WBB Securities' Steve Brozak Ponders What Investors Can Expect from Biotech Next

Steve Brozak sees a bubble getting larger, and he is anticipating the time when biotech stocks pull back to take a breather, like all high-flying markets ultimately do. While investors may own innovative companies with highly disruptive technologies, Brozak insists on careful diligence to find names with the potential for explosive growth and avoid the disappearing acts. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Brozak, president and managing partner at WBB Securities, showcases six names with strong immunotherapeutic platforms that he believes have extraordinary potential to reward investors many times over. - 05/27/2015

Exceptional Management and Disruptive Products Top the Investment Checklist for Vista Partners' Ross Silver

Investing in micro- and small-cap biotech companies carries great risk, but for investors who take the time to dig out the value proposition, the upside can be phenomenal. Enter Ross Silver of Vista Partners, who publishes research and owns many of the stocks he writes about. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Silver puts two biotech names on the table for investors to consider. - 05/20/2015


A Bull Run Hiccup: 2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist Update

It's been four months since The Life Sciences Report's 2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist was announced at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco. The year is off to a bumpy start, though the rough ride is not predicated, necessarily, on individual company performance. Read on for highlights of the Watchlist's Q1/15 performance. - 05/13/2015

Fire Up the Immune System to Fight Cancers and Boost Portfolios: John McCamant

An immunotherapy revolution is rocking biotechnology, and investors are searching for just the right way to play the new trend. Do you go with an unknown company where the upside could be unparalleled? Do you go with an older name that has established partnerships with major pharmas? John McCamant, editor of the Medical Technology Stock Letter, has performed some serious diligence, and tells The Life Sciences Report about a handful of names with a range of market caps and the potential to achieve significant investment upside. - 05/12/2015

The Barbell Approach Builds Powerful Healthcare Stocks: StoneCastle's Bruce Campbell

Portfolio manager Bruce Campbell wants the best of both worlds in his Canadian healthcare investments. He looks for companies that are strong and balanced, with muscular organic growth on one side and healthy acquisitions on the other. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, the founder and president of Canada-based StoneCastle Investment Management spotlights six names that have proven themselves with good runs but have potential for much bigger gains. - 05/06/2015

How to Profit from Australia's Healthiest Biotechs: Wilson HTM's Shane Storey

Australia will always be known as a trove of natural resources, but its most precious treasure is the abundance of entrepreneurs who are all too happy to develop the country's intellectual assets. Shane Storey, head of research at Australia-based Wilson HTM Investment Group, observes that as the market value of resource commodities declines, investors are diverting investment capital to healthcare stocks, especially in the medical technology sector. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Storey presents three names that don't come close to their long-term fair valuation potential. The upside, he believes, could be quite dramatic. - 04/16/2015

Why Investors Shouldn't Worry About Explosive New Drug Pricing: Maxim's Jason Kolbert

It's the daring Phase 2-stage molecules of today that will bring patients a generation of biotech drugs that could cure certain deadly diseases tomorrow. The candidates that succeed will also energize the portfolios of investors who have exercised patience. Jason Kolbert of New York City-based Maxim Group relishes finding early-stage, cutting-edge, small-cap names that he believes will change the paradigm of medical practice. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Kolbert shares a list of favorite biotechs developing products that will command premium pricing and sustained performance in the marketplace. - 04/08/2015

Why Biotech Investors Should Target the Takeouts: Cantor Fitzgerald's Irina Rivkind Koffler

Taking a page out of Big Pharma's playbook—looking for likely takeout candidates—is a profitable way to approach small-cap biotechs as potential investments, especially since large caps with shrinking pipelines have an unquenchable hunger for good new drugs and technologies, and the resources to track those drugs and technologies down. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Irina Rivkind Koffler of Cantor Fitzgerald brings two companies with takeout potential to the table. - 04/02/2015

Three Biotechs that Could Radically Change the Practice of Medicine Forever: Wasatch Analyst Jill Wahleithner

Buyside analysts don't publish ratings and target prices for the public: Nearly all their notes, analyses and projections are top secret. However, in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Wasatch Advisors' Jill Wahleithner breaks that tacit rule. Wahleithner, a former big pharma scientist, identifies three unusual biotechs with advanced therapeutic technology platforms that could turn the tide against conditions that have plagued humankind for eons, and the potential returns on investment matches the potential to completely and radically change the practice of medicine forever. - 03/25/2015

Five Stocks Griffin Securities' Keith Markey Thinks Could Double or Triple

For Keith Markey of Griffin Securities, the science is paramount. Without understanding the underlying basis for activity, safety and efficacy, there's just no betting on a biotech stock. Over the last 25 years Markey has seen nearly every type of biotech success and failure, and it has made him take a hard, discerning look at every new name that comes his way. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Markey brings investors five technologically advanced biotech stocks, each with the potential to double, triple or do even better. - 03/11/2015

How Alan Leong of BioWatch News Keeps Successful Biotech Investing Simple

Biotechnology can be daunting to comprehend, but understanding is critical to successful investment. BioWatch News Founder Alan Leong has a nose for growth names, and his goal is to make their technology platforms clear to investors who might not be able to make sense of peer-reviewed scientific literature but want the big upside that science promises. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Leong brings seven micro-cap names with massive potential to investors' attention. - 03/04/2015

How to Beat the Herd Mentality: Highline's Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins of Highline Research Advisors believes it is absolutely vital for a sellside biotech analyst to understand what's going on outside the sector, because no stock lives on an island. The most fabulous fundamentals in the world won't propel a stock against powerful global or industry-wide headwinds. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Higgins, an industry veteran, discusses his methods of finding winning plays in the biotech space, and selects three names that could spike the punch in your portfolio. - 02/25/2015

Immuno-Oncology Promises Continued Wealth and Health: LifeTech Capital's Stephen Dunn

Immuno-oncology—disabling cancer's defenses so that a patient's own immune system can seek it out and destroy it—took center stage in the drug development world in 2014. Stephen Dunn of LifeTech Capital believes that preeminence will continue in 2015, bolstered by new drug approvals, new targets and new combination immunotherapies that increase potency. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dunn outlines how companies large and small are leveraging these therapies, and where investors should look for opportunity in the sector. - 02/19/2015

Capture Growth with Baskets of Biotechs: LifeSci Advisors' Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald believes investors fundamentally underestimate the risk of investing in companies with drugs in development. To address the inherent hazards, McDonald cofounded LifeSci Advisors, which created the BioShares Biotechnology Clinical Trials and BioShares Biotechnology Products exchange-traded funds to limit risk. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, McDonald describes how funds can be designed to grow on product sales and data generated via milestones in clinical development, and also names four companies he's included in the two portfolios. - 02/05/2015

Watchlist Analysts Forecast Continued Blue Sky for Biotech Industry

For the last two years the biotech sector has experienced market-beating gains, even taking into account the industry-wide hiccup in early 2014. Can this trend continue? The five analysts who selected names for The Life Sciences Report's 2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist spend their days considering this question; it comes into play with every recommendation they make. The topic came up in various contexts during the Watchlist panel at the 2015 Biotech Showcase: Here are four factors investors should consider as they move into 2015. - 01/29/2015

The Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist 2015 Unwrapped: Who Are These Guys? And Why Are They Here?

At the Biotech Showcase 2015 in San Francisco, five biotech analysts examined the burgeoning small-cap life sciences marketplace and found every reason to believe its good health would continue into 2015 and beyond. The experts also sent investors who attended the panel discussion of The Life Sciences Report's 2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist home with a bundle of robust investment opportunities, including a few new names. Read on to see which companies made the list, and why. - 01/27/2015

Convert Catalysts into Profits: Sagient Research's Edward Stopke

The biotech sector is teeming with companies racing to bring the hot new drug or therapy to the marketplace. But realistically assessing the therapeutic potential of pipeline products is the healthy approach for selecting a winner. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Edward Stopke of Sagient Research unveils his list of companies with catalytic moments in the making. - 01/22/2015

Oppenheimer Analyst Rohit Vanjani's 2015 Pipeline: Pot, Pain, and Babies

Building on another blockbuster year in specialty pharmacy and generics, Rohit Vanjani, a senior analyst at Oppenheimer & Co., has reason to be excited for 2015. Vanjani specializes in nurturing firms developing novel ways to treat some of humanity's most persistent medical problems, and in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, he describes some of the most promising therapies, and companies, in the life sciences sector. - 01/15/2015

Medical Marijuana Goes to Market: Daniel Pearlstein of M Partners

Life sciences analyst Daniel Pearlstein of Toronto-based M Partners brings knowledge of the biotech sector and hands-on experience in the startup realm to understanding value and growth in small- and micro-cap life sciences companies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Pearlstein offers his perspectives on six Canadian biotech and specialty pharma names with different value propositions and the capacity to grow multiples of invested capital, including one company in the budding medical marijuana field. - 01/07/2015

Will Biotech Fire on All Cylinders in 2015?

Making predictions for the New Year may feel as productive as peering into a crystal ball. But in the life sciences, hard science and long experience back prognostication. The biotech market enjoyed a stellar 2013 and withstood a solid check in early 2014 before rebounding, essentially following the upward trend that most experts forecast. What is in store for 2015? The Life Sciences Report turned to newsletter writer John McCamant and WBB Securities' Steve Brozak for insight. - 12/30/2014

2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist Announced

In its third year, The Life Sciences Report's 2015 Small-Cap Biotech Watchlist currently includes 12 drug development companies selected by leading analysts in the sector. With catalysts on the horizon and pipelines that encompass a variety of indications and innovative platforms, these biotechs are primed to return multiples on investment. - 12/18/2014

Doug Loe: Canada Has Earned Its Spot in the Biotech All-Star Team Photo

Biotech investors in the United States who overlook investment opportunities across the borders are missing out on huge opportunities, says Douglas Loe, healthcare equity analyst with Euro Pacific Canada. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Loe gives the Canadian life sciences industry an upbeat prognosis, and offers ideas on companies that could realize generous returns in the sector in 2015. - 12/18/2014

Brinson Patrick's Christopher S. James: All Catalysts Are Not Created Equal

Why do some good-news milestones cause stocks to languish, or even fall? Neurosurgeon Christopher James, managing director and senior biotechnology analyst at Brinson Patrick Securities, performs due diligence on stocks, in part, by connecting his clinical experience to the readiness of physicians and patients to adopt new therapies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, James gives real-life examples of catalysts and their effects, and highlights three strong biotech plays that could return multiples of invested capital. - 12/04/2014

Rolling with Biotech's Regulatory Punches: Chen Lin

Being temporarily burned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration can be a mixed blessing for a biotech with a good product in the pipeline. In an interview with The Life Sciences Report, Chen Lin, publisher of the investor newsletter What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling?, explains how to make money on biotech trades in sync with both the good regulatory news and the bad. - 11/25/2014

Investment Banker Dick Huebner on How to Uncover Micro-Cap Biotechs that Deliver on Promises

Micro-cap stocks suffer from all sorts of ills. They are often illiquid, and companies can be unable to raise new funds under reasonable terms, if at all. Investing in these equities requires extraordinary expertise and experience, and that is where micro-cap investment banker Richard "Dick" Huebner excels. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Huebner, a senior managing partner with Denver-based GVC Capital, discusses the downside and the upside of micro-cap biotech investment, and the desirable characteristics risk takers should be looking for in very small companies. - 11/20/2014

Ebola's Silver Lining: MLV & Co.'s George Zavoico

A working knowledge of molecular biology is essential for a biotech investor, but it helps when someone with deep knowledge of science and medicine can bring understanding to the people who commit capital to growth ideas. George Zavoico of MLV & Co. has that advantage, having been a senior investigator at a large pharma before moving on to research at smaller, pure biotech firms. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Zavoico brings a wealth of experience to bear on the valuations of smaller companies with phenomenal growth prospects, and discusses how the quest for a cure for Ebola could disrupt—and improve—our approach to medical crises. - 11/12/2014


Biotech Watchlist Update: Small-Cap Biotechs Struggle to Rebound

When the biotechnology market hit a speed bump in early 2014, every stock in the sector was jolted. Large-cap biotech and big pharma have largely recovered, but small- and micro-cap companies haven't yet entirely recouped the losses. The performance of Streetwise Reports' Biotechnology Watchlist to date reflects this trend: The portfolio lingered in negative territory after the late-winter punch, and hovers near breakeven as of Nov. 3. To get a handle on the drivers of small-cap stock price volatility, The Life Sciences Report turned to a pair of the analysts who selected companies for the 2014 Watchlist, John McCamant of the Medical Technology Stock Letter and George Zavoico of MLV & Co. In this recap, the two experts offer updates on the companies they selected for the portfolio. - 11/06/2014

Huge Growth Delivered in Very Small Packages: SeeThruEquity's Ajay Tandon and Brandon Primack

Institutional investors are, by and large, unable to own shares in companies with market valuations of less than $100 million, which means most sellside analysts don't write research on very small companies. The paradox: The micro-cap space is where investors can find the tenbaggers. That disconnect and its attendant irony are not lost on SeeThruEquity's Ajay Tandon and Brandon Primack. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Tandon and Primack discuss four companies nurturing seeds of dramatic growth that could materialize in the wake of upcoming catalysts. - 10/30/2014

How to Bargain Hunt for Hot Biotechs: Edison's Pooya Hemami

Every business day, Edison Investment Research Analyst Pooya Hemami scours the global markets for life science companies with upside flowing through their product pipelines. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dr. Hemami tells us where to look for biotech bargains, including a few top-fliers and a handful of companies that have experienced temporary setbacks but are poised for blue sky. - 10/15/2014

Griffin Securities' Keith Markey on the Promise of RNAi and Synthetic Biology

Griffin Securities has assembled a biotech portfolio weighted toward companies pursuing high-science therapeutic approaches. However, as analyst Keith Markey explains, through a combination of pipeline diversification, positive clinical data, and low-cost research and development strategies, many companies are able to mitigate the risk inherent in their technologies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Markey discusses near-term catalysts for some of the names he follows. - 10/09/2014

A Tour of Australian Biotechs with Morgans’ Scott Power

Australia is a powerhouse for medical science innovations, and nobody understands that better than Scott Power of Morgans Financial Ltd. Power watched the weaker Australian firms go the way of the dodo bird during the downturn in the biotech sector earlier this year, leaving only the fittest for investors to choose from. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, he identifies a promising selection of survivors—biotechs with the power to rejuvenate an evolving portfolio. - 10/02/2014

Three Biotech Investment Ideas that Disrupt and Diversify: Anita Dushyanth

Good management. Promising therapies in the pipeline. Marketed products that bolster the bottom line. Investors crave these bread-and-butter qualities in small-cap biotech and medtech companies. Anita Dushyanth of Zacks Investment Research relies on the staples, but also looks for something special, something that disrupts. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dushyanth describes several small companies that have spiced up their offerings. - 09/25/2014

Roadmap Capital's Hugh Cleland and Stephen Ireland: Due Diligence Rules in Biotech Investment

Excellent diligence doesn't always mean you'll be saved from a nasty surprise. The nature of investing in biotech means assuming the risk that a therapeutic development program may fail. Roadmap Capital's Hugh Cleland and Stephen Ireland employ their combined financial expertise and biotech savvy to mitigate that risk. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cleland and Ireland share ideas on how investors might approach potential biotech investments without engaging a team of analysts. They also bring three potential high-return stocks to investors' attention, as well as one private name they anticipate will come to the public market soon. - 09/17/2014

Biotechs with Upside Possibilities Target Ebola and Liver Disease: MLV & Co.'s Vernon Bernardino

Everybody knows that biotech ideas can become huge gainers for investors, but understanding the technology platforms, the unmet needs and the valuations can be daunting, especially in spaces where a number of players are developing products. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Vernon Bernardino of MLV & Co. brings some clarity and perspective to investors who could reap windfalls from small-cap names in which shareholder value has yet to be created and realized. - 09/10/2014

Steve Brozak: Big-Picture Biotech Stocks Rule the Future

When Steve Brozak performs diligence on biotech stocks, he's always looking for an angle. Brozak, president and managing director at WBB Securities, wants to see how new technology platforms and novel ideas fit into tomorrow's healthcare system, which he believes will be unsustainable without therapies that work more efficiently and hold promise as true disease-modifying agents. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Brozak brings eight names to investors' attention. Given time, each holds the potential to be a huge gainer. - 09/04/2014

Six Innovative Australian Opportunities from Canaccord's Matthijs Smith

Canaccord Genuity's man on the beat in Australia delivers the insider scoop on how biotechs Down Under are faring in the markets. Matthijs Smith reveals a world of great firms, new products and competitive buys in this interview with the The Life Sciences Report. His enthusiasm for his work—spotting opportunities that help people cope with illness and injury—is contagious, and could bring renewed vigor to investors' portfolios. - 08/28/2014

Laidlaw's Yale Jen: Biotech 101 for Buyers and Sellers

Former biotech consultant Yale Jen picked up a few tricks advising companies on their pipelines before he came to Wall Street as a sellside analyst. These days Jen, managing director and senior biotechnology analyst at Laidlaw & Co., advises institutional investors to own stocks with stories that are not yet well understood by the market. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Jen offers investors a handful of names for consideration, each of which has an exceptional value proposition and exciting growth prospects. - 08/28/2014

Medtech Shifts from High Gear into Overdrive: Canaccord’s William Plovanic

Rapid growth in the medical device industry and changes in the regulatory environment have propelled valuations in the medtech sector to the high end of the range. But new technologies create new investment opportunities. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, William Plovanic of Canaccord Genuity highlights investment opportunities in medtech companies with innovative products targeting high-impact areas such as obesity, diabetes and wound care. - 08/19/2014

Wedbush Securities' Liana Moussatos on the Art and Science of Picking Biotechs with Upside

pillsben82Liana Moussatos of Wedbush Securities doesn't wait for the catalyst to strike. She, like other successful investors, picks her targets and takes profits earlier, while less sophisticated investors wait for the press releases. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Moussatos describes a group of biotech stocks rich with upcoming catalysts, and invites investors to sample what she expects will be exceptional profits. - 08/18/2014

Bring On the Orphans: Aegis Capital's Raghuram Selvaraju Lays Out a Winning Biotech Strategy

For former drug researcher Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju, picking biotech stocks is both science and art. It's about understanding the competitive landscape and the mechanisms of drug action, and then making sure all the pieces fit together for a plausible investment case. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, the managing director and head of healthcare equity research at Aegis Capital lays out his growth hypothesis for companies—several targeting orphan diseases—that he believes will nurture portfolios. - 08/14/2014

Taking Stock of the New Normal: Mark Landy on New Growth Ideas for Biotech Investors

chemicallight82 Medical technology is intimately linked to regenerative medicine. You could say these industries have a thunder-and-lightning relationship—you can't have one without the other. Mark Landy, director of research for medical technology and regenerative medicine at Summer Street Research Partners, has staked out the intertwined sectors as his universe of coverage. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Landy discusses three companies with very distinct capabilities that could bring extraordinary rewards to investors who understand the value propositions. - 08/07/2014

Christopher James Turns a Clinical Eye on Biotechs with High Reward Potential

A biotech analyst could play it safe, and stick with mid-, late- and commercial-stage companies that offer higher odds and decent returns on good news. Christopher James, on the other hand, recommends that investors willing to diversify their holdings and take on informed risk hold a short list of companies with huge potential. James, a senior analyst and managing director at Brinson Patrick Securities, is a neurosurgeon by training, and examines new platforms and proposed therapies with a clinician's eye. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, James turns that eye on three names with dramatic, paradigm-changing technology platforms that could energize portfolios. - 07/31/2014

ROTH Capital's Debjit Chattopadhyay: Marriage of Diagnostics to New Therapies Breeds Biotech Winners

pillsblack82Aging baby boomers face increased cancer risk, and growing numbers of obese and overweight Americans face metabolic disorders that could lead to cardiovascular disease. Debjit Chattopadhyay of ROTH Capital Partners recommends that biotech investors consider these trends when looking at portfolio options in the healthcare sector. A medical researcher turned biotech analyst, Chattopadhyay highlights several companies with unique diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. - 07/24/2014

Tempering Insane Optimism with Due Diligence: Alan Leong on Niche Biotech Prospects

Alan Leong has chosen to look for investments positioned in less obvious alcoves of the market. Interestingly, this concept could be a competitive advantage for retail investors. His niche markets include orphan, metabolic and animal companion medicine, as well as some less obvious indications for regenerative medicine. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, the CEO of biotech analysis company BioWatch News cites four unconventional biotech and specialty pharma names positioned to generate significant returns for investors. - 07/17/2014

Turnaround Stories Lead Reni Benjamin's Biotech Front-Runners

The biotech bull market is not over. That's the judgment of Reni Benjamin of H.C. Wainwright & Co., who predicts high quality data from a broad range of small- and mid-cap biotechs will move shares higher during the summer and especially in the fall. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Benjamin showcases names with powerful platforms and market winds to their backs, which he believes could vigorously multiply investor capital over the next 12–18 months. - 07/10/2014

Piper Jaffray's Charles Duncan Addresses Pot Shots

Early-stage biotech is a risky investment, but some bets are safer than others. Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. is doing high-stakes experimental work in both preventive and therapeutic medicine, addressing HIV, cancers and pre-cancers. The company's lead clinical program is in Phase 2 and a data readout is imminent, which has made the stock both volatile and an easy target for critics. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Senior Biotechnology Analyst and Managing Director Charles Duncan of Piper Jaffray & Co. addresses some of the criticisms that overhang the stock. - 06/26/2014

Fire Up the Immuno-Oncology Powerhouses: John McCamant

Forecasting when we'll have a cure for cancer remains beyond the predictive powers of researchers and investors. But forecasting the focus of the latest American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting was in the cards: Immuno-oncology took center stage. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Medical Technology Stock Newsletter editor John McCamant describes the excitement surrounding this rapidly evolving sector, and names big pharma and small biotech players conjuring potential game-changers. - 06/19/2014

Two Cancer Stocks Take Shots on Goal: Echo He

Oncology is king in biotech. Patients must be put on one drug, and then another, followed by another, as the disease progresses and becomes resistant. Multiple drugs will always be necessary, meaning multiple opportunities for drug companies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, analyst Echo He, formerly with the Maxim Group, serves investors two cancer drug picks that have been battered but are hot for a comeback. - 06/19/2014

Stunning Potential for Upside in Canadian Biotech: Brian Bloom

You may not have thought to look northward for biotech innovators, but Bloom Burton & Co. cofounder and President Brian Bloom can show you some truly hot Canadian companies with compelling skill sets and pipelines. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Bloom talks about his firm's upcoming conference and presents a detailed picture of four very interesting companies that could return doubles, triples or more. - 06/12/2014

Shortage of R&D at Big Pharma Creates Demand for Small Biotech: Joseph Pantginis

The recent pullback in biotech shares has not changed the time-tested theory of investing in small-cap drug development companies. Good or bad data will continue to move shares. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, ROTH Capital Partners' Senior Research Analyst Joseph Pantginis presents five biotech names with varying timeframes for market-moving data that could provide huge upside for investors willing to do some homework and understand the growth proposition. - 06/05/2014

Focus on Catalysts to Cash In on Biotech: Jason Kolbert

When progress is made in drug development, value is created. Investors recognize that progress by purchasing shares in companies when milestones—which act as catalysts—are met. The Maxim Group's Senior Managing Director and Head of Healthcare Jason Kolbert lives by catalysts, and urges his investor clientele to understand there is no other reason to buy a stock except in anticipation of new information that creates value. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Kolbert discusses six names that have immense regenerative power for portfolios. - 06/04/2014

ASCO Abuzz About Immunotherapies: A Preview of the Latest in Cancer Therapy from Stephen Dunn

Working in what is arguably the hottest sector in the drug development industry, biotech researchers continue to ferret out cancer's secrets. The premier event for those in the field is the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting, taking place in Chicago from May 30 to June 1. Participants have submitted abstracts for promising therapies in advance of the conference, profiling new compounds that could lead to better outcomes for patients and bolster the health of investment portfolios. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, LifeTech Capital's Stephen Dunn walks us through some of the highlights. - 05/28/2014

Turn Solid Gold into Biotech Gold with James West

The globe-trotting editor and publisher of The Midas Letter has decided to give his metal investments a breather, looking for new prospects in the life sciences space. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, James West points to low-hanging biofruit ripe for the picking. - 05/28/2014

Harnessing the Power of Nature's Perfect Cells: Robert J. Hariri

Neurosurgeon and serial entrepreneur Robert J. Hariri, founder, chairman and chief science officer at Celgene Cellular Therapeutics, describes how his businesses address some of the great unmet needs in medicine in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. Hariri also discusses the special nature and advantages of placenta-derived stem cells, and an elegant solution to the scourge of muscle wasting in late-stage disease and advancing age that could apply to treatment of cardiovascular disease in the future. - 05/22/2014

The Naysayers Are Wrong: Rohit Vanjani on How You Can Make Money with Generics and Diagnostics

The concept that generic and specialty pharmaceutical drugs cannot command pricing power and growth is a misunderstanding, according to Director and Senior Analyst Rohit Vanjani of Oppenheimer and Co. Diagnostics also offer upside to investors: In fact, some recent returns disprove misconceptions in a spectacular fashion. The secret to making excellent margins in generics is to find markets where a vacuum has been created and product safety can be assured. The trick with diagnostics is to offer new tests that save steps, increase accuracy and reduce the burden on payers. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Vanjani discusses three names that fit the bill for investors seeking powerful growth in not-so-obvious sectors. - 05/22/2014

Think Like a Brain Surgeon: Dr. Christopher James Offers Fresh Perspectives on Six Exciting Biotechs

New perspectives on well-followed biotech stocks are greatly appreciated. That's what we get here from Managing Director and Senior Biotechnology Analyst Christopher S. James M.D. of Brinson Patrick Securities. Something else that's treasured is discovering a brand-new biotech stock that no other analyst is covering. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, James ushers readers to the head of the line to look at a new and exciting name with an extraordinary technology and phenomenal prospects for growth. - 05/15/2014

J.P.Morgan's Geoff Meacham Plucks Biotechs with Upside from a Down Market

A downtrending market is troublesome for investors, but does present interesting opportunities through creation of lower valuations. Finding the right names in the wobbly life sciences environment requires a sharp eye and depth of experience. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, J.P.Morgan Senior Biotechnology Analyst and Managing Director Geoff Meacham, a veteran analyst and cell biologist, brings eight important names to investors' attention and explains why they are still growth stories. - 05/15/2014

Live Longer, Get Richer with Patrick Cox

It's what every biotech investor dreams of: transformational advances in healthcare technologies that allow us to live for centuries and accumulate wealth exponentially. Patrick Cox, editor of the Transformational Technology Alert, is doing his part to make the dream reality. In this interview, Cox tells The Life Sciences Report about two companies with proprietary intellectual property in DNA-based therapeutics and regenerative medicine that could change the world. - 05/08/2014

X-Ray Vision or Due Diligence? How SeeThruEquity Analysts Find Hidden Small-Cap Biotech Plays

SeeThruEquity stays an arm's length away from the small biotech firms it analyzes for investors, but gets intimate enough to discover firms that hold promise. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, senior analyst Brandon Primack and the firm's CEO, Ajay Tandon, explain why they find this handful of small biotechs intriguing. - 05/01/2014

New Melanoma Therapies Are Ready for Prime Time: Sanjiv Agarwala

Melanoma confronts patients and their physicians with unique barriers to treatment and successful outcomes. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dr. Sanjiv Agarwala, chief of medical oncology and hematology at St. Luke's University Hospital, illuminates some of the new paradigms being developed in the treatment of this deadly skin cancer. Along the way, he spotlights interesting companies working in the field. - 04/29/2014

Charles Duncan: 2014 Is for Careful Stock Pickers, Not Dart Throwers

Veteran Senior Biotechnology Analyst Charles Duncan of Piper Jaffray & Co. sees platform companies as the perfect way to play a consolidating market. We've had a big run in biotech, and Duncan believes now is the time to identify, through careful diligence, companies that can advance in a more temperate market. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Duncan discusses five biotech and specialty pharma innovators poised to produce therapies enabled by versatile and scalable technology platforms that target multiple disease indications. - 04/24/2014

Do the Math: Ram Selvaraju on the Appeal of Biotechs in Orphan Diseases

To cast a spotlight on disruptive biotechnology stocks, Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju of Aegis Capital Corp. taps his experience as a molecular biologist, preclinical investigator and sellside analyst. In this, the last of his three interviews with The Life Sciences Report, Selvaraju highlights micro-, small- and mid-cap biotech names with therapies that may add years to patients' lives and liftoff to investor portfolios. - 04/22/2014

Four Hidden Australian Life Sciences Growth Stocks Revealed: Scott Power

To find undiscovered stories, investors must venture into unfamiliar territory. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, we go halfway around the world to speak with Scott Power of Morgans Financial Ltd. about companies under coverage in Australia. Power helps investors get comfortable with the idea of putting money into newfound names, and unveils four strong ideas that could invigorate adventuresome portfolios and investors hungering for excitement. - 04/17/2014

Build Biotech Wealth on Solid Platforms: Grant Zeng

Potential. That's what every investor is looking for in a biotech investment. Grant Zeng of Zacks Small-Cap Research zeroes in on three primary factors when he looks at whether a particular company has the potential to succeed in the fast-moving life sciences industry. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Zeng dissects his process and names 10 companies that have survived his exacting examination. - 04/17/2014

Don't Miss the Boat on Big Biotech Catalysts: Keith Markey

Keith Markey, veteran analyst and science director of Griffin Securities, tells us the 2014 pipeline calendar positively glows with important milestones that could ignite portfolios. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Markey talks about four powerful biotech names with exciting early- to late-stage development projects, and one medical device and supply company with serious growth potential. Be warned—huge catalysts are on the horizon that investors won't want to miss. - 04/10/2014

Hang On, Folks—It's Going to Be a Bumpy Ride: 2014 Biotech Watchlist Update

stethbillfold8214Biotech stocks sailed into 2014 backed by a favorable wind, but springtime has stymied the sector in confused seas. Companies on The Life Sciences Report's 2014 Biotech Watchlist have hit the doldrums along with the rest, as faithful followers of the portfolio are doubtless aware. But sector analysts defend the general robustness of the life sciences market as a whole. In this Biotech Watchlist update, we bring you the thoughts of two analysts on the recent market turbulence, and offer brief recaps of Watchlist companies' fortunes year to date. - 04/10/2014

Venture Capitalist Ran Nussbaum Brings Big Finance to Little Biotechs

Biotech companies don't come into the world fully formed. Like most fledglings, they need guidance to grow, prosper and eventually thrive in public markets. Venture capitalist Ran Nussbaum of the Pontifax Group nurtures tiny biotech and medtech startups, finding capital for their growth and maturation. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Nussbaum discusses exciting private equity holdings that are close to going public, and makes a case for one public company he knows quite well. - 04/03/2014

How Did High Flyers Turn into Soul Searchers? Maxim Analyst Jason Kolbert on the Highs and Lows of Biotech Valuations

After soaring more than 56% last year, the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index is down almost 15% in March. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Jason Kolbert of the Maxim Group points to increased approval rates and a better economic and regulatory environment as the fundamentals behind a revaluation that has occurred in the sector. Kolbert also reflects on recent concerns about pricing and policy changes that have triggered what he considers a normal, healthy correction in an otherwise robust and intact sector. - 04/02/2014

From Lab Bench to Bedside: David Lowe Brings Common Sense to Neuroscience Investing

Billions of dollars have been spent chasing molecular targets in neurological diseases that now appear to be worthless. Effective therapies remain rare. But the market is enormous—and low risk—if a company can get a truly workable solution to patients. Consultant and neuroscientist David Lowe, president and CEO of NeuroAssets, helps biotech firms identify targets and find innovative ways to rapidly move drugs into the clinic. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lowe describes one company with exciting preclinical and clinical-stage assets, and advances two more names worthy of investor attention. - 03/26/2014

Apply Market Savvy to Bear Market Debris; Uncover Biotech Treasures: Cleland and Ireland

Starting a new investment company and investing in very small biotechs can be a minefield. Because the business is fraught with bad science and liquidity traps, it takes insight and industry experience to ensure investment capital doesn't drop down a foxhole. Roadmap Capital CEO and Founder Hugh Cleland is in the process of negotiating the minefield now. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cleland and Stephen Ireland, Roadmap Capital principal and healthcare partner, discuss five growth names with merit, plus two brief bonus picks. - 03/20/2014

Promising Biotechs Target New Ways to Kill Bad Bugs: Venture Capitalist Dennis Purcell

Dennis Purcell, senior managing partner of Aisling Capital, has seen the biotechnology industry morph from exciting science project to a full-blown, multibillion-dollar industry producing blockbuster products that routinely save lives. Now a new crisis is looming, as drug-resistant bacteria evolve, proliferate and wreak havoc. With this dire need driving interest, Purcell believes a change of focus, from oncology and orphan drug indications to anti-infectives, will develop in 2014 and beyond. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Purcell shares ideas that could offer a definitive cure for your portfolio. - 03/18/2014

Exuberant, Yes: Michael King on How the Oncology Drug Development Machine Builds Biotech Wealth

Veteran biotechnology analyst Michael King of JMP Securities has seen drug development evolve from hit-or-miss to the sophisticated, high-throughput discovery techniques in place today. He understands the sector, the entrepreneurs and the valuations as well as anyone on Wall Street. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, King zeros in on the oncology space, his focus for nearly two decades. Never single-minded, King's stable of thoroughbred names includes a bonus pick he likes very much in the field of fertility. - 03/13/2014

Shining a Light on Overlooked and Underfollowed Biotechs: George Zavoico

Prospecting for hidden biotech gems makes sense, says H.C. Wainwright & Co. Managing Director George Zavoico, who recently joined the firm's healthcare equity research team. The digging can be hard, but the rewards of successful diligence are huge. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Zavoico takes readers on a discovery tour that follows clinical trial data to new ideas that could bring windfalls to portfolios down the road. - 03/06/2014

Evaluate Biotech Stocks with Cynicism: Debjit Chattopadhyay

brainandnumbers82Biotech investing is a risky business, so investors should thoroughly examine a company's vital statistics before taking the plunge. That's the recommendation of Managing Director Debjit Chattopadhyay of Emerging Growth Equities, who brings a strict scientific discipline to stock analysis. As a former medical researcher, Chattopadhyay comes by his skepticism honestly, and in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, he brings five exciting—but critically scrutinized—growth names to investors' attention. - 02/27/2014

Chen Lin's Perfect Biotech Market Prescription: Buy Low, Sell High!

Charming and smart, Chen Lin makes a lot of money by jumping in and out of the highly volatile biotech market while obeying a set of simple rules, which he reveals in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. Applying his strong science background, Lin zeros in on biotech firms with solid products. The trick is in having the guts to buy low and sell high, against the market tide, says the editor of the widely respected newsletter, What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling? Lin also brings us up to date on his favorite picks. - 02/20/2014

Catalysts Drive These Stocks: Mara Goldstein

Whether biotech stocks keep up the scorching pace of 2013 remains to be seen, but we can count on one thing going forward, says Cantor Fitzgerald Senior Analyst Mara Goldstein. We are still in a catalyst-driven market. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Goldstein discusses four names with approaching milestones that she believes are important growth drivers. Her fifth pick is a binary event story, meaning it could skyrocket on good data or plummet on bad. - 02/20/2014

Big Pharma Will Find Good Hunting Among Early-Stage Biotechs: Dhesh Govender

chemicallight82Dhesh Govender, manager of the life sciences portfolio for Cedar Lane Enterprises Inc., has the inside track when it comes to identifying the hottest biotech trends. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Govender explains why he thinks plenty of upside remains in the life sciences sector, and reveals trade secrets that every investor should consider when building a successful investment strategy. - 02/13/2014

Regenerative Medicine Finally Gets Some Respect: Reni Benjamin

Of the many themes that propelled the biotech sector to record returns in 2013, regenerative medicine and therapeutics targeting cancer were front and center. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Reni Benjamin, managing director and equity research analyst at H.C. Wainwright & Co., talks about two companies with impending catalysts that play on these themes, and offers his take on the prospects for the regenerative medicine sector going forward. - 02/11/2014

Do Away with the Pill-A-Day Biotech Model: Steve Brozak

The U.S. healthcare system is untenable, says Steve Brozak, president of WBB Securities. The solution-oriented Brozak is on the hunt for biotech and medical device companies that fit a new paradigm, in which budgets are restrained and companies generate curative therapies for unmet needs. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Brozak takes aim at a broken system and lists ten problem-solving companies that can adapt to the changes he believes must take place for healthcare to be profitable and productive. A bonus: These companies can also add vigor to investment portfolios. - 02/06/2014

Ram Selvaraju: A Pair of Companies Ride the Sea Change in Cancer Therapeutics

A new generation of oncology treatments is moving through clinical trials toward the market. These proposed products are revolutionary in both their approaches to disease and their expected efficacy. Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju, armed with his background as a drug developer, has followed dozens of highly innovative small- and mid-cap biotech companies, many of which he originally spotted as micro caps. In his second of three interviews with The Life Sciences Report, the head of equity healthcare research at Aegis Capital Corp. highlights two names with huge growth prospects. - 02/04/2014

Two Companies Follow Unmet Needs to Biotech Profits: Echo He

Disease progression and drug resistance mean that very sick patients ultimately run out of options. In the case of orphan diseases, patients often run out of alternatives immediately after they are diagnosed. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Echo He of the Maxim Group discusses her focus on how patients with unmet needs might ultimately get a fighting chance. To that end, she has selected two names that could produce both welcome cures and stunning share price results for investors who understand the value proposition of last-resort therapies. - 01/30/2014

The Last Word: Place Your Biotech Bets on Solid Management and Hot Therapy Areas

pillbill82Who got the last word at the 2014 Biotech Showcase? A portfolio manager specializing in healthcare, an award-winning analyst, and a pair of venture capitalists with global viewpoints and a focus on clinical-stage companies. In the closing event of the showcase, cohosted by The Life Sciences Report, this panel of experts offered insights into trends that will influence the biotech universe in 2014. - 01/23/2014

Biotech Watchlist 2014: Sound Science, Innovative Ideas and a Sprinkle of Pixie Dust

stethbillfold82142013 was a banner year for the life sciences sector, with biotech, pharmaceutical and medtech companies buoyed by advances in therapeutic techniques, a friendly regulatory environment, lucrative partnerships and the overall market upswing. The 2013 Biotech Watchlist, which was released at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco, reflected this robustness, boasting a year-to-date return that blew past those posted by the major indices. Credit the basket of stocks picked by industry experts, weighted heavily with winners. Can our panel of experts pick another winning portfolio in 2014? Find out which companies they've chosen for the 2014 Watchlist in this exclusive from The Life Sciences Report and Sagient Research. - 01/15/2014

Sorting Through the Chaff: The Michael J. Fox Foundation's Tracey Mumford on the Quest to Cure Parkinson's Disease

The business of drug development survives by saving lives, but sometimes nonprofit, private activism is needed to kick-start a new medicine into development. The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research is the world's largest nonprofit funder of Parkinson's disease research, having awarded more than $400 million in grants during its 13-year existence. Senior Associate Director of Research Partnerships Tracey Mumford is the foundation's link to companies with good ideas. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Mumford discusses exciting companies that have warranted foundation support—companies that investors might find very interesting. - 01/09/2014

Shopping for Biotech Growth Names: Reni Benjamin

Get ready for a bonanza of biotech names. Managing Director and Equity Research Analyst Reni "Ren" Benjamin is a new arrival at H.C. Wainwright & Co., and he's busy doing diligence on a lot of stocks. Along with three Buy-rated biotechs he's already initiated coverage on, Benjamin brought The Life Sciences Report a bonus package of names that could fatten investors' portfolios. Backed by Benjamin's extensive industry knowledge, this long shopping list includes companies poised to make drug development history. - 12/12/2013

Eight Catalyst-Driven Biotechs Ready to Advance: Michael Hay and Jocelyn August

Investors are attracted to small- and micro-cap biotech stocks because their life cycles are filled with share-moving milestones. Michael Hay and Jocelyn August of Sagient Research handicap those milestones and calculate the probabilities that drugs in development will be approved and successful in the marketplace. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Hay and August set a table investors can be thankful for, naming companies with upcoming catalysts and real potential for upside. - 11/26/2013

Seven Investments on Biotech's Cutting Edge: Joseph Pantginis

Phase 1 and phase 2 biotech companies offer great upside for investors who understand the risks and the critical need for diversification. ROTH Capital Partners Senior Research Analyst Joseph Pantginis has staked out a basket of small-cap oncology biotech names with cutting-edge technology platforms that have realistic opportunities for success. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Pantginis makes meticulous arguments for seven names that offer huge upside. - 11/14/2013

Six Opportunities in the Specialty Pharmaceutical Space: Scott Henry

The specialty pharmaceuticals universe encompasses a variety of technologies, among them innovative drug delivery systems and unique pain management and orphan disease treatments. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Scott Henry of ROTH Capital Markets touts the value of "sound business models" in the specialty pharma space, and names six companies with interesting prospects and/or stock-moving catalysts on the horizon. - 11/07/2013

2013 Biotech Watchlist Update: Companies Climb and Crumble on Catalysts

stethobillfold1The Life Sciences Report's Biotech Watchlist, introduced in January 2013, is composed of 17 companies that industry analysts felt showed promise for the coming year—companies with productive pipelines, good management and stock-moving catalysts on the horizon. The new year presented legitimate prospects for portfolio growth and, indeed, that has been the case. In this update, we summarize the current status of Watchlist companies and introduce our Portfolio Tracker, showing the status of each company in real time. - 10/31/2013

This Biotechnology Platform Could Save Millions of Lives: Patrick Cox

Patrick Cox, editor of the brand-new publication Transformational Technology Alert, is acutely aware of how transformational technology platforms can enable efficiencies and improve scale a la Moore's Law. A sweeping new synthetic vaccine platform that poses infinite possibilities for researchers and could produce novel preventive and therapeutic drugs is a quintessential example. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cox delivers a single name that holds the potential to save lives on a mass scale, cheaply and efficiently, in both the developed and developing world—and deliver health and wealth to investors' portfolios as well. - 10/24/2013

A Compulsion for Brain Science: Zack Lynch

Roughly a third of the world's population feels the burden of some type of brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerve disease: dementia, depression, compulsion, infection, trauma. Understanding the need for investment, awareness and public policy advocacy in finding solutions for these afflictions, Zack Lynch founded the Neurotechnology Industry Organization in 2006, and serves as its executive director. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lynch makes a bullish case for a growing industry and discusses how he proposes to increase funding for neuroscience from both private and public sources, thereby increasing options for patients and opportunities for investors. - 10/17/2013

Backing Biotech Growth with Manufacturing Strength: Brian Wilson

The focus of most small biotech and pharma companies is on discovery—looking for that next breakthrough in gene therapy, diagnostics, drug delivery and the like. While's Brian Wilson has explored and written about the possibilities in these fields, he sees potential outside the traditional discovery sphere, in companies focused on low-profile tasks like contract manufacturing services. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Wilson names one of his favorites in that space, and discusses a pair of companies using contract manufacturing services to advance their own development strategies. - 10/10/2013

Not All Stem Cells Are Created Equal: Vernon Bernardino

Biotech companies are fiercely competing to create the newest and best miracle drugs using stem cell technologies. How can an investor spot the potentially victorious outliers amid the chaos of rival scientific claims? The failure rate of new product development in the only recently understood cell space is terrifying, but in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, analyst Vernon Bernardino of MLV & Co. reveals his formula for evaluating the strongest contenders. Bernardino also names five companies with products that may succeed in this new and competitive space. - 10/03/2013

John McCamant Scans Under the Radar for Promising Biotechs

With more than 25 years of experience in the biotech market, John McCamant, editor of the Medical Technology Stock Letter, understands how the seasons of the investment cycle can influence a company's value. But he sticks to the fundamentals: After all, a great pipeline and competent management can propel a biotech upward through blustery weather as well as blue sky. Find out how four companies fit his philosophy in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. - 09/26/2013

Four Small-Cap Growth Names with Different Value Drivers: Keay Nakae

keay82It's important to take the emotion out of investing. Keay Nakae, senior research analyst with Ascendiant Capital Markets, looks at micro- and small-cap biotech stocks from an engineer's perspective: It's all about the data. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Nakae reports on four companies with upcoming catalysts that potentially position them for significant growth—and the ability to grab investors' attention. - 09/19/2013

Griffin Securities' Keith Markey Gives Performance Reviews on Four Favorite Biotech Names

As science director for Griffin Securities, Keith Markey knows his way around the advanced technologies of the most promising research in biotech. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Markey explains the science behind new developments in the antibiotic, diabetic and dermatological fields, highlighting ground-floor investment opportunities that investors will not want to miss. - 09/12/2013

Digging Below the Surface of Neurotechnology: Casey Lynch

Neuroscience is about as complex as it gets. The central nervous system contains the brain and spinal cord, where hundreds of billions of neurons are located—and that doesn't include the peripheral nervous system. Casey Lynch, managing director of NeuroInsights, works to make sense of both the disease processes affecting the nervous system and potential therapies that could help patients and enrich investors. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lynch brings some clarity to the complexity, and speaks frankly about the wild goose that some Alzheimer's disease investigators have been chasing. - 09/05/2013

Scientific Conferences Create Buzz and Move Biotech Stocks: Michael King

It's that time again. From Labor Day through the New Year, analysts jet off to conferences across the U.S. and Europe to hear data they've been waiting on for years. Michael King, managing director and senior biotechnology analyst at JMP Securities, has been at this game for almost two decades, and he has a firm grip on how data releases about molecules and their targets will affect the biotech stocks in his coverage. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, King also names four growth companies making important advances in hematologic cancers. Just in time. - 09/05/2013

Biotech Investor Realism with Andrew Fein

Expert healthcare company watcher Andrew Fein of H.C. Wainwright & Co. knows how the sausage is made in the stock analyst factory. And he doesn't pull any punches: In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Fein dishes out praise for sticking to sellside fundamentals and suggests skimming off bloggers who have yet to earn their analytical chops. He rounds out the menu by naming biotech companies with the potential to rise to the top of the simmering biotech market. - 08/29/2013

Three New Picks from the Hot Biotech IPO Market: Ran Nussbaum

Ran Nussbaum, co-founder and managing partner of The Pontifax Group, is a venture capitalist seeking game-changing products that will create real value for patients, pharmas and investors. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Nussbaum addresses three public companies in different stages of development—from a penny stock with a preclinical value driver to a revenue-generating "larger" small-cap company developing novel products for critical orphan indications. As a bonus, Nussbaum drops two European biotech names that he believes are suffering from anonymity in U.S. markets. - 08/22/2013

Spot Tenbagger Discovery Potential in Biotech: Michael Berry

How do the best investors detect life science companies with the potential to generate significant wealth? Michael Berry, publisher of Morning Notes, found that traditional growth and value models didn't measure up, so he developed his own "discovery" strategy. He looks at companies that haven't gone public yet. He's not afraid of the penny stock. Find out more about Berry's technique, and about five companies that fit his profit-generating profile, in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. - 08/22/2013

Adventures in the Biotech Trade with Jim Letourneau

Jim Letourneau, publisher of Big Picture Speculator, shares tales of strange biotechnologies worth buying into—such as cures for high dental bills and dog breath—in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. Letourneau likes to invest in biotech firms because their stock values are less volatile than commodity-based companies, which are chained to uncontrollable price fluctuations. You are advised to hold onto your brain (quite literally), while Letourneau describes a few curious—and potentially profitable—biotech investment adventures. - 08/15/2013

Still Time to Catch Big Growth in Biotech: George Zavoico

Biotech has had a scorching run for more than a year and a half, but as broader markets approach more realistic valuations with less potential upside, it becomes even more important to be invested in the right companies with truly meaningful catalysts on the horizon. George Zavoico of MLV & Co. knows how to pick winners from the field, and offers up solid ideas with visible growth drivers in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. Your inner gambler should take note: A beaten-down micro- or small-cap company might, with a bit of luck, bring home the gold. - 08/15/2013

Wedbush Expert Declares Money for Biotech Is Still Out There

medsymbol82The bull market in biotech stocks is coming up on its two-year anniversary, and large-cap and many small-cap names have flourished in that time. But can it last? Greg Wade, managing director of Wedbush Securities, wants investors to know there's more to go, and that stocks are ready and willing to respond to good news from clinical trials and on the regulatory front. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Wade identifies six names that investors can take to the bank, one of which is still his favorite after two years. - 08/08/2013

Eight Small-Cap Medtechs with Big Prospects: Brian Marckx

Small-cap medical technology has long been regarded as the ugly duckling of biotech. . .but think again. Brian Marckx of Zacks Small-Cap Research believes that the real gems of the medtech space complement—and can even outshine—sexier drug and surgical therapies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Marckx makes a strong case for eight small- and micro-cap names that could bring home huge returns for investors. - 08/07/2013

Off to the Races with Seven Extraordinary Biotech and Medtech Companies: Jason Napodano

Senior Biotechnology Analyst Jason Napodano of Zacks Investment Research specializes in uncovering small biotech and medtech companies with good prospects for successful drug development. He relishes proven management capable of creative financing to move private equity into the public markets, and he does not shy away from tiny companies outside the U.S. that have extraordinary technology. In this wide-ranging interview with The Life Sciences Report, Napodano presents the elegant growth stories of seven small companies that could return magnificent gains to investors. - 08/01/2013

Six Oncology-Focused Biotech Growth Engines: Mara Goldstein

For Cantor Fitzgerald Senior Biotechnology Analyst Mara Goldstein, the spotlight is always on oncology and the premium revenues commanded by new products in the space. That clarity brings the science, unmet needs and market opportunity into sharp focus for investors. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Goldstein makes a winning case for six cancer-focused companies that range from micro caps to genuine large-cap stocks, each with upside potential that could be stunning. - 08/01/2013

Meet High Risk and High Reward, Biotech's Profit Partners: Bert Hazlett

Small-cap biotech investing carries real risk. Startup companies tend to have only a few ideas in development, which leaves ample room for setbacks—even room for disaster. Robert "Bert" Hazlett, senior biotechnology research analyst with ROTH Capital Partners, doesn't mind taking such risks, but tempers them with a diversification strategy designed to minimize the impact of potential hiccups and blowups. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Hazlett expands on his strategy and mentions four companies with experienced management teams and high hopes for huge returns. - 07/25/2013

Is Cell Therapy the 'Future of Medicine'?: Jason Kolbert

The pricey evolutionary tradeoff for walking on two legs is the curse of lower back pain. Jason Kolbert of the Maxim Group understands the power of stem cells as disease-modifying therapies for degenerative disc disease of the spine, a leading-edge, multibillion-dollar indication. Kolbert explores the opportunities that cell therapies offer investors in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, and puts a personal spin on their regenerative promise. - 07/25/2013

Raghuram 'Ram' Selvaraju on the Best Biotech Ideas of 2013

Small-cap, oncology-focused biotechs with novel technologies have always been bestsellers for investors. Subplots have emerged along the way, but Aegis Capital Corp.'s Managing Director and Head of Healthcare Equity Research Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju maintains that these companies continue to drive the biotech story forward. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Selvaraju reflects on the state of the industry and shares reams of information on specific ideas for investors. - 07/18/2013

The Growing Appetite for Biotech: Pooya Hemami

When should investors jump on a junior biotech stock with a promising product in the pipeline? That's a tricky question, one that analyst Pooya Hemami of Edison Investment Research considers carefully as he tracks astonishing epigenetic-based and orphan drugs with novel applications. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Hemami describes how he assesses the viability of a junior firm and gives the nod to several well-positioned names in Planet Biotech. - 07/11/2013

How a Professional Investor Uses Twitter to Trade Smarter: Mike Havrilla

Drug development is full of surprises, and those surprises are hitched to the catalysts that move biotech company stocks. Mike Havrilla, co-founder and analyst with BioRunUp, processes and trades on the news flow surrounding biotech and specialty pharma companies as they navigate the turbulent development cycle. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Havrilla talks about his methods and shares three rich ideas that could create doubles or triples for investors. - 07/02/2013

Small-Cap Biotechs with Blockbuster Potential: Hugh Cleland

Canadian portfolio manager Hugh Cleland of BluMont Capital has chosen an interesting niche. He invests in stocks too small for mutual funds and major institutions, which allows him to get in on the ground floor and capture huge gains when the companies begin to mature. He actively participates in each company's destiny, much like a venture capitalist. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cleland discusses his "core four" and tosses in a handful of speculative tiny-cap companies that investors with enthusiasm for diligence should investigate. - 06/27/2013

Five 'Red Hot' Biotechs: Chen Lin

Breakthrough therapies with billion-dollar market potential are what every biotech company seeks—and what every investor wishes for. Narrowing choices and focusing on opportunities with multibagger potential is the goal of every investor, and few do it better than Chen Lin, author of the popular stock newsletter What Is Chen Buying? What Is Chen Selling? In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lin focuses his analytical expertise on the biotech sector and names companies with blockbuster promise. - 06/27/2013

Deadly Bacteria Are a Global Crisis: Brad Spellberg

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, like the proverbial time bomb, are poised to wreak infectious havoc on a worldwide scale. Brad Spellberg, associate professor of medicine at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute and the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, is committed to defusing the bomb with the development of new antibiotics and creative platforms. He believes investigators must look at alternative ways to deal with bad bugs, perhaps by neutralizing their toxic effects rather than killing them. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Spellberg explores this critical issue and names four companies with novel technologies that address this looming global crisis. - 06/20/2013

New Biotech Names with Excellent Prospects: Michael Aitkenhead

In a marketplace as diverse as biotech, picking the best and brightest can stymie even the savviest investor. Senior biotechnology analyst and physician Michael Aitkenhead of Edison Investment Research has done meticulous research on both the science and unmet needs to reveal the growth potential of biotechs with vastly different stories, disease indications and markets. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Aitkenhead details his thesis on three names, each with the ability to return large multiples on original investment. - 06/13/2013

For Love and Money: Three Growth Stocks from Casey's Alex Daley

Alex Daley, senior editor of Casey Extraordinary Technology, seeks out undiscovered names because that's where he finds the big upside. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Daley brings his best ideas to investors who won't shy away from unloved biotech and medtech names. Sharpen your pencils, steel your nerves and take note of these three growth stories. - 06/13/2013

Seven Biotech Options that Buck Tradition: Christian Glennie

Edison Investment Research assesses the value of emerging companies with a model that assumes revenues and earnings are years away. Then again, every investor does that. What's unusual is that Edison looks for tomorrow's upside in companies still small enough to double, triple and quadruple in value down the line. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Edison Biotechnology Analyst Christian Glennie applies his valuation skills to seven innovative biotech and specialty pharma companies and discusses the share-moving catalysts that investors need to know about now. - 06/06/2013

Diagnostics and Stem Cells Power Productive Portfolios: Kevin DeGeeter

New medical tests can be moneymakers for small- and mid-cap companies: They save insurers the pain of paying more to treat maladies and save patients from unnecessary treatments. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Senior Biotechnology Analyst and Director Kevin DeGeeter of Ladenburg, Thalmann & Co. makes his case for diagnostics companies with compelling ideas in the realms of cancer, cardiovascular and surgical testing. He also has one interesting stem cell idea to share. - 05/30/2013

New Perspectives and Seven Biotechs for a Diversified Portfolio: Ori Hershkovitz

Sometimes speaking with investors who work half a world away is just what's needed to get a new angle and hear new names. That was the case when we talked with Ori Hershkovitz, managing partner of the Tel Aviv-based Sphera Global Healthcare Fund. His interest in global markets, following the news flow on his holdings and scouring the earth for new ideas, means Hershkovitz both keeps crazy hours and finds unique prospects. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Hershkovitz talks about his favorite names in the biotech space and lays out his growth theory in each case. - 05/30/2013

Investing in Cancer Research Is Worth the Risk: Echo He

drugdiscovery8If investigators could find a way to make breast cancer survivors truly cancer free, and if a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer were less dire, investors could reap windfalls while patients and their families rejoice. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Maxim Group Senior Equity Analyst Echo He brings two important names to the table and explains why she believes the potential upside is worth the risk. - 05/23/2013

Two Biotech Ideas You May Have Missed: William Gregozeski

Adventurous investors have long sought out micro-cap stocks, attracted by the profit potential of starting on the bottom floor and rocketing toward blue sky. Biotechnology can add even more power to the upside possibilities of micro caps, especially now that pharma is starved for new products and will pay well for solid ideas. Managing partner William Gregozeski of Mont Blanc Capital Management has focused on very small, unnoticed stocks for most of his career and has pegged two undiscovered biotechs that could break out to big-time valuations. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Gregozeski elaborates on the stories behind these two investment opportunities. - 05/16/2013

Six Superstars for Your Biotech Portfolio: John McCamant

We are in the "golden age," of biotech, and Medical Technology Stock Letter Editor John McCamant has innovative ideas on how to glean profits from the renaissance. Investors should be looking at companies with excellent management and platform technologies that offer multiple opportunities for success. McCamant names his favorites in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, including one company with a radical therapy that harkens back to the days before the reign of hand sanitizer. - 05/09/2013

Biotech Watchlist 2013 Update: Exciting Ideas Have Explosive Potential

stethobillfold1In January 2013, The Life Sciences Report debuted its biotech Watchlist, which outlined ideas for investors keyed to catalysts in the drug development process that typically move biotechnology stocks. All stocks are affected by catalysts, but nowhere do they provide more leverage (or deleverage) than in biotech. We predicted the new year would present legitimate prospects for portfolio growth. So far, that has been the case. Although the party has given way to some fatigue, the punch bowl is still on the table and the biotech upswing continues. - 05/02/2013

Biotech Micro Caps Offer Promise of Mighty Returns: Dick Huebner

Dick Huebner knows what he wants. He's looking for biotech companies that can make it very big from a near zero-base valuation. We're talking low-end micro caps that bring a lot of risk to the table, along with the opportunity for major gains. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, GVC Capital's senior managing partner profiles three publicly traded life sciences stories that could produce generous windfalls for investors, and a private firm about to go public that promises to do the same. - 04/25/2013


Gene Patent Case: Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Industry-Rattling Suit

"If the U.S. Supreme Court reached any consensus on the patenting of human genes, it was not evident from yesterday’s oral arguments, in which the justices posed questions using analogies of plants from the Amazon and chocolate chip cookies, while plaintiff Myriad Genetics invoked its own metaphor of a baseball bat." - 04/16/2013

Companies that Can Mend the Biotech Market: Stephen Brozak

Markets are not efficient—at least not in the short term. WBB Securities President Stephen Brozak admits to frustration when he sees small-cap companies with valuations that are disengaged from market realities. But Brozak's experience as a biotech investor, banker and analyst has taught him to be patient with these disconnection syndromes, and he now delights in prospects offered by select bargain-basement opportunities. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Brozak touches on 10 names that have been flying far below the radars of most investors. - 04/11/2013

7 Big Growth Stories in Biotech: Keith Markey

As a former biotechnology researcher and 25-year Wall Street veteran, Griffin Securities Inc. Analyst and Scientific Director Keith Markey understands how novel, cutting-edge technology can produce extraordinary new products that bring in revenues with double-digit growth potential. Markey reveals his best ideas in this Life Sciences Report interview, providing his growth thesis for every name and describing why each has potential for at least a double. - 03/28/2013

Solving the R&D Investment Dilemma with Project Funding: Mark Kessel

Big pharma knows how to market products. But has it lost a step on the drug development side? Is there a better way to incentivize drug development and make money at it? Mark Kessel, co-founder and partner at private equity firm Symphony Capital LLC, has developed an investment technique that funds promising biotech companies without exposure to all the losses built into a startup model. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Kessel talks about his method and how it has worked with specific biotech companies. - 03/21/2013

10 Biotech Stocks Poised to Run: George Zavoico

For the first time in ages, conditions for biotech investment are just right. The capital markets have loosened up, and institutional investors are ready to bid up share prices on stories that have both merit and looming catalysts. Sure, there's risk. . .but without it, there's no upside. In this Life Sciences Report interview, Senior Analyst and Managing Director George Zavoico of MLV & Co. identifies a group of biotech companies with market-moving events on their calendars. Sharpen your pencils: From cancer to coronary artery disease to vaccine technology, Zavoico names potential winners. - 03/07/2013

Ram Selvaraju: Fall in Love with These Nine Biotech Stocks

When it comes to unearthing dynamic micro-cap biotech investment opportunities, Ram Selvaraju is a master. Selvaraju, managing director and head of healthcare equity research at Aegis Capital Corp., has selected nine names destined to attract investors willing to take calculated risks, which he shares in this interview with The Life Sciences Report. He also explains why he expects 2013 will be another good year for the biotech industry. - 02/14/2013

Eight Biotech Growth Names: Greg Wade

wadesub82The driving principle behind successful biotech investment for Managing Director and Senior Analyst Greg Wade of Wedbush Securities is to find companies with clinical assets that are of value to patients and hence to the marketplace. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Wade offers compelling cases for eight important names that span the market cap gamut. - 02/07/2013

The Life Sciences Report Watchlist 2013

Which biotech companies will take off in 2013? To zero in on possible winners, The Life Sciences Report teamed up with Sagient Research to crunch the numbers for companies with potential catalysts on the calendar. The results were sent to experts who, based on their experience in the space, could determine which companies have the best chances for upward stock price movement. The result is the groundbreaking Life Sciences Report Watchlist 2013. In this exclusive article, you can follow the thought process that went into generating the short list, and learn more about the potential winners and what they are poised to accomplish in the next 12 months. - 01/31/2013

Stephen Brozak: Changing the Way Money Is Made and Diseases Are Cured

Stephen Brozak doesn't mess around. He focuses on technologies poised to change the way medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. As president of WBB Securities, Brozak is talking to his clientele about revolutionary stem cell therapies that deal with disease in totally new ways. He's also bullish on new antibiotics—important innovations in a world facing a shortage of effective drugs and a potential crisis of catastrophic proportion. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Brozak talks up must-hear ideas that growth investors need to consider. - 01/24/2013

Anything for a Buck: Jim Letourneau Looks to Canadian Biotech for Opportunity

To avoid some of the "dysfunctional excess" of the energy and mining sectors, Jim Letourneau, self-described contrarian and founder and editor of the Big Picture Speculator, turns to investing in biotech. His focus is on Canadian companies, which he believes perform on a par with companies in the United States. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Letourneau describes what he looks for in a biotech investment and names some of his favorite companies. - 01/17/2013

Which Six Companies Are in Michael King's Oncology Wheelhouse?

JMP Securities Managing Director and Senior Biotechnology Analyst Michael King Jr. never recoils from the most sophisticated science. He's always been partial to oncology indications and to new technologies that disrupt old paradigms and usher in the new. King has the kind of stock-picking track record that merits attention, and in this interview with The Life Sciences Report, he brings six important ideas to the table for investors to consider. - 01/10/2013

Watchlist 2013: Experts Pick Potential Biotech Winners

More than 75 people packed a conference room at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco to hear which biotech companies made The Life Sciences Report/Sagient Research Watchlist for 2013. Six experts offered observations on the state of the life sciences sector and each named companies that could prove profitable in the coming year—companies that are not only backed by strong science but are, in the words of Analyst George Zavoico, "poised to be lucky." - 01/09/2013

Josh Levine Names Three Biotech Game-Changers

Micro-cap biotechs must have creative, adaptive management first and foremost, says editor Josh Levine of Josh Levine's MicroCap Investor. A second key characteristic is a technology platform that can ultimately generate a suite of products. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Levine shares both his investment philosophy and his best three biotech ideas, all of which he expects will return huge multiples to investors. - 01/03/2013

2012: A Healthy Year for the Life Sciences

biotek1What is the value of innovation? Of addressing unmet needs? Of new and "disruptive" technologies? Those are just a few of the issues that industry experts tackled in interviews with The Life Sciences Report during 2012. Among the many therapeutic focuses discussed by analysts over the last year, orphan diseases and hepatitis C were identified early on as market "sweet spots." Oncology was another big hitter: From micro caps to big pharma, companies targeted the "emperor of all maladies" with innovative pharmaceuticals and genetic technologies. And analysts also uncovered the unexpected, including a pharmaceuticalized nutraceutical designed to reduce high cholesterol. - 12/27/2012

Four Biotech Names with Major Market Potential: Michael Higgins

A bit of luck and a lot of capital: Drug companies need both to navigate the seemingly perpetual path leading to the market debut of a new drug. Brinson Patrick Securities Managing Director Michael Higgins uses his experience as a drug marketer with big pharma to identify investment opportunities in companies with new drugs that address unmet needs. Higgins serves up his very best ideas to The Life Sciences Report and explains in detail why four growth stocks can rack up huge gains for investors gutsy enough to bet on smaller companies. - 12/20/2012

Zacks Analyst Jason Napodano's Six Biotech Picks Will Keep Your Profits on Solid Ground

Low valuation in biotech can be like quicksand under a mirage of low-hanging fruit. That's because the market is inhabited by growth investors who think cheap stocks are cheap for a reason. Zacks Investment Research Senior Biotechnology Analyst Jason Napodano operates with this in mind as he evaluates biotech companies. He also understands that while value can be a good friend, an investor's best buddy is momentum powered by vital market-moving events. Napodano shares his best stock ideas in this Life Sciences Report interview. - 12/13/2012

Do You Have the Guts to Take On Cutting-Edge Biotech Like This VC?

With the odds stacked against a drug entering clinical trials, investors need to be assured that the upside will be momentous when success does come. Burrill & Co. Managing Director Elemer Piros leverages science and the unmet needs of patients with his extensive knowledge of the capital markets to bring lower-risk, higher-return ideas to investors. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Piros explains his investment thesis and zeroes in on best bets. - 12/13/2012

Ross Silver on How to Find the Perfect Combo of Biotech Science and Market Savvy

Many components go into building a successful biotech company, but excellent management is a keystone. Combine good management with an innovative product or service, and investors can possibly unlock big multiples over their original investments. So says Principal Analyst and Fund Manager Ross Silver, co-founder of Vista Partners. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Silver brings obscure micro-cap ideas to life and discusses why they may have mammoth potential. - 12/06/2012

Testing, Testing: Analyst Kevin DeGeeter on Five Good Bets in Cancer Diagnostics

Because margins in diagnostics and life sciences tools tend to decline over time, the industry is all about scale. The goal is either to develop novel products or tests with high profit potential, or to acquire them. Another strategy is to develop economies of scale through consolidation. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Kevin DeGeeter, senior analyst and director of healthcare research for Ladenburg Thalmann, has singled out five important companies with exciting business models or products. - 11/29/2012

Lessons from the Liver Meeting: Sagient's John Tucker Names Companies that Could Reignite the Hepatitis C Industry

The hepatitis C (HCV) market was white hot in 2011 and through the beginning of 2012, but investors have gotten the message that new HCV drugs are not going to rival cancer and cardiovascular drugs for profits. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, analyst John Tucker of Sagient Research discusses a handful of stocks that could benefit from new, patient-friendly HCV therapies with enough revenue to propel shares upward. - 11/29/2012

Michael Berry Applies His 10 Discovery Investing Factors to Biotech

Discovering how and why a famed natural resource investor would begin to apply himself vigorously to biotechnology stocks is fascinating. Take Michael Berry, founder and managing director of Discovery Investing, for example. Berry doesn't shy away from high-risk biotech plays because he loves the feel of hitting a grand slam right out of the park, even if that doesn't happen often. Berry brings his expertise toThe Life Sciences Report in this interview, sharing his best ideas and describing how he applies his Ten Discovery Investing Factors to some very sophisticated biotech companies. - 11/20/2012

Applying the Venture Capital Model to Public Companies: Hugh Cleland

Hugh Cleland has been testing his theory that life sciences companies can be had cheaper as stocks than as private venture capital investments—and that theory has been working out for him quite well over the past two years. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cleland, portfolio manager and executive vice president at Toronto-based BluMont Capital, talks about his best small- and micro-cap ideas and also shares the "core/farm team" approach that he takes in his smaller, more conventionally structured fund. - 11/15/2012

Analyst Scott Power Finds the Upside in Biotech Down Under

If you're looking for fresh international names in biotech and medtech, but need the comforts of end markets on U.S. soil, the best ideas of RBS Morgans Ltd. Senior Analyst Scott Power might be for you. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Australia-based Power makes a case for important life science names with Australian origins and a U.S. presence that could present investors with huge upside. - 11/08/2012

A Capital-Efficient Prescription for New Drugs: Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju

The small biotech companies that have survived the last five years have learned to be lean, mean and efficient with shareholder capital. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Aegis Capital's Managing Director and Head of Equity Research Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju discusses companies that have mitigated risk by giving new life and higher margins to products previously relegated to the dustbin of commoditized generics. He also highlights some very new and exciting developments in the realm of stem cell technologies and monoclonal antibodies that engage never-before-targeted molecules. - 11/01/2012

Out of the Red and into the Black: John McCamant on Investment in Blood Cancer Companies

Hematological cancers present special opportunities for investors. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, John McCamant, editor of the Medical Technology Stock Letter, comments on several companies in the hematology/oncology space, describing the challenges and successes that influence investment in the sector. In the case of two companies with very different valuations, McCamant makes his preference clear. - 10/25/2012

Casey Analyst Forecasts Explosive Biotech Growth

The myth of technology, whether for smartphones or cancer treatments, is that the next big thing appears suddenly and magically. Casey Research Analyst Alex Daley sets the record straight in this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report. While the science of genetic medicine has accelerated the process of turning magical thinking into practical medicine, Daley cautions investors in biotech and medical device companies to be patient, and names companies with innovative technologies poised for explosive growth. - 10/11/2012

Special Report: Highlights from BioX

The first BioX Life Sciences Exposition, hosted in late September by Noble Financial Capital Markets, included a slate of seminars that explored innovation in the biotech industry, including the fields of regenerative medicine, targeted oncology and immunotherapy. Rahul Jasuja, managing director of biotechnology research with Noble Financial, moderated the targeted oncology and immunotherapy panels, and provided these exclusive summaries to The Life Sciences Report. - 10/10/2012

Pick Biotech Winners Like a Pro: John McCamant

John McCamant, editor of the Medical Technology Stock Letter, doesn't care if a scientist or a businessperson is at the helm of a biotech company, as long as management has skill and broad experience. Investors need to look for companies that offer "specifics, catalysts and deliverables." He names exactly that kind of company in this exclusive Life Sciences Report interview. - 10/04/2012

Can Stem Cells Regenerate Your Portfolio? Stephen Dunn Says Yes

Once the subject of intense political debate, stem cell therapies may soon be a therapeutic mainstay of healthcare. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, LifeTech Capital's President and Senior Managing Director of Research Stephen Dunn explores the history of stem cell therapy and discusses companies that are reviving this "old" technique for profit. - 09/27/2012

ThinkEquity Analyst Bets on Extraordinary Science and Clinical Data

Investing in companies devoted to orphan diseases sounds counterintuitive, but Senior Research Analyst Kimberly Lee of ThinkEquity has singled out the space as one with the potential for huge returns. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lee shares her very best ideas, identifying companies that will be propelled by vigorously growing revenues and will also appeal to investors who understand the unmet needs of patients and the numerous incentives available for developing life-saving drugs. - 09/20/2012

Seven Innovative Biotechs That Could Soar by Year-End: George Zavoico

Biotech has a breeze to its back, and successful progression through the phases of drug development also help propel the industry forward. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, George Zavoico, senior analyst and managing director with MLV & Co., describes solid milestones by which investors can tick off success in the biotech space, and suggests a number of innovative biotech companies whose success will blow profits into investors' pockets. - 09/13/2012

Analyst Bets on Extraordinary Science and Clinical Data: Greg Wade

Managing Director Greg Wade of Wedbush Securities doesn't use a cookie-cutter approach to picking biotechnology stocks. He directs investors to companies with strong science, well-executed clinical studies and data that point toward future success. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Wade shares his favorite names and the compelling stories behind each company. - 08/30/2012

Chen Lin's Key to Huge Biotech Profits: Make It Personal

Chen Lin is a well-known expert junior metals and energy investor, but he has found compelling reasons to diversify into biotechnology. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Lin meshes common sense and personal experience with his trademark brand of aggressive investment savvy to identify three life sciences stocks that could be huge gainers for investors. - 08/23/2012

Why M&A Flurry Has Top MKM Analyst Smiling All the Way to the Bank

Sometimes bigger is better. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Senior Analyst and Managing Director Dr. Jon LeCroy of MKM Partners points to mergers and acquisitions that have bolstered stock prices and singles out biotech and specialty pharma companies of all sizes that could generate significant returns for investors by addressing unmet medical needs with innovative solutions. - 08/16/2012

Think Long Term and Win Big with Small Biotechs: Hugh Cleland

BluMont Capital Portfolio Manager Hugh Cleland has taken a venture capital and private equity approach to investing in public companies, some of which have penny-stock market caps in the $5–15 million range. The idea is to invest in small- and micro-cap stocks without facing redemption risk, and to employ a hands-on approach when helping innovative companies create and realize value over the long term. In this way time becomes the friend—not the enemy—of companies looking for scarce capital in a risk-averse world. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cleland shares the names of a handful of small companies that could return tenfold or greater multiples to investors. - 08/09/2012

Disruptive Biotechnologies Stir Up Profits: Ray Blanco

As coeditor of Technology Profits Confidential and contributor to Breakthrough Technology Alert and Penny Sleuth at Agora Financial, Ray Blanco searches far and wide for breakthrough ideas and disruptive technologies that will change the lives of very sick patients. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Blanco discusses how investors can reap big gains with biotech companies that possess disease-busting platforms but are not yet fully valued by the markets. - 08/02/2012

Immunotherapies Attack Cancers and Grow Portfolios: Mara Goldstein

Sometimes valuations don't match the fundamentals of a stock, according to Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. Senior Biotechnology Analyst Mara Goldstein, who understands the science and its relationship to value. Goldstein recommends a handful of small-cap immunotherapy companies that were up 14–42% over the month of June; she also has one large-cap idea for more patient investors. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Goldstein makes a case for favorite companies that should continue making shareholders happy. - 07/26/2012

Special Report Reveals Biotech Stock Drivers: Michael Hay

Certain predictable dates and events bring profound effects to bear on biotech stocks. Michael Hay, vice president of Sagient Research Systems, successfully applies the art and science of important catalysts to predict when biotech stocks will move up or down. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Hay discusses his strategy and names companies that will produce meaningful gains for investors. - 07/26/2012

Biotech 'Diamonds-in-the-Rough' Promise Huge Potential Returns: Rahul Jasuja

Rahul Jasuja, managing director and senior biotechnology analyst with Noble Financial Capital Markets, doesn't shy away from the smallest micro-cap companies. He relishes the potential upside in finding undervalued drug developers with technology platforms that are, frankly, difficult for most investors to understand. The micro-cap companies he covers must demonstrate scientific rigor and have management capable of executing corporate and clinical goals. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Jasuja shares some of his favorite names, which he believes can return major multiples back to investors. - 07/19/2012

Profit from Canadian-Based Biotechs and Specialty Pharmas: Philippa Flint

Covering a wide variety of small biotech and pharma companies domiciled in Canada, Bloom Burton & Co. Research Analyst Philippa Flint discusses important biotech and specialty pharma names that she knows quite well and expects to be very profitable for investors. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Flint explains in depth why her favorite companies should be in your portfolio. - 07/12/2012

Follow Venture Capital to Big Gains in Biotech: Peter Johann

Peter Johann is a managing general partner at NGN Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in private and public biotech and medical device companies. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Johann discusses pharmaceutical and medical device companies in his portfolio, pointing out opportunities for venture capitalists that are also potential boons for private investors. - 07/05/2012

How to Find Small Companies with Big Prospects: Raghuram Selvaraju

Raghuram "Ram" Selvaraju's professional career started at the Geneva-based biotech firm Serono in 2000, where he discovered the first novel protein candidate developed entirely within the company. He subsequently became the youngest recipient of the company's Inventorship Award for Exceptional Innovation and Creativity. Now an analyst with Aegis Capital Corp., Selvaraju is bringing biotech growth names to his firm's customers. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report Selvaraju shares stock ideas that could return significant gains to investors. - 06/14/2012

Reap Biotech Profits from Overlooked Spaces: Alan Carr

Within the investment community, the story goes that new antibiotics can't generate big profits and central nervous system (CNS) drugs are too difficult to develop. Investors worry they could be throwing good money after bad. Senior Biotechnology Analyst Alan Carr of Needham & Company refutes these tales and believes that product differentiation provides the formula for success. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Carr shares his deep industry knowledge and renders his very best ideas in the CNS, antibiotic, antiviral and metabolic spaces. - 06/07/2012

Biotech Ideas That Will Change the World: Patrick Cox

For Patrick Cox, disruptive technologies drive change and harbor opportunity. Cox, editor of Breakthrough Technology Alert and Technology Profits Confidential, and a contributor to The Daily Reckoning, strives to find novel ideas in small-cap companies that are off investors' radar screens. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cox reveals—in his characteristic none-too-shy style—where he believes investors can find huge returns in biotech companies that will change the world. - 05/31/2012

Make Friends with Companion Diagnostics to Bolster Your Biotech Portfolio: Stephen Brozak

Hitting just the right target and engineering cells to perform certain tasks will unlock the deep secrets of biology and change the entire paradigm of medicine, says WBB Securities President and Managing Partner Stephen Brozak. He is not picking the ultimate winners just yet, but he is playing stem cell and personalized medicine developers as a diversified portfolio, knowing that successes will overpower the also-rans. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Brozak shares names from his list of finalists. - 05/24/2012

Five Companies in the Casey Portfolio Worth Watching: Alex Daley

Biotech and medtech expose investors to rapid growth in healthcare innovation. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Chief Investment Strategist Alex Daley of Casey's Extraordinary Technology matches science to unmet needs to bring big ideas and big returns to investors. - 05/17/2012

Will Mayo v. Prometheus Fire Up Pharma?: Kevin DeGeeter

Newly discovered biomarkers could provide physicians with information that will aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The big question for investors is whether, in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling Mayo Collaborative Services Inc. v. Prometheus Laboratories, companies will be able to profit from that innovation. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Kevin DeGeeter, senior analyst with Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. Inc., shares the names of a select group of companies with good prospects, focusing on those targeting "sweet spots" in personalized medicine. - 05/10/2012

Catalysts Move Drug and Medtech Stocks: Michael Hay and Jocelyn August

When studying stock charts it is not hard to see sharp spikes up and deep nosedives related to development milestones and setbacks in the life cycle of a drug or medtech company. The analysts at San Diego-based Sagient Research Systems have made a science out of following the regulatory and media events that can move stocks. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Sagient Vice President Michael Hay and Senior Analyst Jocelyn August demonstrate their expertise with actionable ideas and provide names of companies through which investors might reap profits. - 05/03/2012

Tap into Low-Risk Biotech and Specialty Pharma for Growth: Steven Palmer

The somewhat obscure specialty biotechs and pharmas seek to add value by giving new life to older technologies and molecules. President and Chief Investment Officer Steven Palmer of AlphaNorth Asset Management embraces this strategy to generate exceptional returns while mitigating some of the risks inherent in drug development. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Palmer shares favorite life sciences names that could offer huge returns. - 04/26/2012

Junior Resource and Biotech Investing Share Profit Potential

Several Casey Research publications focus on the junior resource sector because this is a prime speculative market—one where individual investors can still turn a small amount of money into a fortune, provided they bring the proper tools to the table. Yet resource juniors by no means stand alone. Biotechnology is another good market for speculation. In fact, despite the very different science and economics at work, the biotech and junior resource sectors share some interesting traits. Investors will find a lot to like in both. - 04/12/2012

Vaccine Therapies Hold Promise for Investors: Stephen Dunn

Developing vaccines to treat and/or prevent disease promises life-changing benefits for patients and unique opportunities for investors. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, LifeTech Capital Senior Managing Director and President Stephen Dunn discusses the roadblocks encountered by some developers of immune therapies and how other companies are working around those obstacles, producing investment opportunities in the process. - 04/12/2012

Looking for Innovative Small-Cap Biotech Companies: George Zavoico

High-quality science underlies successful drug development companies, even those that turn one company's discarded junk into biotech treasure. That's an example of one compelling investment strategy being employed by Senior Analyst and Managing Director George Zavoico of MLV & Co. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Zavoico lays out a number of solid ideas predicated on good science that growth seekers can leverage for real gains. - 03/22/2012

Being Selective in Biotech: Carol Werther

In an industry steeped in complex research and speculative drug development, successful biotech investing requires real sophistication. Senior Biotechnology Analyst Carol Werther of Boston-based Summer Street Research Partners brings her experience to bear on the trinity of unmet needs, reimbursement and what physicians are willing to support with their prescription pads. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Werther shares her high-percentage picks that present opportunities for significant returns. - 03/01/2012

Biotech Stocks Start Strong in 2012: John McCamant

After a three-and-one-half year slide, biotechnology stocks started 2012 with a powerful move to the upside. Is this an arms-acquisition race for products in development, or is it about excellent fundamentals that are just getting noticed? Medical Technology Stock Letter Editor John McCamant sees a bit of both, and in this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, he has selected a few names that he believes will rise to the top. - 02/23/2012

Infectious Disease Technologies Could Open Investment Opportunities in 2012: Stephen Dunn

Investors have avoided infectious disease companies like the plague, but LifeTech Capital President and Senior Managing Director of Research Stephen Dunn doesn't agree, and he has staked out some ideas in this space that could make you financially better off. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dunn explains the rationale and delivers the names of bug-fighting companies that use the newest technologies to overcome old barriers to success. - 02/16/2012

Hepatitis C and Orphan Diseases Driving Big Biotech Potential: Geoff Meacham

It may seem counterintuitive that rare diseases might actually be biotech growth drivers, but Senior Analyst and Managing Director Geoff Meacham of JPMorgan Chase makes just that case. In this exclusive interview with The Life Sciences Report, Meacham lays out his premise that hepatitis C and orphan disease drugs can cure the woes of growth-starved investors. - 01/31/2012