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Huge Growth Delivered in Very Small Packages: SeeThruEquity's Ajay Tandon and Brandon Primack (10/30/2014)

Institutional investors are, by and large, unable to own shares in companies with market valuations of less than $100 million, which means most sellside analysts don't write research on very small companies. The paradox: The micro-cap space is where investors can find the tenbaggers. That disconnect and its attendant irony are not lost on SeeThruEquity's Ajay Tandon and Brandon Primack. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Tandon and Primack discuss four companies nurturing seeds of dramatic growth that could materialize in the wake of upcoming catalysts.


Is Biotech M&A Mojo Here to Stay? Bright Prospects and Rising Firepower Drive Deals (10/23/2014)

"Despite modest revenue growth, the industry has provided a total return to shareholders in excess of the performance of most major stock indices in 2014."


Japan Gives a Hug to the Cell Therapy Industry: R. Lee Buckler (10/22/2014)

Last year, Japan rolled out the red carpet for cell therapy developers with new legislation designed to expedite development of regenerative medicine solutions for all manner of disease. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, former regenerative medicine consultant R. Lee Buckler, now a vice president with RepliCel Life Sciences Inc., puts his consultant's hat back on to talk about Japan's hospitable stance on proposed cell therapies. He provides an update on the meaning of the new law and discusses a small cohort of companies poised to reap the advantages.


The Evolution of the Cancer Cure (10/20/2014)

"Provided new therapies keep becoming available, a cancer patient can sometimes "hitchhike" from one to the next for a long time."


How to Bargain Hunt for Hot Biotechs: Edison's Pooya Hemami (10/15/2014)

Every business day, Edison Investment Research Analyst Pooya Hemami scours the global markets for life science companies with upside flowing through their product pipelines. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Dr. Hemami tells us where to look for biotech bargains, including a few top-fliers and a handful of companies that have experienced temporary setbacks but are poised for blue sky.


Shabbvie Marks Difference Between Great and Exceptional Deal Quarter (10/15/2014)

"The summer slowdown was officially cancelled this year as $100B of third-quarter mergers and takeovers blasted the previous period into oblivion—or at least this is how things stood before news emerged that AbbVie was having second thoughts about buying Shire."


Griffin Securities' Keith Markey on the Promise of RNAi and Synthetic Biology (10/09/2014)

Griffin Securities has assembled a biotech portfolio weighted toward companies pursuing high-science therapeutic approaches. However, as analyst Keith Markey explains, through a combination of pipeline diversification, positive clinical data, and low-cost research and development strategies, many companies are able to mitigate the risk inherent in their technologies. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Markey discusses near-term catalysts for some of the names he follows.


Traders' Infatuation with Ebola Drugs Causing 'Rollercoaster' Market, Says Tekmira CEO (10/08/2014)

"Stocks of MAP Pharmaceuticals, which produced the first successful Ebola treatment, ZMapp, and those of Chimerix, which has had its antiviral, brincidofovir, approved for experimental treatment, have all climbed by double digits as the virus has spread globally."


A Tour of Australian Biotechs with Morgans’ Scott Power (10/02/2014)

Australia is a powerhouse for medical science innovations, and nobody understands that better than Scott Power of Morgans Financial Ltd. Power watched the weaker Australian firms go the way of the dodo bird during the downturn in the biotech sector earlier this year, leaving only the fittest for investors to choose from. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, he identifies a promising selection of survivors—biotechs with the power to rejuvenate an evolving portfolio.


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