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Sector Expert: Mara Goldstein

Cantor Fitzgerald

Image: Mara Goldstein

Mara Goldstein joined Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. from Thomson Reuters, where she served as director of research for Reuters Insight. Goldstein was initially responsible for the firm's healthcare research practice, and later assumed responsibility for all research activities and sectors. Prior to that, Goldstein was an executive director and senior pharmaceutical analyst at CIBC World Markets. At Cantor, Goldstein covers the biotechnology sector. Goldstein also worked at Alex Brown & Sons and CS First Boston. She holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Purdue University.

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Recent Quotes

"SNSS' SNS-062 may have utility as a BTK inhibitor in treated patients with C481S mutations due to its binding site."

— Mara Goldstein, Cantor Fitzgerald (5/2/17)
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"SNSS' BTK and PDK1 programs and a third compound represent upside."

— Mara Goldstein, Cantor Fitzgerald (3/10/16)
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"SNSS' pipeline compounds have the ability to expand share valuation."

— Mara Goldstein, Cantor Fitzgerald (7/30/15)
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"We believe that SNSS will file a new drug application for Qinprezo."

— Mara Goldstein, Cantor Fitzgerald (6/12/15)
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"SNSS will submit an NDA for Qinprezo for AML, later this year."

— Mara Goldstein, Cantor Fitzgerald (5/14/15)
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"We think SNSS's next inflection point will be confirmation of NDA filing in the U.S."

— Mara Goldstein, Cantor Fitzgerald (3/13/15)
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"There is opportunity for the FDA to accept a new drug application filing from SNSS."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Mara Goldstein (1/27/15)
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"We believe the FDA will agree to review SNSS' NDA filing, resulting in a revalued share price."

— Mara Goldstein, Cantor Fitzgerald (1/6/15)
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